we good thus we be we be the Haitians Ephraim
from Puerto Rico Neftali from the other Hawaii oh hi is
called him back is via our highest gather ring Israel Shalom brothers and
sisters a military car shelter gathered a Christchurch live with elder Gaggia
search engine international this is the brother where it all began as far as
search engine engine international goals and it so happened that elder Gaja
is here with us with all of the elders in full anticipation for our elders
meeting that will be in in mid-october all the elders and deacons throughout
the earth will come together so that we can pray together and have the holy
spirit chart out the path on our way out of here as far as organizing getting
everything straight so that when it all go down and prophecies are unfolding as
we speak that this church is prepared in the wake of all of it okay now we have a
very very important broadcast today before I go into it let me uh let me
dial up my brother my elder my friend a close friend of
mine you all know his name elder law man let me see if I can get him on the line
real quick can’t have a broadcast without my brother here come on in
lawyer we yeah you him come in here you go not gonna start without lawyer hey
all right elder lawyer you with us you serve I’m
there I’m here all right we have elder law on the slide you in
here in the middle here you know yeah I got him a little production thing going
on went about 30 hats right now where’s a there we go let me put them right here
there you go right there yes so there you go
there you go elder lawyer you with me right come on another lawyer say
something now well don’t worry about it he’s here all right shallow wall shallow
a yellow one oh mama blessed by the best check out our broadcast today first of
all I like to say all praises be to the Most High
Oh hiya Basham you Shia while we’re walking to all of our brothers and
sisters our loved ones throughout the four corners of the earth a hearty
Shalom during our week of Tabernacles I would like to say also a great Shalom to
our brothers and sisters who are out camping right now throughout the whole
earth a matter of fact I’m gonna come come go back tomorrow morning I’m gonna
get we gonna get on the UH on the road and see our brothers and sisters up at
Mount Nebo that’s the camping ground here in Pennsylvania where the church on
the East Coast has come together and I just wanted to say to my brothers and
sisters that are camping out that our spirit is with you and we will be doing
some camping with you at least you know some camaraderie with you as far as
going coming amongst the body making sure you okay
and that’s throughout the whole earth they’re camping in Jamaican just in the
Blue Mountains right now they’re also camping over there and on the west coast
in California Australia yeah we spoke to him this morning they’re actually
camping but we’re gonna go out to Mount Nebo the camping ground not Mountain ebo
tomorrow and visit the brothers and sisters here in PA but that aside let’s
talk about what’s going on in the earth right now according to the Bible now the
topic of discussion today a very important topic and you can chime in
with your own I see you here on YouTube of course you
can give us your comments and we’ll be more than happy to respond back and
forth with those but let let me give you the topic today check out this title
lawyer lawyer have no idea the title good or evil is a title of our
discussion this evening what is good and what is evil you might wonder why we
going here it’s Elementary anyone should know what good and evil is right mm-hmm
well if so why are we doing evil and not good why is the world getting worse if
everyone everywhere can discern between the two but that’s not the topic we can
take this anyplace you would like but listen what is good and evil and from
what source are these two very important attributes measured who and what
determines right from wrong in this world today or are all things relative
right you have different perspectives like there’s things that can be seen
right from a woman’s perspective and negative from a man’s perspective or
vice versa why is that shouldn’t right be right and wrong be wrong shouldn’t
good be good and evil get easily identified but yet those signals are
cross I’m going to go into that in the meeting in a minute so that we can get
to the bottom of this through biblical resolution using the Bible now let’s
begin from a societal standpoint then measure right from wrong through the
eyes of God using the KJV Bible or our ways good or evil right now the example
I can give right is when we are taught growing up in
school we’re taught a perspective of life strictly through government social
engineering they tells they tell us what’s right or wrong according to
society so automatically we grow up with a skewed understanding of good or evil
automatically let’s give for instance homosexuality let’s use that as an
example right now is that good or evil horror mongering sleeping with anyone
you would like now even though there’s pleasure in it is that good or evil
mm-hmm right now you got any more any more just just throw them out there
society the thing that society tell you it’s okay philanthropy good
philanthropy as far as someone doing good deeds and setting up foundations to
help the poor and all that is that good or evil and by what standards you see
where we going at here now here’s the problem of not being able to identify
good or evil I believe from a religious standpoint if you want to use that word
that there’s a lot of good people in Jehovah Witnesses that are in the
Catholic Church I’m talking about people who would like to do the right thing
mm-hmm people that are Muslims people that are whatever the case is I believe
they inherently or or through tradition follow the religion but their intentions
were good right so check this out what’s the issue
without being able to identify of not identifying good or evil now well guess
what if we don’t identify good or evil regardless of your religion brothers and
sisters the enemy wins if we don’t have a source from whence all of us no matter
what you’re following Islam Christianity Jehovah Witnesses if we don’t have a
source that we can all agree concerning good or evil the devil wins
because why the good can never come together right right
Satan divides in conquer so there are good men that the Lord is calling I came
out of the Baptist Church I mean you came out of what of the streets
Gaja came out of the streets right but there’s a source we should all draw from
mm-hmm right now why am I going into this last
Academy last Academy brothers and sisters a lesson was done called trace
in the serpent seed and in this lesson we identified when evil was introduced
and what evil leads to the the exact thing that we were talking about this
Sunday or last Sunday the spirit that created the evil that led to our
captivity that led to the all the curses that we read of in the Bible there’s a
source of it all and through that if we can identify that source we can now as a
people or as an individual identify the wrong in us mm-hmm all of us right
our lesson today good or evil let’s check this out
go to Genesis for me real quick stick with me brothers and sisters good or
evil everyone have their own perspective or feel they are right in their own mind
mm-hmm right but who’s willing to examine things through the eyes of God
for self correction for really coming together
in these last days to battle the evil how is it how can we battle or go it be
used by the most high to battle the evil when the good can’t come together when
the good is scattered Balon wanna one amongst each other
Satan is winning so we must identify good and evil lawyer are you with me yes
sir okay I need you to grab real quick elder lawyer the spirit of evil in the
Apocrypha in second address if you don’t mind right the third chapter what is
good and evil or any of us willing to admit that our daily actions are evil all right let’s read yeah I’m in the
book of Genesis chapter 2 come on wanna start at the ninth verse and out of the
ground made them made the most a good grew every tree that is pleasant to the
sight and good for food The Tree of Life also in the midst of the garden and the
tree of knowledge of good and even the tree of knowledge right here
the tree of knowledge of good and evil now what we identified in the Academy
last week brothers and sisters is that Satan that Christ through the Holy
Spirit was guiding Adam in the beginning okay now he didn’t teach Adam evil the
most heart can never be tempted with evil or tip man to do so what we found
through research and it was broken down in the Academy brothers and sisters is
that the Most High didn’t plant that tree it was a route that would poison
mankind to take man’s dominion given to man given to Adam by the Most High God the Most High didn’t plant the tree okay
it was a satanic plot by the fallen ones against Adam Adam wasn’t alone
on earth okay the fallen ones were here okay and what happened they genetically
out of what was good made a tree that would become poison to mankind and as a
result of that mankind Dominions or Adams Dominion was taken okay read over 16 yeah and the most I commanded
the man saying of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat every tree
of the garden you may freely eat read verse 17 but of the tree of knowledge of
good and evil the tree of knowledge of good and evil thou shalt not eat you
shall not touch read for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely
die thou shalt surely die okay so this sin which is first a choice leads to
death mm-hmm now what’s the essence of this particular tree that leads to evil
and what manifests what is manifested from this seed that entered mankind see
we must identify evil first so that when it crops up in us or when something
happens in us in which we are in our interactions we as children of the Most
High can identify the enemy within us mm-hmm you must know the difference not
just to be able to point out what others are doing but to recognize the evil in
oneself elder lawyer grab it for me real quick
yes services on semesters chapter 3 verse 19 this is what was placed in the
midst of Adam for a choice read and thy glory went through four gates of fire
and a earthquake and a wind and of cold that thou mightest give the law unto the
seed of Jacob come on in diligence and diligence unto the generation of Israel
so now the Lord told us what it took for the law to come into our realm right so
the Most High sent us a law that would battle the tree of good and evil that’s
the reason for it so that we as the sons of Adam can discern
right from wrong make the right choice opposed to the wrong choice made by Adam
so most Christians don’t understand that when they say the law is done away with
and we shouldn’t follow the law well if the law is done away with how do we
discern good from evil mm-hmm so that leads us back to the source
that we should all come back to we must all agree what’s right or wrong
according to God to identify the evil reap those 20 come on
and yet thought took is not away from then a wicked heart pull up look what
did Adam receive and yes outlook is not away from them a wicked heart a wicked
heart the Bible tells us the heart is deceitful above all things who can know
it the heart is your own mind or desires the things that might be right according
to you according to what you would like what satisfies you that’s a wicked heart
see come on in-depth I’ll took us not away from them
if we get hot check this out oh my go on I’ll oh my bring a fruit and then that
by law might bring forth fruit in them read verse 21 for the first Adam buried
a wicked heart transgressed and was overcome and so be all they that are
born open so be all they that are born of them so automatically we think with a
wicked heart before the words of God we are taught that okay from birth to judge
according to our own desires that’s evil that’s wicked okay so that that’s what
was placed in our hearts inherently so therefore we don’t do right from the
beginning of all our actions we first measure with our own heart which is evil
