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Mom, let’s go home now. Oh, I have a gathering later. You go on ahead. I’ll stay and finish this up. Okay, I’ll head back and make lunch. (Yes, go ahead.) Dad, don’t you think before Mom believed in God, she seemed to have all sorts of pains
and never smiled at all, we were always at our wits’ end? Since she’s believed in God, her ailments have gotten better,
she’s in higher spirits. She can even work in the fields. It seems belief in God has been great. That’s so true. Not only has her health improved, but I think that her outlook on things,
her viewpoints, have also changed. She looks at things more philosophically
with more insight. That’s true. She has changed a lot since believing in God. That’s right. No matter what, as long as she’s healthy,
in good spirits, that’s what matters. Sisters, come on in. Hey, you’re here! (Hello!) Come in, have a seat. My name is Liu Zhen, I’m 78 this year. I’ve believed in God for three years. Being able to accept God’s salvation
in the last days in my life, I am sincerely grateful to God’s grace and His mercy. Since believing in God, I have prayed to Him and read His words every day. I often gather in fellowship
with my brothers and sisters, and share the experience and the rewards
of believing in God. My life is very fulfilling and meaningful to me, and in my heart, I feel joyful and happy. However, China is a country ruled by an atheist party, and there is no freedom of belief. Believing in God will result
in being arrested and persecuted by the Chinese Communist government. In 2012, the Communist government carried out
another mass arrest of Christians nationwide. Some of the people in our church were arrested, their homes were raided, and they were fined. And there were some brothers and sisters subjected to all kinds of brutal punishment and torture, who were sentenced and went to labor camps. Even someone like me, an old 78-year old woman, was not spared by the Communist government … You know, ma’am, a few days ago some believers in God from our village
were arrested by the police. You do know about that, don’t you? Chief Ma had me take you
to the police station for an inquiry. I really didn’t have any choice. Ma’am, believing in God is very dangerous. You’re already of this age. Can’t you do anything else? Must you believe in God? Mayor, what you’re saying isn’t right. Belief in God is an unquestionable principle. There’s an old saying, “Tilling the fields lies with the people
while the harvest lies with Heaven.” Who among us does not rely on Heaven
for our food, for our lives? All things in heaven and earth were created by God. People were created by God. This very breath we are taking was given by God. Our food, our belongings, the wind and frost, rain, snow,
sun and dew are all given by God. This is God’s sustenance, God’s provision for us. So, people’s belief in God and worship of Him
are inalterable principles. The government disallows our belief in God, insisting on arresting and persecuting us. Don’t you think this violates the principles of Heaven? Now, ma’am, the Party doesn’t care
about your principles of Heaven! They are atheist, and you are a believer in God
under the reign of the communists. Do you think that they will allow that? They will arrest you, not just fines or imprisonment; if it came to it, it could cost you your life. An arm can never wrestle down a leg. Now, ma’am, when you end up in the station, and the police question you, just be sure to confess. I just believe in God and attend gatherings, I’ve never done anything illegal, so what could there be to confess? Fine, then. Come with me. I’ll come with you as well. You needn’t come. The police just want to get a grasp
of her belief in God. Son … Chief. Now, ma’am, don’t you worry. Because of your age, we don’t want to put you out. We’ve brought you here
just to understand what’s going on. You’re free to go when we’re done. We hear you’ve believed in God for a few years, and there are gatherings in your home. So, tell me, how many people attend gatherings at your house? What villages are they from? What are their names? Who is the leader of the church? Chief Ma, as you say, I’m so old, my life will be over soon. I want to spend my last days believing in God. How can this be breaking the law? I hold gatherings in my own home. This doesn’t disturb social order. Why do you make things difficult
for people who believe in God? Now ma’am, don’t be so stubborn. To be honest, we have already arrested the people
who have meetings at your house. Since you’re of such an advanced age, you can come clean, and we’ll let you off lightly. If you don’t handle this well,
we’ll be forced to put you in jail. At your age, who knows
if you’d even be able to make it out alive! Chief Ma, I’ve believed in God for a few years, and these have been the happiest years of my life. This is entirely God’s grace. If I didn’t believe in God,
I probably would have died by now. I don’t understand. Housewives such as myself and those like me