then make choices after that so we’re behind a rock and a hard place right
think about it think about fits brothers and sisters Adam took on a seed that
automatically lead to us making bad choices so the most I had to give the
righteous his chosen the law that was the reason for the law so that we can
measure with the heart of the most Ty opposed to a sinful heart and see and
that’s why the Most High says woe to man that trust in man see it wasn’t speaking
of well you can’t follow what a man say no it’s talking about the following a
man’s heart opposed to the most highs opposed to the word if a man is teaching
the Word of the Most High he’s not speaking or teaching his heart he’s
teaching the Bible so when the most heart says water man that trusted man is
talking about you that’s trusting in a man with an evil heart that have no
intentions concerning the Most High that’s what it’s speaking of because
that man have a sinful heart that’s when you’ll follow with man when a man is
dealing with his own heart opposed to the words of God or a higher go another
lawyer verse number 21 come on for the first Adam bearing a wicked heart is
breast and was over camp overcome come on and so be they all that are born of
so be they all who are born of them so we automatically brothers and sisters
are predisposed to wrong first you must know that because some people brothers
and sisters would be like whoa that’s how I always been you don’t understand
me you know that’s just a fault I have excusing the sin that can lead to death
mm-hmm or sensationalizing it Hey You Know Who I am a woman can be like well
you know I am always been out there with the God this is me this is you know nah
you excuse it and or sensationalizing the sin that leads to death good or evil can we discern between the two anymore
your societies create sin until we will become say very bright yet this society
is blurring the lines what do you mean give me some examples of what you’re
talking about well we had a discussion before one time
on the radio yeah is there good sodomite yes if you understand we dis aside to
belong okay yeah well he’s a good guy you know it pays his taxes he votes you
understand yeah homosexuality was born that way
even so it’s it’s but the society right now is blurring the lines
it’s blurring the line as to what what is what is right both civil and moral
exactly so for example I give you an example in the workplace people work
together have problems with each other and despise each other but because the
job we are on a job rather me resolving the issue with you yeah I just continue
to hate you and in my heart bread and smile with you because I’m at the job
when I leave over that please oh I can’t stand him I can’t stand her you
understand it’s like society is teaching us to just you know put up with it and
go and go along understand a sleeve like that is you know excuse it whereas the
Bible now Christ is a different story yeah you read me and you know it I mean
I don’t want go off too much about the more you go up in in education is
the more you go away from Christ in this society yeah
you with me originally we have morals we had values you know to follow you know
it’s deep you saying that right because what what did I parents push on us or
encouraged as you can us more so they didn’t did it encourage us as we grew to
come closer to the most high and it I don’t even think it was a purpose how
they pushed us to say get your education mmm be educated you know to them that
was having our best interest at heart exactly but all in all where’s that
saying push towards towards the most high god
we’re more so tore towards education and going to school and and this is where
you get turned out spiritually and otherwise and go all the way to the dark
side usually no chetna song yeah Society will say get an education is a good
thing but if this education Ryan is teaching me that sodomy is okay hated
Norberto destroying the creation of the most I’m going against the laws on a
multi then you know it’s evil it’s all evil no matter how many degrees you have
five or six exact people understand it’s exactly and I wanted to go into that you
know what the top we’re gonna touch all that we’re gonna touch all that why are
you talking about yeah yeah let me hear me yeah make sure you make sure you log
it because we’re not gonna let me open up you go we’re not gonna leave anything
out here we don’t leave anything out but first of all I wanted brothers and
sisters to get the root of what evil is you have to realize that it’s something
thank you that came and revolutionist is genetics
when Adam took on that tree of good and evil when he consumed that there was a
metamorphosis that changed how his children would view things that means we
view things from the evil side first because why the earth was given into the
hand of the wicked Adam lost his dominion Eve lost her dominion and guess
who rules Lucifer the fallen one by default so
it’s in his interest to keep even Adam at odds with each other
have you see things one way and have the other see one things the other way
because by default man and woman together is the image of God and through
that the Union can destroy the power of Satan so he came to Eve and say that
taste this check this out yeah it made me wise much knowledge at
understand it yes but guess what yes knowledge is good but he wasn’t just
given Eve the knowledge of good he gave her the knowledge of good and evil see
you just can’t sell bad stuff okay it has to have a benefit in order for you
to take on evil exactly it’s a benefit there’s always good in it but but at the
end of the day Satan wins so they say one of the greatest deceptions on earth
is Satan making making everyone believe he didn’t exist well of course in his
world he would make it where you couldn’t discern between the two right
now let’s get back on course how the lawyer where are you
second husband chapter 3 verse 20 and I want to show some examples to go on yes
sir verse 22 thus infirmity was made permanent the if the infirmity was made
permanent read and the law also in the heart of the people with the malignity
of the root so that the good departed away the good departed away and what and
the evil abode still in the evil a bow steal now to the enemy it’s a benefit to
have the evil malignant spirit control a vessel why because by so he can he he’s
able to use that vessel without any opposition what do I mean by
that if you have someone that had that malignant roof okay of evil in them the
example of that are people who can never keep friends you don’t have a defense
mechanism anywhere and you blaming everyone else not realizing the root is
in you if you going from friend to friend and friend having the same
argument that you having over and over again throughout all your generations
and going from one friend to the next and can’t keep friends and not look
within yourself you understand that should be a sign right off the bat that
there’s a malignant root something that you don’t want to change within yourself
and you’ll rather keep it in you yet burn everyone you run into that’s it
because Satan would like you to be like what it takes in the Apocrypha a stray
bull a stray bull straying alone he can use you like that a stray bull always
angry mad no friends this is how he used vessels as enemies against others we are
identifying what’s good and what’s evil good and evil the root of evil came from
what the tree of good and evil that tree manifests what a malignant root that’s
in us in which we choose wrong first we’ll find right we’ll see what right is
and say well hold up should I do that I’m used to doing things this way see
that I know what’s good I just read it out of the Bible the Bible says don’t
eat pork right I like bacon right just say someone say well I like bacon mm-hmm
they see the Bible says don’t eat pork see so they know what what’s wrong
according to God but still choose what they like what they desire and I’m
just using that on a lower level mm-hmm as an example because how you make your
choice in small matters is how you’ll deal with the greater matters it’s
almost like when you go into some of the other biblical text me like speak up a
little louder I’m sorry when you go into some of the other biblical text right
yeah and you look at the essence when you’re going to do see physics that
essence despised pleasure yes as an even and it’s like it boils back down to that
it’s like a lot of the things that make us feel good yes is really wrong you
would mean okay I’m supposed to keep the Sabbath but Friday night is a nice time
to world yes he with me it’s nice to you know it’s nice to do certain things on
on the Sabbath day yes that we choose in our pleasures so to speak over in yes
what’s right are what we know was right around and it’s like Zak the world
influence our senses our eyes our sight are hearing you know everything it’s it
feeds into that exactly you know so yeah exactly that’s an example of I want
another example of you know you knowing what the right thing to do is but
something inside of you is is you know is pulling you to the next yes as Paul
would say the Battle of yeah of the flesh and the spirit yes and it’s like
this though right it’s identifying the origin of it mm-hmm
you understand and identify the origin origin of it I hope brothers and sisters
will begin to even when these cameras are turned off begin to understand it
more so mm-hmm when when you know what it is now you
have what knowledge of it mm-hm and with that knowledge you’ll
then pray to the most higher or link in with others to understand the spiritual
battle and how to overcome what’s in us because it’s not going anywhere the only
thing we can do is buffer it our flesh and suppress it mm-hmm see a lot of us
want this magic bullet and think that well if I get baptized or if something
happens well Christ to come and just take it out and I’m born again and I’m a
new person but now that spirit is still
there and it will be there until the change so you must identify the negative
that’s inherent the negative that that we grew up with that old man or woman he
or she still exists now let’s go into good and evil real quick right because
good must be identified and evil must be identified according to the Most High
not according to this world because it’s total confusion in this world and we
don’t know left from right right man from woman boy from girl
they are skewing the lines on purpose folks and while I’m I say well why am I
putting this out there I’ve mentioned earlier that time is running out
brothers and sisters and there’s a lot of good brothers and sisters that are
Muslims that are Christians that inherently want to do the right thing
but yet but yet there they’ll look at us and others that are following the Bible
and not come together and agree on the good why for whatever reason but time is
running out so we must understand the source outside of the religions you came
up under the source we must all come together and this certain understand
good from evil first is it the Gita he’s at the
Egyptian Book of the Dead is it the Quran is it the Bible whatever it is we
need to put it on the table and all the good people cleave to the good in it in
this battle against evil but let’s go back real quick
elder lawyer elder lawyer if you don’t mind is there anything else in there okay get Isaiah 5 and 20 for me elder
elder uh gadget let me put out the phone number because
I know our brothers and sisters are on our block the phone number is five one
five six zero five nine three two and the topic of discussion is good or
evil and you know second half of this I’m gonna go into why do why do men see
things one way and women the other when both of us together are the image of God
how was it what’s good for a woman is bad for a man and vice versa because
that’s really believe it or not the key battle on earth began with Satan
destroying man and woman it’s calculated that we are at eyes at each other’s
brothers and sisters it is not that we don’t love each other there’s another
force operating we don’t want just to love and have peace amongst their other
half we don’t want who doesn’t want that but why isn’t it so that malignant root
folks Isaiah 5 and 20 read it read it from the book of Isaiah chapter 5 first
now we’re gonna do it deal from a biblical perspective today strictly King
James Version Bible because that’s our book we’re israelites okay we’re not
happy we’re not Han medic we’re not Arabs we’re not Persians
so therefore you’ll never see us going into the Koran for an answer
we’re not Arabs when I Persians when we’re not Babylonians
we’re not ham mites we’re not Jeff fights where’s your lights so Israelites
go to Israelite sources like the Bible okay read it verse 20 woe unto them that
call evil good woe to them destruction to them that do what that call evil good
that call evil good and good evil and good evil I need you ought to give me
some examples out there of calling evil good and good evil let me see what’s going on over here on
YouTube in the chatroom here give me some examples anyone give me example of
anything happening in the world in which good is evil and evil is good Sunday
worship perfect example the Lord never said
worship on the first day of the week we’re gonna tackle that also right
homosexuality being okay live in that live when the majority of stories we
hear is with adults is them actually breaking the silence concerning the
molestation that happened to them at the age of the five six or seven okay yeah
yet abortion mm-hmm abortion is good because a woman should have a right to
choose eaten pork give me some more here divorce you should be happy divorce you
should be happy you should be happy being alone in a time in which theme is
about the jackboot everyone Christmas unclean food LBGT gay marriage stilling
greed all these things are good in a wicked world Thanksgiving medications
good one because why they’re good they’ll take care of the symptoms the
immediate symptoms but guess what at the end of it is what death mmm three of
good and evil lying well it’s okay to tell a white lie
what’s it what’s a white lie witchcraft backbiting vaccines I come to heaven or
nasarah shops open up tarot card readers you read me you know compadre okay I’m
readers which graph you name it it’s okay they’re not hurting anyone right
mm-hmm someone says the black conscious commune
I haven’t seen anything good out of that a bunch of swindlers found themselves of
a YouTube page the Bible says woe to them that call
evil good and good evil okay I noticed that a lot of these guys they would like
to debate Israelites and all that but hold up you don’t even believe in the
Bible so you go debate unbelievers because if you don’t believe in Christ
you condemned already so what am I talking to you for mm-hmm okay you want
to try to discredit the only answer that makes sense of all of this
you’re the top you’re the child of the you are the devil that the Bible speaks
of I don’t care how black you are right one of them that call good evil and evil
good we’re gonna give a we’re gonna get a few examples in a moment let’s get
proverbs 17 and 15 reading from the book of proverbs chapter 17 verse 15 yes he
justified the wickedness he that justifies the wicked that means you know
someone’s wrong but you’re finding a way to excuse their wrong well there’s a
reason this person stole well there’s a reason this person killed or lied I can
understand what this person but the thought process that led to their evil
we live it in a world in which anything to be excused read he justified the
wicked and he died condemn it the just and he that justifies the wicked yet
condemn it you got to speak up a little bit over here yet condemn it the just
read even they both are an abomination even they both are sin or an abomination
to God read that again The Book of Proverbs chapter 17 verse 15
yes he that justified the wicked he that justify the wicked that stand by and see
the wickedness go on and give an excuse and
and guess what see now I understand why the Bible is frowned upon in our
neighborhoods mm-hmm we see the wickedness that happens in our
neighborhoods and just stand by and give an excuse for it well hey I gotta sell
drugs got to put food on the table I got babies mm-hmm oh the mother will see the
child bringing drugs in the house and yet take the money in all that Sam well
lately you know and turn turn a blind eye to drug dealing in her house I
wanted on and on Reid and he that condemneth the just and he that
condemneth to just a brother that try to do right he’ll be condemned let me ask
you what people would even think of killing a brother like Malcolm X I’m not
even speaking about Christ right now let alone Christ the greatest man that have
ever walked the earth who would even think about killing Christ but in our
modern time not too long ago who would even think about killing Malcolm X you
know how many people while I was out speaking brothers and sisters came up to
me privately and say well what you said is a truth brother but you got to be
careful because if you keep teaching this they may kill you they may put you
down now check that out like you are an enemy to this world you are under
constant threat if you are for good read that again
he doesn’t justify the wicked and condemn it the just he that justifies
the wicked yet condemn if we’re living in a world that condemns what’s right
mm-hmm good evil who was good Malcolm or the fruit of Islam and we can go on and on and on I have
many examples brothers and sisters mm-hmm many examples of what we allow
outside of the white man amongst ourselves are we good as a people I’m
gonna give you a chance to call in because the guess what there is some
good amongst us but the good is under threat at all times
to the point where our mouths are silenced we are muzzled okay yeah
there’s a lot of good but the good is afraid to speak out and band together
there is good but you would know it why they’re fearful they’re scared they’re
not courageous exactly righteousness is bold as a line they
scared mm-hmm you want to do the right thing but you feel well hold up if I
speak out against gay I might lose my job if I speak out about get stand for
the most time because the evil guess what the evil aren’t they’re not stop it
they’re growing mm-hmm and we are enabling them but in order to fight
against evil we must discern first read it read it
come on do not stop again no you read that last piece okay he that condemned
it to just even they both are an abomination even they both are an
abomination those that excuse wickedness and then
condemn the just I’ve seen people’s defense over then Noah’s wrong and
they’ll say they know it’s wrong but they’ll still defend it Malachi the second chapter elder lawyer
do me a favor we’re gonna get some Christ scriptures
out here let’s get Matthew 6 and 23 for those who’ve just come in what is
good and evil and from what source of these very important attributes measured
who and what determines right from wrong are all things relative we’re going to
measure this and understand and according to the Word of God so that so
that the children of the Most High can make the right choice and band together
under righteousness understanding what is good malachi 2:17 read that for me
our elder Gaja reading from the book of Malachi chapter 2 verse 17 read it you
have wearied the Lord with your words we have wearied the Lord with our words
he’s tired of the talking read yet you say wherein have we where at him when we
when you say everyone that doeth evil is good you say that every one that doeth
evil is good free in the sight of the most time in the sight of the Most High
and he delighted in them and you delight in them or where is the most Isle of
judgment and where is the Most High of judgment we more so prefer men that we
know are doing wrong according to God’s law these people wouldn’t have a
platform if it wasn’t for the innumerable you know the innumerable of
us that prop these so-called passes and others up as righteous read that last
piece again a little elder God let me speak some real good real good comments
I’m I’m trying to hold it but I’m listening listen to some of these
comments going when you say everyone that doeth evil is good come on in the
sight of the most time and he delighted in them or where is the most eye of
judgment where is the most high of judgment let’s pause for a second in and let’s
examine the example that’s portrayed as God’s people on earth today Love & Hip
Hop Atlantis house housewives they got all these different shows where we’re
running amok tattoos from head to toe women plastic surgery all over the place
foul mouthed can’t even put a sentence together know either the none of these
people can put a sentence together can’t even speak properly or even remotely
proper and there everything is fleshly they speak in fighting cursing showing
their behinds that’s the example of our people today and you know what most out
there would believe that it’s good right and then you
let’s get Christ’s real quick come on come come on elder lawyer come on
but if they hold up now check this out if thine eye be evil let’s speak about
those that are in the truth also if thine eye be evil thy whole body shall
be full of darkness the whole body shall be full of darkness what did Christ mean
by that if your eye be evil your whole body is filled with darkness what did he
mean by that wreath come on if therefore that light that is in thee be darkness
how great is that document that means you beat your dad wrong in your actions
and you’re right all your actions or your
interactions with people and all that is being done from a skewed dark
perspective you’re dead wrong but you’re operating it as if everyone else is
wrong and you’re right that’s evil that’s wicked that means if your
darkness is if your light is darkness how great is that darkness I’m gonna
give you a few examples in a moment you can have people brothers and sisters
that have what you would call a misunderstanding right they’ll claim a
misunderstanding mmm-hmm but through this misunderstanding cause all chaos
and confusion beyond beyond repair but then they’ll say oh my fault a
misunderstanding that’s because you’re I was evil from the beginning you were
looking to stir something up or tear something down and now it’s identified
as you oh it’s a misunderstanding I’ve seen this countless times with even
dealing in the truth where people are taking evil suspicious
or they’ll put something out there that they know is wrong to draw Souls
together as enemies against righteousness read it out the lawyer verse number 24 no man can serve two
masters no man now check this out this kills the
spirit of misunderstandings how do you know where the evil is in any scenario
it’s the person who says it was a misunderstanding
there is no misunderstandings with the most time it’s either good or evil
oh I thought okay there go the evil eye right there
see you have to find the root of evil doers usually these are the people who
come with a matter to destroy and when they bring forth the matter
they absolve themselves by claiming it was a misunderstanding but Christ
exposes this evil so that we can understand when the evil comes just like
the serpent came oh you will not surely die you’re not gonna die right I’ll tell
you what you take this and you’ll know good and evil so he’ll come in a way
that seems well okay so they’ll drop a little birdie first but really their
intent is to divide and destroy this is all Satan works y’all he works as a
serpent and darkness read it out the lawyer no man can serve two masters so
we’re even either serving good or evil the Most
High or Satan either to their that means according to Christ there’s no middle
ground read for art that he will hate the one and love the other come on or
else you will hold to the one and despise the other
either he’ll love one or hate the other now no one will outright say that they
hate the Most High God okay that’s not how it works it’s shown
forth in their actions that they hate the most high Z come on you cannot serve
God and Mammon you cannot serve what God you cannot serve the most high and
man elder God you get me Matthew five and three real quick and elder lawyer
real quick grab me ecclesiasticus in the apocrypha 32 and 17 the book of st.