are old and frail; we want to believe in God in our autumn years. We want to read God’s words, understand some truth, and live like a human being. This is a wonderful thing. So why do you insist on restricting our belief in God? Why is the government always looking for trouble
with believers in God? The government of such a great country, why must you always look for trouble
with old ladies who believe in God? Well, ma’am, don’t misunderstand our government. The government has no choice
but to restrict you believers. If all people believed in God like you do, who would follow the Party? And then who would the Party govern over? We know that the believers in God
are all honest people and don’t do anything bad, but the Communist Party,
national policies, don’t allow for belief in God. So what can we do? Our livings depend upon the Party,
so we must do what they say. It’s an atheist party that doesn’t allow belief in God. They particularly don’t allow private home gatherings. This is a national policy. Having private gatherings in your home
is opposition to the government. It’s more serious than the crime of murder,
it’s creating a disturbance, you understand? Now that you’ve explained it, I do understand. No wonder the Communist Party inhibits and persecutes
those of us who believe in God. It doesn’t care about those
who have truly committed crimes, who have committed corruption, bribery,
robbery, and theft, and prostitution. With the Communist Party ruling this way,
how can society not be in chaos? And now, I can finally see
why Chinese society is so dark and evil. I could never figure out
what’s wrong with believing in God. An old woman like me believes in God,
and you are so afraid. You monitor me and interrogate me. What are you actually afraid of? Enough! Answer our questions! You think we’ll treat you differently
because of your old age?! Continue the interrogation. (Okay.) Chief Ma, my mother is so old. I’m afraid she can’t handle the stress. (Yes, chief.) Can you show a little leniency,
and let me take her home? Chief, I’m begging you. Your mother believes in God. She even has gatherings in her home. That counts as illegal gathering,
disrupting social order. That crime should send her to prison. Prison? She could go home on your say so? It’s not such a simple matter. Chief Ma, my mother is an old lady who has little gatherings at home
to read the Bible and read God’s words. How could … how could that be an illegal gathering
or disrupting social order?! Yes, chief. Chief Ma, I’m asking you to be flexible, and let my mother go. Chief, please be flexible! This isn’t something I can bend on. You need to be clear: The Communist Party is atheist,
and can’t accept believers in God. It will condemn whoever believes in God. Trying to reason with me is of no use. Long ago our country determined
that Christianity is a cult. It issued orders to firmly suppress
and ban all home churches. By arresting believers, we’re just following orders. So then, what should we do? I have no idea. However, I haven’t reported this case to my superiors. If you really want to take your mom home,
something could be done. Chief. Now, ma’am, just put your fingerprint on this page,
and you can go home. I can’t put my prints on this. What kind of nonsense is this?!
You leave your prints! (You …) You police are so unreasonable! On what basis do you randomly malign believers in God
and force me to leave a fingerprint? At this point, it’s not up to you! If the Communist Party says you’re guilty,
you’re guilty! Just admit it’s bad luck! Enough. Now, ma’am, you are free to leave. Don’t go on believing in God. If we find out you’re still believing in God,
we must imprison you; are you clear on that? And, when those believers in God go to your house, report them right away! You can’t let Mom continue to believe. If she does, our lives will be unlivable! Ma! Mom. Mom, they didn’t do anything to you, did they? Let’s talk about it at home. Mom, we know that believing in God is a good thing. The issue is that the Communist Party doesn’t allow it. They’ll arrest you because of your belief in God
and send you to prison. In that case, your life could be at risk. The fine for this detainment is 3,000 yuan. So, how can a family with our circumstances
withstand this kind of thing? Mom, Mom, Chief Ma said that if he finds you still believe in God,
it won’t be as simple as a fine. They will arrest you and send you to prison. At this advanced age, if you were arrested,
how could that work? The police also said if you go on believing in God,
there will be an impact later when your grandson and granddaughter go to university, look for a job, or try to get an official post. Mom, you have got to think of their futures now! The police have pressured us,
they have fined us and frightened us. We are all living in fear, afraid of what they’ll do. It’s really hard for me, too, now more than ever. The Communist Party knows
that believers in God are good people, and we’re taking the right path, but they still arrest us and persecute us. They are constantly at odds with God,
they are doing evil. They will certainly be punished. You can’t listen to their nonsense
and get in the way of me believing in God. That would be an offense to God. We’ve enjoyed no small amount of His grace and blessings