Matthew chapter 5 now I’m gonna ask again are we good or evil how do we
discern and make sure going forward that we as God’s children stand for the good ecclesiasticus 32 and 17 read it real
quick elder lawyer ecclesiasticus 32 verse 17 come on
a sinful man will not be reproved but find it an excuse according to his will
read it again a sinful man will not be repeating it says let me break it down
for the laymen a sinful or evil person can never be corrected mm-hmm
they can be dead wrong but they will do what what find they will find an excuse
according to their will nobody will do or she’ll do they’ll tell you why they
were evil well this is why I made an evil choice yeah yo check this um I’ve
been in a lot of councils within this church you got to speak up loud I’ve
sermon I’ve been and a lot conscience as I’ve coming up yeah a lot of concert
discussions you know we dealing with council yes and these courses would end
in two minutes if a brother would just say oh listen you know some I’m wrong I
messed up can we move on it won’t happen again but then you start yeah well elder
I don’t like how you’re talking to me yeah you know this did it always is an
excuse an excuse rather than the senior listen yo I’m wrong I’m wrong I messed
up which you know who who was it mr. so here’s the here’s the
question though going and an elder lawyer you can even jump in what’s so hard what’s so hard for people
out there to admit they’re wrong what’s what’s wrong with that pride
pride is one episode a lot of people if you admit that you are eat that you what
you did is evil then you know you’re saying you’re going directly against the
most are you directly partaking of the tree of good and evil and a lot of
people don’t wanna see themselves as that and that is the reality you are
particular the tree of good and evil you admit okay alright so it’s shown that
you may have done something wrong according to the law yes so instead of
saying you know what I did all this I apologize
I had an evil suspicion a matter of fact let’s get that real quick elder lawyer
that evil suspicion then I’ll go back there because a lot of lot of things
come from people suspecting something oh they’ll say oh well that’s what I
thought well listen you should have kept that thought in your mind because that
thought is unconcerned mm-hmm the Bible tells us you cannot bear false witness
or lie against your brother or sister and that’s a lot of that going on
amongst us what you think just because you fake it it’s okay to say it what is
it people find it hard eyes at least I said people find it hard to put
themselves in that it’s okay because I’ve seen it many times it’s been shown
clear proving that what you’re doing is wrong okay what you did what you said
how you went about it is wrong but it’s like they can’t resolve in a mind that
y’all have seen or some either possessed somewhere along the line here sir yeah
you know it’s and everyone else who loved it but we all are subjected to
that exactly we all subjected because there was a
seed from the beginning a malignant root that if when we’re weak exactly it can
come out exactly and it goes bad so what with admitting that like listen my bad I
fell on that one yeah and it goes back to a conversation
that we had we had when Christ would check Peter yellow listen get behind me
Satan yes you would me and Peter is the rock
of the church beta is second in command yeah
so if second-in-command has a moment where Satan can come in exactly with me
none of us are immune and that’s what I’ve seen – the brothers them listen we
have been problems amongst each other right all of our problems can be
resolved yeah the thing is that we after we have to be honest with each other and
truthful and let it understated Canalis yeah yo listen Ella yo I messed up yeah
I’ve got that conversation with your radio I messed up listen you know what
listen I can understand if this is the way you used to resolve and deal with
issues you didn’t even know that doing these things were wrong because you
didn’t have the law that’s understandable but don’t sit and try to
make a defense for what you know you you know it’s wrong exactly that’s when
you’re covering the light exactly that’s when your life becomes darkness because
now you’re making an excuse for it you see the Bible says confess your faults
one towards another it’s not saying well I’m gonna tell you everything I did
wrong no when you see the wrong be able to admit it that’s all mm-hmm about us
as a human and seeing that’s how that’s the that’s the key component that leads
to us losing family members and friends friends can bear one another when they
know that that there’s a learning curve when it comes to disputes when when one
can say I’m wrong yeah you can keep a friend but who want to keep somebody who
continually do things against them around them and it’s unrepentant of it
not willing to admit that they are offended or hurting other people mm-hmm
you understand this and Satan loves that because he separated from those who can
protect us and through that he utilized us as enemies against others
I’m gonna tell you that right now it’s a shame because we cover our own
sin and think it’s okay or fill hole up or get defensive I’m being attacked no
this is good if you wouldn’t say that something that you did something wrong
ain’t nothing wrong with that if you want to say nobody gonna come down on
you you’re gonna let your gonna live and breathe the moment will be over there
will not be a discussion is over with mmm-hmm but no one can there’s no
forgiveness without first repentance okay
let’s this thing this prideful thing we can’t admit anywhere that okay I’m wrong
my bad mm-hmm well the lawyers get it real quick yes sir this is all wrong yes
three verse 21 yes she’s not out the things that are too hard to do read that
again keep not all the things that are too hard for me the Bible says seek not
out things that are too hard for thee what does that mean you ever see people
that sit back and don’t know what’s going on but yet they trying to find out
something they’ll never get the understanding on okay just wait until
the Most High manifest it so that you’ll know that what you’re viewing is true
you can’t have no suspicion on what you think someone is doing without evidence
and when it says without evidence that’s between two or more witnesses according
to the Bible you can’t just sit back and say well I think this person is doing
this hmm I’m looking at what you’re saying and I’m going to interpret what
you’re saying as this that’s an evil suspicion see the Bible gives us the
yeah the resolve or what you would call the measuring tool for any scenario
right because if the Bible says thou should not steal right if someone stole
boom I have property now you have my property it wasn’t yours right so this
right there there’s no console conversation give me
what belongs to me you’ve stolen something from me
cut-and-dry here’s the truth someone lies you don’t need a big conversation
on what’s the truth and what’s a lie right it’s clear that this person is
bearing false witness well guess what the same applies to an evil suspicion
you cannot suspect something is happening and then you treat a person as
if that happened Rita begin another lawyer and this guess
what this is learned behavior we we’ve done
this all through our lives in the world and thought it was good that you can
think about something without it being cooperating and treat people a certain
type of way according to based on suspicion yeah all the lawyer about that
no I’m great other way yes sir surah chapter 3 verse 21
come on seek not out the things that are too hard seek not out the things that
are too hard for you that means you’re trying to figure something out when if
the Lord go to rehabilitation or something you can’t control
mm-hmm read neither search the things that are above by strength and don’t
search the things that are above thy strength if you can’t see all the way
then you shouldn’t have an opinion on it right you you don’t you don’t have all
the information to make a what you would call good assessment for a righteous
assessment on a matter read verse 22 come on go what is commanded thee think
thereupon with reverence or it is not needful for thee to see what fine eyes
the things that are in secret is not needful if we need nipple for you to
understand what’s in secret okay mind your business simpler more sustained you
straight some things that you know yeah this is above you right now yeah you
with me yeah when it’s time for you to know this you know it yeah simple and I
think that was sorry to cut in a roundabout I think that this will save
our people it would save us problem like why don’t we looking at things that we
can’t control like our actions mm-hmm towards the kingdom of heaven whether or
not wick examining ourselves why looking into everything trying to look and try
to find something wrong it could be just fine everything could be just fine and
Satan to have you with an evil suspicion looking in trying to figure out
something wrong no the wrong you’re looking for is in you and that’s the
hardest that’s the hardest spirit to overcome or correct because you’re
looking out with but because you’re looking for the evil you haven’t
discerned the evil that’s in you it was in you the whole time I’m looking for
something that’s where it’s at that’s what I cry said if your eye be evil the
whole body is evil here’s another example I’ll give you an example you
have you have the Pharisees right they come up to Christ ask in Christ certain
are what you would call scenarios concerning the law on whether this is
right or that is right now are there questions really concerning the law they
know the law Christ was raised in Israel I he know the law so even though the
discussion seems innocent to phone folks exactly their intent is evil their
intent or evil so I’m using that an example how people may come up with
scriptural scenarios but is their intention to gather to the good to
to battle evil what are their intentions or is their intentions to divide mm-hmm
we also know oh you know when I was just askin yeah yeah I’m just looking into it
you know I’m just asking a question no you’re not there’s an intent behind it
either you’re gathering or you’re scattery mm-hmm
okay either you’re gathering either you’d a child of the Most High and
following the law concerning every scenario or you’re the child of the
devil there’s no in-between folks there’s no in-between and if you’re in
between you’re the child of the devil mm-hmm see great oh the lawyer
yes sir verse 23 be not curious in unnecessary model hold up read that
again otherwise I gotta turn this one up come on be not curious and unnecessary
models be not curious in unnecessary matters you have people that find an
offense find something to disagree with they’ll be looking for it mm-hmm
okay they’ll find something read that I get other lawyer are you not curious in
unnecessary man and unnecessary matters read or more things are showed unto thee
than men understand there’s so many things you can break down and figure out
about yourself and self-examination towards the kingdom of heaven either
you’re building together or dividing so it goes bust to the top of the topic
exactly good or evil and there’s no one out there gonna say yeah well living
today people out there did people I said yeah I didn’t see people online saying
yeah I know I’m going to hell i’m i glisten the head okay I’m not afraid
mm-hmm yeah you know you just and you are you
are a satanic Tom bomb just waiting to blow and I’m not gonna be no way around
when it happens mm-hmm you have people who know in their
heart they’re going to hell and you know what I will give more
respect to those people at least on this widget because at least they’re honest
they’re not trying to act as if very good and trying to do the right thing
even Christ says I’ll rather you be hotter cold because at least you’ll give
me an opportunity to know okay you were evil I’ve noticed stay away from me
you’re not looking to repent I know to beware from the spirits you know that’s
within you that can overtake any of us at any time
mm-hmm at least you’ve given me a fair warning but there’s nothing like someone
that’s amongst you smiling and laughing and get it giving you a jewel ation and
Jan all types of stuff but then in their heart their heart is evil mm-hmm okay
and we must discern these things right where are you elder lawyer Ocelot
chapter of three verse number 24 read it for many are deceived by their own vain
opinion many many oh what man that this Apocrypha is the mom man
zippy yeah if he dropping this this is no fucking this little thing be dropping
grenades this little progress read that again other lawyer so so many are
deceived by their own vain opinion many are deceived by their own vain opinions
well I’ve discerned that III just this is how I feel about that no we deal with
the Bible here okay the heart is deceitfully wicked above all things who
can know it who cares how you feel about something
how the most high field is why we’re together okay so any vain opinion that’s
unco operated is what evil it’s evil you must discern good and evil opinions
in this world is what good everyone should have their own say
right see see but that’s that it’s poison that that malignant root that
would that Adam received to view everything as good even though with you
and through evil eyes oh yeah it’s good hey it’s my opinion your opinion is
wicked is evil your heart is evil it’s wicked we must measure our hearts with
the most high your opinion means absolutely nothing with the Most High
God that’s right okay well you know I can see how this person do this oh I can
see their point of view there’s no point of view it’s God’s point of view mm-hmm
see that’s that middle ground thing oh that’s your interpretation exactly I’m
given an excuse for the evil of why the I will allow this evil to destroy us
inwardly mm-hmm Satan works in the dark folks hold it and get John 3 and 18 for
me real quick and I’m saying this because brothers just is just a normal
pattern of how we used to do things a lot of us believe you think nothing of
it for real you think that it’s just a natural way of you doing things that’s
the way things have always been what we must admit the way things always been
was wrong mm-hmm all of it it was all wrong our
opinion means nothing unless it agrees with the Most High period well I need to
have mas say what say what are you talking about it’s the word of the most
I’m here let’s read it the book of sin John
chapter 3 verse 18 come on he that believeth on him is not condemned he
that believeth on Christ is not condemned but he that believeth not is
condemned already I’m gonna tell you the evil hates Christ that’s why the
majority religions an atheist through the spirit they don’t even understand
why they hate such a great man the greatest man who ever walked the earth
who have never done evil to anyone his whole walk was sacrifice from birth
that and no one can quantify or understand why do we hate himself why we
disagree with them you know why because evil cannot bear the light mm-hmm
there’s something in you that that know that that judge is coming
it’s that evil in you that recognizes the judge like those spirits said have
you come to torment us before our time that demon and you won’t allow you to
see the light okay that’s why so many atheists and others disagree with the
Bible and Christ and they don’t like Christ it’s not nothing they’re read
it’s what they can feel is what they know they’re concealing a demon in them
read but you don’t believe it not is condemned already but he that condemneth
read it but he that believeth not is condemned already if you if you don’t
believe you condemned already and I see so many people who believe who think
they’re smart looking to condemn the Bible and claim they hate Christ but
really what you hate is the judgment that you know it’s within his record
this book there’s some evil in you that you don’t want exorcised or you don’t
want cleansed and you know the Bible condemns it you know crisis words can
cleanse you but yet you would rather serve your father the devil so that’s
why you saying well the Bible’s tampered with
I don’t want to deal with the Bible or King James with a homosexual you’re just
saying all that to hide the evil in you you know the Bible is the answer you
know that you know that the Bible condemns the darkness in you so you’re
rather condemn it then what change then to change read it because yet not
believe in the name of the only begotten son of the Most High come on
verse 19 and this is the condemnation that light is come up here’s the
condemnation that’s in the world this is how why we as a people are
continually condemned from one generation to the next
this is why we as a people are waxing worse from one generation to the next
read and this is the condemnation that light has come into the world like
Christ came into the world and gave us two paths okay and he sacrificed himself
to give us another opportunity for a Dominion to take back what our Father
Adam lost Reid and men love darkness rather than light but middle of what
darkness rather than like men love darkness rather than light why because
their deeds were evil they don’t want to admit that the darkness and evil is
within them mm-hmm that’s why they hate Christ that’s why they hate the Bible
that’s why they meet in secret to talk about others and try to and try to put
out rumor and all that because their deeds are evil they’re masking
themselves but elder God you sir are they hiding
no can you hide from the most I know this light will expose you anywhere you
go no matter what secret room you you you begin a rumor mm-hm and spread a lie
mm-hmm see your deeds they evil and the Most High see your deeds he know what’s
in your heart pride division variance the same spirit that led to the fall of
Lucifer and his angels read for every one that doeth evil hit the light hated
the light read neither cometh to the light neither cometh to the light why
lest his deeds should be reproved because that person would have had to
admit they’re wrong and be corrected and most people don’t want to stand
corrected listen if I’m wrong concerning something I’ll say it in a minute I
don’t have no problem with it okay oh my bad I apologize I’m sorry
let’s go on life life has more has much more to deal with than this I have way
more on the plate then to the city and hold a
point mm-hmm trying to be justified with an individual it’s childish grown folk
don’t hold grudges folks grown folk don’t operate like that grown folk
apologize and put it past you passes read that last piece again come on but
he that doeth truth cometh to the light come up to the light that his deeds may
be made manifest that they are wrought in the Most High exactly that they are
in the most time you’re in the light you’re not in the dark you’re not
spreading rumors behind people’s back you’re not doing all these other things
mm-hmm you’re focusing on gathering not scattering you’re not making things up
you’re coming to the light because why you know what you’re bringing is true
and at the most I bear witness in your spirit that you are what of the light go
on yes good or what evil is the question mm-hmm what is good and evil and from
what source are these two very important attributes measured hold tight because
we’re gonna go into the next phase good or evil why is it men see one thing and
women see something entirely different what’s good for a woman can be bad for a
man in this world or vice versa why do you have the answer hold tight
we’re coming back with the second installment or the second part of good
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elder law if you don’t mind elder lawyer let’s get the first
Thessalonians five and fifteen first us only is five and fifteen real quick a matter of fact you can read it for me
and he’ll the law if you don’t mind let’s get Romans seven real quick get
this one he’s five and fifteen for me first thessalonians please the book of
first Thessalonians chapter five verse 15 yes see that no one render evil for
evil now it says see that no one renders evil for evil right now what does the
Bible say that how many times what excuse can you give for doing evil well
yes I did this because this person did that to me yes I did this because this
person did that to me right so you’re rendered evil for evil
so the evil that was on that person well guess what the demon moved if you are
reacting okay that’s how the spiritual realm works
okay you must keep your guards up at all time to not change who you are based on
an evil opposition or imposition against you don’t let Satan change you and say
well I used to be this way but because this person did that I’m evil now okay
Satan breaks you down that’s how he do it he’ll break you down he understand
your weaknesses he’s been studying us since the garden so someone pushed the
right buttons and what happens you wide open now mm-hmm so now you’re gonna do
evil because evil was done to you but yet still claimed to be a child of God
mm-hmm read it but ever follow that which is good but ever follow that which
is what which is good which is good come on
but among us both among yourselves and to all men and to all men now check that
out that’s not just speaking about just being amongst Israelite mm-hmm to all
men see just because the white man did something to us I’m not gonna make him
the bane of my existence and the key point of doctrine that’s that that’s
actually propagating him or put him on a pedestal above what Christ would want
from us we saw him to the white man abused me that we forget that okay
Christ crisis blood has cleansed the curses of our forefathers and now I’m
gonna have an opportunity to rule if I endure that should be my focus I’m not
gonna render something that what can I render the right man the most high set
up the white man okay so I’m not gonna render evil for evil
and say what you did this to me and this is what I’m gonna do to you that’s
childish folks it’s time for us to elevate beyond the flesh okay it tells
us in the book of Isaiah a matter of fact let’s get that real quick Isaiah 14 now the lawyer you still there so pick
it up from where we at while he get that okay Romans 760 you are 14 yes
Romans 7 is 16 wait no no I’m at Thessalonians 5 and 15
okay yeah I want you to keep that keep keep that salami okay and I need you to
get Isaiah don’t drop it now okay Isaiah 14 just when you want right yes Isaiah
14 verses 16 no read the one it does only is first so we can keep our place
on it because there’s a reason I went to Isaiah 45 yeah verses 15 again yes see
that non render evil for easy that non render evil for evil why on to any man
unto any man but ever follow that which is good but ever follow that which is
good believe it or not Satan is also using the black man narrative against
the white man that Satan’s narrative also why because Satan wants to kill all
of the children of Adam mm-hmm okay this is another level here folks
it so happened that Esau came out of the sea of Jacob I mean of the seed of Isaac
and Abraham okay he’s our brother okay regardless of his attributes and what
he’s doing the Bible says we’re not to a poor and Edomite for he’s our brother we
came out of the same womb okay so the bottom line is this I’m not
gonna render evil to some white man based on what happened in slavery crisis
blood freeze a free us from the curse of slavery I’m not gonna no longer walk as
a victim Esau’s Kingdom has fallen we got next
mm-hmm hey we’re at the end of his kingdom
it’s not like we living in Rome and they riding on chariots this is the end of
their their little thing the Wilson fell off of Babylon folks I have no problem
of white people so I’m not gonna render evil for evil yes they have done evil
and you know what then do an evil down the synagogue of Satan but we got next
so I can I only have to focus on them I have to focus on what can I do to make
sure my vessel this vessel is prepared for what’s next how do I overcome the
evil that was taught how can I overcome the spirit that malignant root that came
through the sins of Adam how can I destroy my learned behavior I’ve learned
in Babylon how can I walk in newness of spirit to see straight when you’re
rendering evil for evil that spirit of anger guess what you cannot lead
anything with the spirit of anger okay in the spirit of of unrighteousness and
and revenge vengeance is the Lord’s it’s not mad it’s not men’s vengeance the
vengeance is the Lord read it I’ll start from the top again
yeah read to see that non render evil for evil come on on to any month unknown
to any man I don’t care white man Chinese man there’s no threat to me to
tell them to me they don’t threat to us okay the biggest issue we have is that
God’s people aren’t coming together under the righteous Word of God that’s
it that’s that’s how a threat that’s our problem okay when the Most High bring
this this spirit together in which we’re no longer it variances variance one
amongst another will be the children of God again that’s my focus
we’ll assume our rightful positions on earth that’s our objective and gathering
the elect to the elect read but ever follow that which is good
come on both among yourselves and to all men and to all men why go to Isaiah 14
and 16 real quick book of Isaiah chapter 14 start start start at the UH Isaiah 14
we read 12 verse the tenth verse verse 10 and they shall snug the twelve verse
12 verse 12 how are those fallen from heaven o
Lucifer fall from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning of the morn and Lucifer
is not the white man likes noddies these people are teaching it’s utterly
ridiculous okay Lucifer is a spirit that was in the
heavens from the beginning he fell to this rent realm for disobedience and
pride the same spirit he placed on man that’s why man can’t admit like you’ve
mentioned earlier that they have done wrong when they have done wrong and
can’t admit their fault when it’s their fault because the pride the pride of
Lucifer the fallen one won’t allow them mm-hmm they always find an excuse to to
stay what pure and untouched and and and without any excuse I’m without I’m above
reproach that’s Lucifer folks read how hard I’ll
cut down to the groan which did weakens the nation he did what ditz weakened the
nation he didn’t just weaken israel folks okay all the nations have been
weakened by him and i don’t look at the white man is strong and this is an
empire and all that but they have to sacrifice their children of lucifer to
satan okay they’re weak mm-hmm okay there’s still servants they’re still
building his empire and building his Space Station’s they become servants to
him also Christ is coming to free the earth folks and establish Israel and
righteousness and put the nations in their rightful place okay he weakened
them to their weak see it says we’re gonna narrowly look
upon him and say is this little guy did this to us
we verse 13 for da was said in the heart I will ascend into heaven go down to the
16th verse 16 they that see excuse me they that see thee shall narrowly look
upon thee and say what and consider the same is this the man that made the earth
to tremble so at the end of this all nations are gonna be together under