while I’ve believed in God. You have all seen this. As human beings, we can’t be without a conscience, and we can’t be ungrateful! In other things, I can do as you wish, but as for believing in God, I cannot do that. Mom! You believe in God,
and our family has enjoyed His grace. I don’t deny this! But now that the government knows about your belief. If you continue to believe,
isn’t that just looking for trouble? Right now the Communist Party has the final say, so if you don’t listen to them,
we won’t have a day of peace! In any case, you simply can’t believe in God anymore! Don’t talk to Mom like that. Can’t you say something nicer? Xiuying … Please listen, you must listen to our children. They want the best for you and for our family. If you believe in God and are arrested again, all of us will suffer along with you. You see, how long can these old bones of ours continue on? Don’t create such problems for the kids. I understand. The Chinese Communist Party
has always been ruthless with believers. They have done all sorts of unconscionable things! Like during the Cultural Revolution, they said that believers in God
were counterrevolutionaries. Who knows how many people were denounced and sent to their deaths, and how many families
met with disaster along with them! Now the government persecutes believers in God
more and more fiercely. Listen to a word of advice from me— stop believing for now! You see, our cotton is ripe. So if you’re sitting at home feeling depressed, go into the fields and pick cotton. At first, everyone in the family supported my belief, but now because of the Chinese Communist government’s
threats and intimidation, my son, my daughter-in-law, and even my husband
are trying to stand in my way. This is so painful, I feel so weak. It turns out it is through environments
of persecution and difficulties that God perfects my confidence and love for Him. Today, I have finally understood what His will is. It seems whatever I encounter,
God’s good intentions are within it, and I cannot misunderstand Him. Before long, the police came twice more to take me to the station for questioning. They threatened and intimidated me, forbidding me from believing in God. They even got neighbors to monitor me, so that they could arrest more brothers and sisters. My daughter-in-law was afraid of their persecution and got rid of my books of God’s words. I could not read His words or see my brothers and sisters. Oftentimes, I found myself unable to sleep at night. During that period, I often missed the happy times
of having gatherings with brothers and sisters. Auntie Liu. Auntie Liu. Auntie Liu. Auntie Liu. Sister Li, Sister Ding, I never thought that I would see you both here. The brothers and sisters
are all really concerned about you and are praying for you. Thanks be to God! Auntie, have you been doing okay? What’s going on at home? Oh, it’s a long story. Let’s go up there to chat. There was that time the police
took me to the station to question me … I’ve been persecuted
by the Chinese Communist government, and it seems I’ve understood some things. We who believe in God are taking the right path, but the government wants to find some way
to arrest and persecute us. They want us to depart from God and betray Him, to lose His salvation. The police are still monitoring me, and they want to arrest
other brothers and sisters through me to disrupt and ruin the work of God. The CCP government is so evil! Auntie Liu, this persecution you’ve been suffering from has allowed you to gain some understanding
of it being the enemy of God. All of this is God’s guidance. Thanks be to God! That’s right. If it weren’t for God’s guidance,
I could never get through this! I haven’t been able to read God’s words
and gather with brothers and sisters. I have felt such a void in my heart. Sometimes I think, the government is so madly resisting God, arresting and persecuting us who believe in Him, why doesn’t God just wipe them out right away? If He wiped out those demons of the Party, we would be free to believe in, to worship God. That would be so wonderful! Auntie Liu, you’ve been persecuted by the CCP; you have suffered. We understand that and why you would think this. Believing in God in this country
ruled by an atheist party, there is always the danger of being arrested. We’re on edge every single day. On top of that,
our families and friends are misled by the CCP, and they block us and persecute us. It’s so painful for us, we’re so oppressed. We hope that God will soon destroy
the Communist Party demons. That way, we would no longer need
to suffer like this. (Yes.) So then, why doesn’t God do that? Why does He allow us
to undergo persecution and suffering? And in this, there is profound significance, truth that we should seek and understand. Auntie Liu, let’s look together at what it says in God’s words. Great! Ding Jie, you read this part. (Okay.) Auntie Liu, after reading God’s words, do you understand now why God’s not wiping out the CCP which is madly resisting God
and persecuting His chosen people? He is not wiping it out now because He wants to use it as a foil, to use it to serve His work, to perfect us to understand the truth,