Christ looking at this worm that was once reverence as a God in this world by
the name of Lucifer say time once Christ bound him all the nations that are
righteous that have served the Most High they’ve put on righteousness by
following the true law of God or gonna gnarly look a punch st. and say is he
the one that had the brothers fighting against each other
don’t forget ham Shem and Japheth was on the same arc folks under their father
Noah Christ is coming to save the earth folks yes Israel is first but the other
nations need saving too so that’s what I’m saying vengeance
Satan loves this I’m gonna hate the white man doctrine because it feeds into
the nega the negative fleshly doctrine that keeps us from from seeing the true
Word of God that’s personal feelings your personal feelings in the word of
the Most High are two separate scenarios two separate things Reid is just a month
at made the earth to tremble yes that did shake kingdoms that did shake
kingdoms now let’s go back to where we were now we put it out there folks for
sustenance when you see God out there teaching with their personal vengeance
that’s their doctrine that’s their heart but that’s not the heart of the Most
High in Christ okay Satan deceived the whole world including
the deceivers who have deceived us Satan have actually deceived the white man too
you don’t care yeah you don’t care about any image that’s living on this earth
that’s man is a threat to Lucifer mm-hmm it’s a threat to Satan
okay so we have to get above that oh I got beat up by the white man thing oh
why was enslaved ships oh woe is me no crisis blood have given us dominion it’s
only it’s only a matter of time it’s just a matter of time I’m not no war
with me picking cotton that stuff is over folks
mm-hmm we’re getting Kingdom ready what’s going on I’m just speaking about
this earlier yeah Israelites are committing witchcraft
murder disobedience to the Moonstar break in the Sabbath sacrificing the
children to Moloch long before the white man came on yeah the white man is
actually the result of our disobedience yeah so really and truly oh he’s not
indeed in the in this equation i’ma tell you this we got a bigger problem than
the white man and that’s the conscious community listen at least I can look in
the Bible and see well okay the Lord said you’re gonna send a nation against
us as quick as the Eagle fly it and that Rome is actually a fourth beast that God
said he would set up due to our disobedience to rule over us until
Christ come at least there’s a there’s an excuse for them being in power but
these are rogue satanic rodents running around the constant community they’re
just leeches and thugs and and and and and just leeches destroying our people
people inwardly sideways and backwards sinless and and everybody Tama they’ve
been talking about the white man nobody the white man ate the problem we got
Egyptologists we got witchcraft we got boo do we got all these crap going on in
the so called conscious community all types of evil with no barometer no book
no law no elders no organization running running ragged ragtag all over our
people with no one saying anything some of the white men are you kidding me
you go outside when I said go outside on my stoop and won the white man with the
three-card Molly taking my money with the little P tell me yeah where the PA
yeah yeah yeah where is it come on man I’m on the corner with loaded dice and
everything don’t type of crap going on that neighborhood selling drugs to us
somebody you went to school with now and he’s on the corner pushing drugs to your
sister I don’t ever want to hear anyone talk about some so-called vengeance on a
white man when we cannot first address what we see every day
brother’s not taking care what they supposed to take care of it far as a
responsibility there are responsible roles as men women are all out of course
children are just running ragged raising themselves give me a break
I don’t hear it come on with that white man white man that right
white man white man don’t be slavery listen you ain’t gonna be doing nothing
okay you’re gonna be in hell somewhere you’re not gonna see what’s gonna happen
to the white man operating in the spirit of vengeance let’s read that last piece
again the book of Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 15 see that nun render evil for
evil unto any man see that no man render evil for evil against any man I don’t
care what color they are if you are a good person if you are a righteous
brother assistant you’re gonna be right with everyone you’re gonna treat
everyone like Christ would have would have want would have liked okay that’s
the way you are it’s not no I’m I turn it on for an Israelite and turn it off
for a white man no if you a good person you are a good
person and if you’re only good to black people you are a liar you are evil
because it means you’re fake mm-hmm okay that means your faith you turn it
on and off you’re not real a nice person is a nice person everyone
let me tell you Pontius Pilate was 100% white okay Pontius Pilate was red as
this book folks he was betrayed and guess what he washed his hands and say
listen I don’t see no unrighteousness in this man a matter of fact this man is so
righteous that he compelled me to become Christian and Pontius was a serious
pagan sacrificing Bulls the Zeus and all that when you look at the research on
Pilate he says even this man compelled me to be Christian Christ treated
everyone right so you can’t hold this book called the Bible the Word of God
this good word and use it for your own evil intent and vengeful heart that’s
wicked that’s evil I don’t care what scriptures you claim you read surely a
pressure may come a wise man man young man I’m angry you’re evil because Christ says blessed is the
peacemakers for theirs are the kingdom of heaven see the peacemakers will get
the kingdom not brothers running around with attitudes let’s go aah some someone
in the chat and don’t block them someone in the chat call us a cult let me tell
you you know what’s it called Babylon is a cult and I know you would like to
marginalize of the prophetic awakening of God’s people saying that yeah one day
GOCC and others like to think that we will one day rule the white man listen I
don’t have no power I can’t give power okay
I’m only suffering the of my forefathers and I’m living under
the white man not because you are powerful because you’re weak okay
I’m living under you due to the sins of my forefathers but you’re really weak
and the weakness can be shown in the society you’ve propagated you have all
the power to do good but yet you got transvestites running all around uh uh
and you have molesters and evildoers and thieves and robbers a strong leader
would have been did something about this society so listen I’m not going to say
listen this is your little toy you’re playing with right now okay I’m not
saying that all I’m saying is Christ a black man is gonna set up the children
of Israel over all people you’re just one of the many so have fun and go run
okay let’s go no I just want to put it out there because truth is a cult to
them but when I was in the job of witnesses I only had no one called in
Jehovah Witnesses the holy rollers people rolling around in circles in the
churches like The Three Stooges no one called the black Baptist Church a cult
no one called the Catholic Church a cult and that goes and it feeds into our
narrative good or evil exactly every Church out there right now and I mean
every church out there I don’t know is that is under the Roman Catholic Church
that goes directly against what the Bible says but we are the court um if
this is a cult I’m happy I’m happy in my car yes I’m happy being in my coat and
there it is and I want our read some of your elder oh yes were you talking about
whoa-ho Christ operated dealing with people yes okay I’m in the book of
Matthew the eighth chapter all right yeah and I’m started verse five and when
your trial was entered into Capernaum they came on Thema Centurion beseeching
him and saying Lord my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy grievously
tormented and yes I said unto him I will come and heal him come on and the
Centurion answered lord I am not worthy of the that though
she has come under my roof but Speak has the word only and my servant shall be
healed for I am a man under Authority having
soldiers under me and I say to this man go and he goeth and I say to the other
come any comment and to my servant do this and he do it it when you Shia heard
it he marvelled and said unto them that followed verily I say unto you I have
not found so great faith no not in Israel so this is showing you that Shia
is dealing with a man who is not an Israelite yeah a Centurion who was who
had command of the Roman army exactly believed in Christ and say oh listen
don’t come to my house to say the words you can say from anywhere and it would
work that’s the faith that’s the faith yada and crisis right and people go oh
no well your your blood soldiers who were who were Centurions and made sure
that this is not dealing with an Israelite because Christ breaks down
here verse 11 and I say unto you that many shall come from the east and west
and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven
but the children of the kingdom the children of the kingdom shall be cast
out into outer darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth exactly so
the children of the kingdom who the kingdom is for is going to be cast out
crisis is making a distinction is making it clear clear you being an Israelite is
not a ticket into the kingdom of heaven you just know that your parents on slave
ships and it’s written up in Deuteronomy 28 so just have fun with that okay so
the whole deal is what we’re seeing here is Gentiles with faith and you know what
if they have faith in Christ they’ll make it
they won’t rule but guess what just up the lowest Gentile in the kingdom of
heaven will be better than the greatest Gentile on this side okay so going back
to going back to the good and evil right mmm great point great point you had
there let’s jump right back in elder lawyer real quick and I’m gonna open up
call matter of fact it’s 47 it’s real quick so before I go into the
man and woman part because I want to take the last 30 minutes to an hour to
say what perspective what perspective on either side man or woman where man would
deem something evil that’s good to a wife or good to a woman and vice versa
mmm the things that a man would see is good
a woman would see as evil and what is the origin of that but let’s go down the
line real quick before L the elder lawyer I’m sorry you want to say
anything before we go down into the phone coughs yes sir absolutely okay go
in yes no I’m trying to be as brief as possible yeah going back to the
description for the show it mentions can we even admit the faults or the evil
traits within ourselves and I think that’s the part the part I want to focus
on as far as the spectrum of things that we’ve discussed tonight
all of which is good and I think very much needed in this and this time as
always all the broadcasts are going back to the beginning we discuss the evil
route that that came in through the sin of Adam and that evil route caused an
evil heart to not exist in all of the children of Adam who would come after
him now it’s like it’s become a point dealing with you know the idea and the
understanding of can we admit the evil within ourselves it’s like this
particular route this particular seed that’s been planted in our hearts have
allowed us to totally disregard the righteousness and goodness that is
established by the mobile science scripture and to create our own form of
righteousness like as it states in Romans the tenth chapter where it says
those who will cast away God’s righteousness and will establish their
own righteousness well we’ve done that in this earth in which the that this
society has bred a world full of people who just
as we discussed create excuses instead of just only enough to bear their
iniquity owning up to their sin or owning up to their evil they create
their own righteousness to the point where you can have for example you have
a situation where if people will they will hate the sin of someone else
but find the excuse to love descendants within them so you’ll have a murderer
who will say you know I had the murder based on this that in the third but I
can’t stand liars and thieves what makes a liar and a thief
any worse than a murderer a liar and a thief was now say well I don’t like
homosexuals what makes us a liar and a thief any better than a homosexual or
you know a homosexual will say you know I don’t like pedophiles
we’ll make sure you even it’ll be better than a pedophile so it’s like everyone
is passing the buck going back to the story of Genesis 3rd chapter we’re here
it is the most high is coming and he’s bringing judgment he’s asking questions
to Adam and Adam is now passing the book and saying well it’s not my fault I’m
not the evil one it’s the woman that you created and then a woman she’s asked a
question well it’s not my fault it’s the serpent that you created so now everyone
is pointing the finger to the external instead of looking within themselves and
saying you know what there’s evil within me that I must fill with before I can
look externally and one quick scripture that Christ mentions in the book of
Matthew the seventh chapter where he says judge not that ye be not judged but
with the judgment ye judge ye shall be judged and with that measure ye mete it
shall be me to you again and why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy
brother’s eye but considerest not the beam that is in my own eyes well how
about say to my brother let me pull out the mote out of thine eye and behold a
beam isn’t my own high so again we have a society
full of people who are easy and readily willing to point out the mote and
someone else’s eye before trying to fall out the theme of their own eye forcing
them or putting them in a position where they will always find an excuse for
their evil and as the Bible says there’s a way to seemeth right unto a man but at
the end thereof is death so while everyone is pointing a finger and
everyone is looking at everyone else’s sin as worse off greater than or less
than when the Bible don’t deal with that the Bible deals with absolutes
non-subjective ideas of which sin is of which sin is
better than the other one well while everyone is doing that we’re all on a
path leading to death all of us so that’s just that’s all I wanted to bring
before we before we open for the other callers and I’m glad you brought that
lawyer that the most time gave us law for absolutes and that’s that’s a key
point some people might ask well if this good person is a Muslim and this other
good person is a Christian why can’t all the good people come together for the
common good against evil why because in this world good is subjective it’s not
absolutely see like for instance the example I can give right now most
churches on the 501c3 must teach some sort of acceptance of the LBGT movement
okay or not speak against it at all live-and-let-live teach the Bible in the
kingdom and salvation but just leave this conversation off the table not well
how is that an issue well if we’re both in the Bible Geron up against all evil
in preparation for the kingdom of heaven I’m sitting down with a good man I say
well listen the Bible tells us that as homosexual need to repent but you’re
saying I can’t say nothing at all I must expect that my child or children that I
bring around your congregation might get molested I must understand that
you have a different example of good my examples are the laws of God mm-hmm so
that’s why we can’t come together because why will judge matters
differently mm-hmm I’m judging the matter according to the Word of God and
you’re judging the matter based on what you can or cannot say according to the
government see that so automatically even though we both believe in the same
Bible – cannot walk together lest they be agree because I don’t want my
children rape and I’m willing to stand up against the unrighteousness according
to the Bible while you are making an excuse to go along and get along mm-hmm
are you this yes I’m not I’m in the Book of Jeremiah
chapter 23 verse 4 yes I have and it says this I have seen also in the
prophets of Jerusalem yeah and horrible thing they commit adultery and walk in
lies they straighten also hands of evildoers that none do it return from
his wickedness exact so you you can be you can have a congregation right now
come with this government thing right now and correcting people yeah so if you
start to tell LGBT oh listen what you’re doing is wrong and then you are gonna
get cut off or charged or prosecuted or whatever and the Bible says it about who
says that it says here they strengthen the hands of evildoers that none do it
return from his wickedness they are all unto them unto me as Sodom and
inhabitants there are exactly the churches are giving refuge for child
molesters and homosexual behavior perversions they’re giving it a shelter
they’re not only not saying anything by not saying that you are saying it’s all
right and see even though we both have the same Bible and there’s some good
people in your church I can’t I can’t be in agreement with that because you’re
gonna judge matters differently mm-hmm okay I’m gonna you know we’re not gonna
have a homosexual or an unrepentant homosexual leading a choir in our
churches okay that’s sending the wrong message
for what for good for the good it’s sending the wrong message now but good
have to do what follow a law and understand that there’s a difference the
good now can say well listen let me be on either side like the churches mm-hmm
alone so it’s not just almost sexual yeah murderers murderers thieves but I’m
talking with you that as an example that everyone can relate to
mm-hmm that everyone know that the Western world churches have all
acquiesced to the LBGT political imposition against them like the Bible
said it would it’s like Sodom Ingram or okay but I’m just given one example not
just that but but in compromise of other things let me make a quick announcement
before we continue yeah all right there’s about about 50 spaces available
in the clock you mean it’s 50 spaces available yeah well just over the
numbers to call in is five one five six zero five nine three to seven so they
have space in the queue yes a space about that’s great it’s like thirty
seven is about is about it’s about sixty sixty spaces left in the queue year and
you know what I assume is a lot of people went to the YouTube yeah they go
onto the youtubes they don’t have to wait in queue exactly which I probably
would have done that also exactly but you still have a space if you like to
call in yes and have a question of common and I’m definitely want to go
into the other piece of this I don’t want to lose place of how men see things
that women are doing is evil or the other way around I want to talk about
that that maybe is showing itself but I still want to start you on touch on it
the repeat number again for the people that watch it yeah the number is five
one five six zero five nine three to seven Carl hit press one and I think
brother bolus will take your call and put you in the queue and we’ll come to
you in a minute you would mean yeah and another thing right like for instance
there may be some good people that are amongst the synagogue’s that can relate
to the law statute the commandments that we follow but yet in the town mood it
says that it’s okay for them to molest and rape children you know between the
ages of four and eight and all that because they become a virgin back at the
age of twelve now right there we can’t come together because why I’m not going to
have them looking at some little children thinking it’s okay to rape
these children and and that their majority did their virginity will return
back at them at the age of 12 I don’t relate to that the Bible doesn’t tell me
this mm-hmm the same thing with Muslims Muslims the only things that that that
you can actually relate to that we can relate to when it comes to Islam and
being an Israelite it’s a fact that either of us eat pork but outside of
that everything else you can put let me tell you
homosexuality is it’s not forbidden it forbidden in Islam I don’t care what
they promote and I’ve been around them and I know better I don’t care what they
say okay in the Western world trying to claim that that the Arabs are getting
homosexuality no they’re dealing with boys and all that big time in the Middle
East mm-hmm okay yeah and on top of that the Lord says listen remember the
Sabbath to keep it holy if I hold that day according to the Bible and you have
an entirely different time the worship your God you’re serving another God and
that goes for Muslims and Christians you can’t say that at the apex of it all
it’s still one God being worshiped by all know your God is Satan mm-hmm our
Lord our Lord and Savior gave us information on the Sabbath day He healed
on the Sabbath day on top of that the Most High God made all we see and
everybody in this world whether you Chinese Japanese Arab black white our
God created the whole heaven and earth in six days and in the seventh day he
rested and that’s the day he gave Moses to be Hollow
within the law okay so that’s the day that you serve the Living God not any
other day or time of the week or you’re serving evil so that’s why we can’t come
together because on the holy days Christians who’s supposed to be good
will be serving Satan on Sunday when the Lord says the Sabbath day all they say
it doesn’t matter No it matters with the most high it only
doesn’t matter under Satan folks that’s when nothing matters I want to put that
out there anything else you got there before I opened up my eyes I saw I saw
coming before someone who’s asking ah yeah for a church in Brooklyn there is a
church in Brooklyn yeah even the church I saw somebody from Manchester earlier
there’s a church in Manchester yeah and I’m so email GOCC NYC at
GOCC NYC at if you are in New York and you need to gather mm-hmm okay
okay now let me go down the line good or evil what’s good and evil and from what
source are these two very important attributes measured who are in what
determines right who in what determines right from wrong are all things relative
let’s begin from a social standpoint then measure right from wrong through
the eyes of God using the KJV Bible okay okay we have brother Malcolm we’re gonna
try to make it where each phone call have a limit of two minutes we’re gonna
have brother Malcolm at 501 and after that we’re gonna have someone from the
5:07 area code Shalom you live one block top key drop okay next Shalom 4:07 you live on blacktop yeah
good evening elders how are you blessed by the best and his name is a hiya talk
to me and this name is a higher specific yes sir I just wanted to bring something
to your attention this is Lisa from Orlando Florida
still can’t wait for you guys to come to Orlando very soon
I wanted to shed light on something that yes sir thank you wanted to share the
light on something that’s going on here and my family personally that I consider
to be a good and evil my daughter she’s 12 years old we just put her in two men
two seventh-grade private school Chris supposed to be a Christian private
school and school started August 9th and in the middle of the school year around
September 15 we got a letter from the school stating that it’s mandatory for
all kids in the school to do a drug test through DNA hair samples and the it’s
mandatory from ninth through twelfth grade my daughters in the seventh grade
we told them we did not want to find this why are they just giving it to us
in the seventh grade in the middle of the school year and if they had done it
maybe do an orientation or whatever we would have made the choice not to send
her to that school because we’re thinking we’re sending her it’s not the
truth but it’s close you know it’s the church so she’s getting the Bible even
though she knows the truth they said that the seventh graders are not they
don’t have to do the drug test in seventh and eighth grade but when we
read the fine print it said they can deem whoever necessary that they feel
necessary to do a drug test whether they’re in seventh or eighth grade and
they can do a DNA hair sample or blood test without the parents consent so my
my husband and I we prayed on it and we were trying to ask the most high to give
us guidance with it and we just decided to
pull out of the school good idea this is this is not something yeah it’s not free
we’re paying for this the school is $13,000 a year aware of your mothering
save your money we pulled it out yeah we wish we had a home school major that’s
coming from this GOCC we wish we had somewhere to home school but they don’t
have that opportunity ham Florida okay so we pulled up out well they told us we
either sign the form or take her out so Friday they gave us an ultimatum turn
the forms take her out we said we’ll take her out on Monday we got to build
from them for $1,000 for taking her out they said for early withdrawal there’s a
$1,000 fee so at this point we know they will not release a full record until we
pay the $1,000 okay well this is how it goes down okay
what you have to do is exercise your right of privacy which which you are
protected under the so-called Constitution you have the freedom of
religion okay and you have what you would call sovereignty that you have
this natural just as a living being okay so what you have to do is say listen I’m
not paying you a dime in a matter of fact I’m gonna sue you okay
I’m gonna sue you for trampling on my rights of religion of me not want my
child to be abused through the system okay so here it is I’m not paying you a
dime you’re gonna release what you need to
release or I’m gonna sue you blind now you have a choice okay
now I’m willing I’m willing to put my child back in and and and we can forego
this little this little charade here just don’t take no blood or nothing from
my job period now we can settle this we can make it it can be as smooth as you
would like or it can be as ugly as you would like but I’m not gonna let you
bully me here see it’s time for our people to stand up you’re not gonna
bully me see I use their words I feel bullied right now so what’s gonna
happen so what’s gonna happen is I’m not gonna
pay $2,000 and we’re gonna act like this little DNA thing don’t exist okay okay
my child will be back and everything is fine but but but but know this if you
hold these records against my rights I will sue this place okay so which I
rather put that thousand dollars on a down payment a retainer for a lawyer
okay how you want to deal with this yeah all right they using the drug test has a
zero tolerance for the school as if it’s good to say drugs are not allowed in the
school the evil of it is I know exactly what they’re doing with the DNA and the
hair samples and everything else besides the fact of trying to find where we are
as the chosen people and everything else are they’re doing with our DNA exactly
exactly not and not only that how could a criminal act they’re criminalizing
people to do speculation okay you can’t speculate and say that I’m protecting