God’s disposition, to discern Satan, to turn our backs on Satan, and to be witnesses of God’s victory. This is God’s almightiness and wisdom. Without this mad persecution
and the CCP government’s arrests, would we be able to clearly see
the truth of the government’s evil forces, its hatred and resistance toward God? We couldn’t. Would we be able to see the demonic nature of the CCP resisting God and harming His chosen people? We couldn’t. If we were unable to clearly see the God-opposing
evil essence of the CCP’s pack of demons, we wouldn’t be able to turn our backs
on the devil CCP, the old Satan. We couldn’t cast off the dark forces
of the CCP satanic regime and be saved by God. It’s true! God has maneuvered its satanic regime
to serve to perfect those who love God, to form a group of overcomers
and bring them into God’s kingdom. This allows us to see how practical is God’s work to save mankind this way, and how genuine is His love for man. It’s true. A few years ago, I was arrested by the police
when preaching the gospel. They tortured me for a confession, wanting me to sell out the leader of the church. I relied on God and did not give in. They sentenced me to three years
of re-education through labor. At the labor camp, I couldn’t read God’s words
or see my brothers and sisters. The police found different ways to torture me. In so much pain, I hoped that God would soon destroy the Chinese Communist Party, this evil party, so that I wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. Only later through prayer and seeking God’s will
did I realize that God allowing me to suffer
in the environment of persecution by the CCP government had meaning. It was only through that experience that I was able to clearly see
how the CCP oppresses God and harms people, the demonic essence of it being an enemy of God. I came to genuinely despise it,
reject and turn my back on it, turning my heart toward God. From my experience, I finally understood the authority
and power of God’s words. At many times, when I was brutally beaten by the police
and I couldn’t take any more, it was God’s words that enlightened and guided me, giving me confidence and strength.
Through this I could stand firm. After these experiences passed,
my faith in God was more genuine than before. I had understanding of
God’s good intentions in saving mankind, His almightiness and His wisdom, and His essence of holiness and goodness. My heart is now more intimate and closer to God. (Amen!) Thanks be to God! Auntie Liu, would you say that the CCP is
an object of service and a foil for God? I would! Without it being an object of service and a foil, we wouldn’t have the opportunity
to experience these environments. It’d be difficult to gain this benefit. That’s right. Yes. From God’s words and our actual experiences, we have seen that God’s wisdom
truly is exercised based on Satan’s trickery. The CCP government uses all sorts of
despicable and cruel methods to oppress us, wishfully thinking that we will lose our faith and that we will depart from and betray God. But God is using the oppression of the CCP government
to perfect our faith and to make us into overcomers. This is God’s almightiness and wisdom. Furthermore, the government’s arrests and persecution
have had the effect of exposing people. There are those who truly believe and love the truth, who follow God resolutely and without wavering however the Communist devils oppress them, who are saved and perfected by God, and will ultimately enter into God’s kingdom. There are those who don’t truly believe,
who are cowards; they don’t dare to continue to believe. That kind of person is exposed and eliminated. If God just destroyed the CCP
after it oppressed and arrested His chosen people, there would be no way to expose who is a true believer,
and who is a false believer. There’d be no way to tell them apart. We’d also not have the opportunity
to undergo this oppression and be perfected by God as overcomers. Auntie Liu, wouldn’t you say that the significance behind God
not destroying the CCP demons now is very deep? I would! The CCP has yet to complete its service. Once God makes a group of overcomers, the work of judgment that has begun in God’s house
will be completed. Thanks be to God! God will send down the great disaster,
reward good and punish evil. Then the demons of the CCP will be destroyed. After listening to your fellowship, I understand better. God isn’t destroying it now, because He is making a group of overcomers
through the effects of its oppression. God’s work and salvation of mankind are so practical! I didn’t know God’s work or understand His will, but I always hoped that
He would soon destroy the CCP government and take the suffering away. I was being so foolish! In the future, I must pray and rely more on God and pursue the truth, break through the dark influence
of the satanic CCP regime, stand witness for God
amidst persecution and difficulties! Thanks be to God! Thanks be to God! Your understanding it this way really is wonderful! Auntie Liu, let’s set a time
when you come to pick cotton, and we can come meet with you for a bit. Will that work for you, Auntie Liu? What do you think? That’s wonderful! Auntie Liu, take home this book of God’s words and read it. Thanks be to God! How wonderful! Next time we will bring you an MP5 player. We’ll copy some readings
and songs of God’s words onto it. That way you’ll be able to listen to more at home. Thank you. Goodbye. Ma, the village head held a town meeting,
and then came to our house. He said that the believers in God from our village
who were arrested by the police were beaten, and that they’ve all been sentenced. When he left, he left a message. If you continue to believe in God, you will certainly be arrested and go to prison. Mom, if something terrible actually happened to you, how could we be at peace? Mom, some of those believers in God had their homes searched, and some were fined. Don’t you know any of this?! The village head just said the government’s going to
confiscate their contracted land, and cancel their medical insurance. It’s obvious, the government wants to
push believers in God onto the road to death. If you continue to believe, our family will be ruined. I can’t understand. How can believing in God be that important? Is it worth paying so great a price
and taking such a risk? Yes, Mom. What are you really thinking,
insisting on believing in God? You’re concerned the government
will persecute me for my belief in God, and the family implicated. I can understand that. But you don’t believe in God,
and you haven’t read His words. You don’t understand why people do believe in God and how important it is for people’s existence. God is the Lord of creation, and all people were created by Him. Belief and worship of God is an unalterable principle. Besides, the last days are here, and people are becoming more and more evil and depraved. They constantly eat, drink merrily,
and fight with each other. They all love to sin; they hate the truth, and deny and resist God. Humans are so terrible. If we don’t repent to God,
we will all be destroyed in the great disaster. God has become flesh
to express the truth and save mankind, but the Chinese Communist Party
hates God’s work so much, it prevents people from believing in God. It doesn’t allow people to accept God’s salvation. They insist on arresting and sentencing people
who believe in God, and they coerce people
by threatening to confiscate their land and cancel their health insurance. They incite others
to persecute believers along with them, and to do things to resist God. Isn’t the CCP pushing people into the pit of fire
and pushing them into hell? God is love. His work is for the purpose of saving mankind, leading them to a wonderful final destination. He has bestowed so much grace
and so many blessings upon us. The government’s restriction
and oppression of religious belief has led to so much trouble in one good household, one after another. It’s to the point where we don’t have
a single day of peace, not one. If the government didn’t persecute Christians, would there be these consequences? You don’t hate the government. On the contrary, you resist God and try to stop me from believing in Him
along with them. Isn’t that not knowing right from wrong? Don’t you do anything foolish, and don’t stop me from believing in God! Ma, I can understand everything you’ve said. I know that believing in God is a good thing. But the reality is right in front of you.
The Communist Party is still in power. It won’t let any believers in God go. It will persecute them all. If you insist on believing in God, how can we get through the days ahead of us? No matter what, you can’t believe any longer! Mom, you’re easy to talk to on other issues, so why won’t you give any ground on this belief thing? If you insist on this, don’t blame my rejection! I’ve spent my life with you,
and I’ve never seen you be so rigid! Why is it the case? Ten oxen can’t stop you. We are old, and we’re useless. Don’t cause problems for our children. You can start believing in God again when the Communist Party collapses
and stops arresting believers. You don’t understand. If I start believing again at that point,
everything will be over. The great disaster will have occurred, and I will have already missed the opportunity
to be saved and perfected by God. In this life I have had the great fortune to see God in the flesh
come speak and work to save mankind. Whatever you say,
I will not give up on believing in God. Don’t bother giving me any more advice. Dad, since Mom won’t listen to us, you must keep a close watch over her, and don’t let her believe anymore. Winter is almost here. The cotton leaves are going to drop. There also won’t be any crops in the ground
that can provide cover for our gatherings. Once again, I’ll be unable
to meet with my brothers and sisters to have fellowship on God’s words. In the following days, the CCP government has been constantly monitoring me. Ma’am, have you had any contact with believers in God? Have they come into your home? Believing in God, I have committed no crime. I have broken no law. You question me, fine me, and monitor me, come to my home to harass me. This interminable badgering, can’t you let a person live their life?! You cannot blame us for this.
We’re just carrying out orders. In the future, if believers come to your home, just report it to us. Are you clear on that? You need to take care of your mother.
Don’t let her believe in God again. Otherwise, trouble will follow! My family is under pressure by the CCP government. They are watching me
and limiting me even more strictly. These painful, difficult days continue
for over another year. Ma, why did you go out? Did you go to meet your brothers and sisters? Xiaohao and Xiaolu are coming back tomorrow, so I got them some things to eat. I’ve told you not to go out alone, but you won’t listen! Can’t you save us a bit of worry?! Oh God! I am in pain, I feel so helpless. I’m begging for You to help me, to guide me … Mom, look at this. Mom, you don’t want to watch? Liu Zhen! Liu Zhen, what’s wrong? Liu Zhen, wake up! Son! Come quick! Your mom fainted! Doctor, how is my mother? (Yeah.) The patient has been in a coma for 18 hours. We’ve done everything we can, so please, you should prepare yourselves. Doctor, I’m begging you.
Please save my mother, save her! Yes, doctor, I’m begging you. You must save her! Doctor, please think of something else to do. I can understand how you feel, but I’m a doctor, and all I can do is treat illnesses. I can’t perform miracles! Is there really nothing we can do? My mother worked so hard her all life, without much good fortune. When she grew old, she wanted to believe in God and read His words, and we didn’t even give her the freedom to do that … Mom! I’m not even a person. I’m not a filial son, Mom! I shouldn’t have listened to the police and stopped you from believing in God. Ma! Ma, I let you down! I let you down! … Ma! Mom has come to! She’s awake! Ma! (Liu Zhen!) Mom, you’ve come to! Liu Zhen, you’ve finally woken up! I’ll get the doctor. Where am I? Mom, you’re in the hospital. You woke up. Doctor, hurry and look at her! Look, ma’am, don’t move right now. Let me check your vitals. It’s a miracle! Her vital signs are normal,
and there are no other health problems. That’s so wonderful! It really is a miracle! It’s simply unbelievable! I’ve done clinical work two decades, and I’ve never seen this kind of case. If I hadn’t seen it myself,
I wouldn’t dare to believe it. Dad, this really is amazing! It is! Oh God, I give thanks to You. It’s such a blessing! (Yes.) It’s great that you’re back and you’re well,
it’s great that you’re back. It’s great. You can see I’m just fine! That’s correct. She really bounced back so well,
especially given her age. This is really uncommon. In the future,
I’m sure she’ll have great fortune. (Yes.) Everyone in the village says that you are extremely lucky, extremely fortunate! Yes. Really blessed! As you can plainly see, that I was able to come to is just good fortune, but the truth is something I know in my heart. It’s Almighty God’s salvation of me, and it’s a second life that He has given to me! It’s true. That very evening,
Zhang Liang made calls to two hospitals. After the doctors inquired about her condition, they said there was no hope, she couldn’t be saved. Then we repeatedly asked the doctor, and only then did they take her to the hospital. When the doctor had looked at her, he said they were helpless,
and wanted us to prepare for the worst. What’s amazing is that
she came to after 18 hours in a coma! The doctor and the nurse said that it was a miracle. This was her being saved by the God she believes in! It’s your God who saved you. It is. You say that it’s your God that saved you, I’m really curious about that. Can you explain it to us in more detail? Yes. (OK. Great!) Let’s talk it over, if you’d like. Share with us. Yes, tell us. Share. Well, during this illness, I saw some things clearly. I didn’t have a say over my own fate. It wasn’t in the hands of my husband,
son and daughter, or the doctor, either. We humans were created by God. Our lives were given to us by Him. We are in His hands, and under His rule. If God ordains that we should live, no matter what catastrophes or illnesses come upon us, if only a single breath left,
in the end we can be saved. Yes. If God ordains that it is a person’s time to die, then even the best doctor in the world cannot save him. It’s true. This is true. God is all-powerful. People’s birth, aging, illness, and death
are all in His hands. No one can change this. Before I believed in God, my health was really poor. If it wasn’t one health problem, it was another. We spent a lot of money, but I couldn’t be cured.
(Yes. That’s right.) All of you know this. Yes. True. Very true. At that time, I had no idea
when everything would just end for me, and I spent every day in pain. Then, a relative came and shared the gospel with me. Only then did I know that in the last days
Almighty God has expressed many truths, and has done a stage of the work
of judgment and chastisement. He has come to purify and save mankind, to bring an end to this old, evil age, and bring people into God’s kingdom. From that time on, I began to frequently gather
with my brothers and sisters, and often read God’s words. The more I read them, the more I understood the truth, how Satan the devil corrupts mankind, and how God saves mankind. I came to some understanding
of God’s almightiness and His rule. I came to have genuine faith in and reliance upon God. I no longer worried about my own life or death, I only paid attention to pursuing the truth, acting and being based on God’s words. In my heart, I felt a release, I felt carefree. Before I knew it, I was no longer sick. These years I’ve believed in God, I have gained so very much from Him. Yes. This time, before I passed out, I felt the earth spinning, my heart beating;
I felt terrible. So I hurried to plead to God: “Oh God, what is going on with me? Oh, God, I give myself up to You. Whether I live or die will be as You arrange.” I wasn’t aware of anything after that. Later on, the doctor said that I was beyond hope. It was God who saved me, who allowed me to wake up. Yes. After going through this, I have seen that people’s fates
are truly within His hands. As long as people genuinely believe in God
and pursue the truth, they will be cared for and protected by God. Even if they encounter illness or calamity, God will guide them through the difficulty. Hearing you say this, I think that God is powerful! Believing in God really is a wonderful thing! Yes. I see you’re all happy to hear about believing in God. How about this, I’ll play a reading of a passage
of Almighty God’s words for you all. (Yes.) What do you think of that? Yes, yes. Yeah. Yes! Oh, that’s wonderful! My goodness, these words couldn’t be said
by an ordinary person. Yeah, no one can say this. This is the first time
I’ve heard something like this. (Yes.) Thanks be to God! After hearing Almighty God’s words,
what do you think of them? How wonderful. They’re wonderful! Are you able to feel that God truly exists
and that He rules over everything? I can feel that. Yes, I feel that as well. People say, “God is watching you
from three feet above your head,” “People do things, Heaven watches,” “the will of Heaven,”
“Man’s fate is determined by Heaven,” “Cultivation lies with man, harvest lies with Heaven,” and “What goes around comes around.” (That truly is.) These show the existence of God, and it is God ruling over all things, ruling people’s lives and fates. (Right.) We’ve gotten to this age, just think about it,
who could escape the arrangements of Heaven? Can you have a say in these matters of fate? None of us can. When any person is born into this life, whatever home they’re born into, what kind of work they do after growing up, what their marriage is like,
how many children they have, if they are rich or poor, if they are in good health, how long they live, all of this is determined and arranged by God. Yes. We have no say in it,
and we cannot choose for ourselves. Even though we can’t see God, we are able to feel that He really exists
from our lifetime of experiences, and feel His authority and His power. We have something to rely on in our hearts, and no longer have so many worries or concerns, and if we can obey God’s arrangements
and His determinations, then we can live with His blessings. Yes. That’s great! Oh, Liu Zhen,
you’ve understood so much believing in God. In the past, I believed in destiny. I agreed with the sayings, “Man’s fate is determined by Heaven,” and “You know your destiny by 50.” When everything is going fine,
people trot along happily, and they say something like
“Your fate is in your own hands.” But when disaster or illness really strike, there’s really nothing you can do. (Yes.) Sometimes a minor illness will completely defeat you. People are so powerless. How could they have a grasp on their own fate! Liu Zhen, only today have I understood that after all is said and done,
people’s fates are under God’s control. (Yes.) These few years, my wife believed in God, and the government still restricts her
and wants to arrest her. At her advanced age, how could she ever withstand their torture? With no choice, I tried to stop her from believing. Near death and coming to again was a miracle. Liu Zhen’s life was spared, this truly is a blessing from God. The saying that “Man’s fate is determined by Heaven” really is the truth! Liu Zhen, it is Almighty God who has given you a second life. I won’t prevent you from believing in God, and I will believe with you! Let’s spend our autumn years together happily! Thanks be to God! That’s wonderful! Thanks be to God! That’s wonderful!
What a blessing this is! (Yes, yes.)

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