everyone because there might be someone taking drugs and not there’s nothing
they’re taking that’s for our benefit okay if anything they’ll find some weird
stuff in the blood or whatever and try to claim that the child need to be taken
by Child Protective Services and all that the less information about DNA
given to them the better no you can’t take blood you go go ahead get on the
board and teach go do math get out of my space
out of my space please thank you stop bullying me you good my daughter’s well
she’s not an athlete she’s a 3.8 student great and that’s it academics there’s no
need for her to test my child as if she was from 12th grade athletes in sports
or something even though that’s not even right to do but she’s a minor she’s only
12 yes sir
wanted to bring that to the light I’m glad going on and that’s another way
they try yeah that’s another what they try to do is they try to do evil under
the cloud of good I would just want to make sure there’s no drugs going on
amongst the children therefore I’m gonna take the DNA of your child you know you
don’t have to worry about if you if your child don’t have nothing that high do
they get out of my face you you say you Satanist mm-hmm get away from your
probably taking the blood and drinking it get away from my children what’s next
we have sister Cora in New York three four seven area code once the filter
just commented I’m reading it yes there is a church and I’m Jamaica GOCC in
Jamaica yeah all right this email I’m getting us one
at and they will direct you to the church okay or yeah or GOCC u14 for
UK at and you’ll be directed either way one more thing again the know
mr. Colin is five one five six or five nine three to seven I’ve repeated the
eyehole five six or five nine three to seven we have space and call q yeah so
if you’re gonna call anyone a question comment do it now so if you’re viewing
and have some questions and comments you can call them the number five one five
six zero five nine three to seven we’re gonna go down the line and hopefully get
you in and you don’t mind doing overtime right yeah gonna touch you on a few
things all right we have sister core from New
York then after that three four seven area code and then subsequent to that
we’ll have Reggie from the 2:05 area code sister Cora bless Baba bethi’s is
your phone okay your phone no sound sound like your phone is sick right now
hey sound like you underwater it’s just to talk to me how nice it would be if the GOC could
have its own schools in vacation but I also have a question for you well the
land on of hands is a great question a land on of hands example that we see in
Scripture is strictly under the ministry strictly under the ministry of the
disciples which were all men there’s no example that we can pull from
in the Bible showing women laying on of hands that’s actually a function that’s
a function of the priesthood of the priesthood under Christ okay I’m gonna
put you on hold because there’s a lot of noise but our answer the rest while you
wanna hold okay oh all right thank you blessed call and yes that’s another
another thing she was mentioning that yeah I wish we did have institutions and
all that but what we can do is set up things more so amongst the body okay
excellent oh there’s so many restrictions and so many so much red
tape they have out there to try to stop people from really you know doing things
on a mass level all these different regulations will dissuade one from
actually setting up something rightness like that on purpose mm-hmm okay but
there are things we can do amongst ourselves as a family and as a religious
institution to stay protected from that but we can only set those things up and
private amongst the church the other thing is she was mentioning about men if
it’s just men men women yeah yeah the Bible says and see that goes into that
and I’m glad she mentioned that the things where men can do certain things
and women can do certain things but not under the same authority as men well
guess what that’s the crook that’s really the key
point of the issue between men and women why because in the Garden of Eden man
had dominion and women had dominion and they both ruled as one
it wasn’t until Satan big out with the tree of good and evil and had Adam take
that that divisive nough speak an where the woman would have a certain nature in
which she would be subject to the man and so and so forth and the man would
have to work and deal with just everyday life would only death to look forward to
so all those things caused a division which in fighting began at that point
when really a man was meant to have authority and so was the woman so that
that also speaks to why man see one thing and women see one thing the other
way why because women see a lot of things that’s needed that men don’t okay
and vice versa sometimes women see them like okay I’m
waiting on you to man but I see it alright
I’m trying to protect things here but here it is I got to wait for a man so
that calls variances and all that in between where man is not doing his
position and then women have to step in certain roles that they weren’t made for
that calls a certain variances where we’re looking at a woman and saying well
listen you overstepping your bounds you understand and now that resentment
begins to come in but I’ll talk about that later
that’s that let me finish taking some of these calls to 0-5 area code Shalom Shalom come on you got two
minutes talk to me come on reg yes Reggie from
Alabama I can hear you talk we’re talking about today good and evil and my
little sister and I want to know we asked her was having this going on today
how did you combat evil we’re good enough that you’re dealing with a
relative that you love and care about you got to get specific noted you have
to be specific you have to be specific basically she doesn’t never think she’s
wrong she’s very stubborn and any anything you say to it for is critical
thing that makes her she can’t defend it or to give any the better example you
can offend her and come to and apologize to resolve the situation but she rather
will cut you all you know be disrespectful and just be stubborn and
suck in our hallways but she doesn’t believe she’s doing anything wrong she’s
not it for anything in nature so my question here how do you be able to
person that film in that type of manner good let’s get galatians real quick because usually brother what’s going on
is there’s an underlying issue that’s being hit right
there’s usually there’s a core there’s a core problem that she feels is being
ignored which is usually the root of her disdain or usually there’s a root there
that that that you know that’s hidden that’s covered like like like the
example i can give me an i’m not gonna say this is your sister right you can
have a child without a certain behavior that doesn’t
make any sense but later on down the line 10 20 years 15 down 15 to 20 years
down the line it comes out that someone in the family could have violated that
young man or young woman and this person this person felt that she should have
been oh he should have been protected but yet the family now coming down on
her and coming down on them based on the reaction to this behavior Oh
– what been done with him but been done against them but no one was there to
protect them let’s see that a lot of that comes from abuse at a younger age
but but but I’m gonna tell you how evil and guess what this is an epidemic
amongst our people there’s something going on where abuse can happen at a
young age and it be concealed that no one ever finds out about it the Spirit
is so conniving and evil that it never comes out it’s to a point where it
muzzles the person who’s a victim and it comes out in every other way except
confessing what was actually done to them so usually I’m gonna tell you
brother usually there’s a root issue that the
person is ashamed to talk about and it only gets the more upset it’s because
they figured that someone else should have already understood what they’ve
been dealing with and that and guess what that’s an epidemic I’m not saying
that happens to your sister but you’ll be surprised how often that happens in
our neighborhoods where our children are last not in other areas but it’s due to
a root abuse that happened to them in private okay you’ll be surprised how none know what it’s about understanding
first there’s a people not don’t organically becomes like become like
this she wasn’t always this way something happened exactly so we have to
find the point of entry we did this spirit into her when she wasn’t
always this way so it’s getting to the root of it instead of dealing with the
surface issues you’ll never get to the root of it just dealing with the
reaction you’re just reacting to what you’re seeing but there’s a root spirit
there and this is where Satan hides something someone have someon have to
get to it to the point point where and and she need a person she can trust and
talk to and give an entry point like what happened I know you this way I’m
not judging you but what happened what what led you here and as usually mother
or mom is the mother and father together no no okay all right exactly so believe
it or not all of those elements come in you have to take a person way back as a
child and figure out when the resentment came in and that could be it but what
I’m saying but how do you okay how do you deal with it because because the
Spirit would like you to just cast her off and say listen I can’t deal with you
just that in the other so that Satan could destroy her that’s what the spirit
would want but the Bible tells us to do this reading no no no let me read this
let me read this way let me read this and I’ll give you I’ll let you have your
point the book of Galatians chapter 6 yes verse 1 yeah brethren if a man be
overtaken in a fault so your sister is overtaken in a fault right 3 you which
are spiritual so you’re the one who can see it you’re the spiritual one you’re
the righteous one you’re the one who weighs in judge according to the Word of
God read restore such an one in the spirit of meekness in the spirit of
meekness that means you have to react contrary to the spirit
she’s exhibiting the spirit she’s bringing forth
you can’t get up in that spirit you must deal if it’s coming evil if it’s coming
abrasive you have to come in total opposite and meekness mmm because it’s
looking for that response I’m not talking about your sister
the spirit is the spirit want to take your sister mmm so if you want to get to
your sister you can’t respond you can’t respond to the evil that’s coming from
it because there’s a root there’s a place it began that need to be that you
can only identify if you get to your sister
come on consider myself considering thyself lest thou also be tempted
suppose you was going through something that no one understood how would you
what response you would have wanted she’s lashing out but bleep believe it
or not what she lasts not about is not the core issue and if you loved her you
would work with her to figure it out right mmm come on verse 2 beer you won
under this burden you have to bear her burden she your sister she loved you you
have to understand the spirit have overtaken her and only you who spiritual
can help her through this see my wife was just she you know my wife she comes
first and we counted instead of reactant we just left her alone and I mean when I
say left alone we left her alone for a whole entire year so now back into the
fold it’s kind of and now my wife was like
man maybe I should take her out is me and her and talk to her and try and find
out you know like what’s going on maybe tell
about the truth or whatever and so yeah that was my new question just wondering
whether it wrong for doing that but you asked my question to scripture so I
really appreciate that all praises be to the most tired brother that’s what it’s
about is about healing and and and we have to discern good from evil and
understand the world’s reaction is to immediately cut people off without
getting to the root issue okay bless you my brother Shalom to you okay we have
brother Daniel from the six for six area code yeah I’m blessed by the best and
his name is a hiya how are you you have my word for these that maybe females may
feel as oh wait world of the question is well what we can’t yeah if you were like
we can segue into that what of things that man men do naturally that women
would perceive as evil and what things women do naturally that give that could
be perceived from a man’s perspective as evil back and forth like clear the CS
schools long as to the reason why he called quote there but so the great exactly look like how would you bring
about I guess a discussion as far as because I honestly feel like if it’s
such a big surprise that some of the similarities I started to think that he
should each every person have gone through that if you have an event
there’s so much relate ability to listen a lot of us within our culture you know
so as where was you well I go kind of talking points or would you bring up and
brought something that could bring about a healthy discussion except for back to
foot arguing you know what that is a good point it’s like everyone is
speaking but no one’s listening right like the court so it’s like this check
it out one and it’s so it’s so multi-layered it
really comes down to the scriptures though but if we’re gonna do with it
from the surface right what does our sisters going through what are they
really an example of what I was just saying real quick about the sister that
the brother was saying that he wanted to help who’s dealing with whatever issues
right let’s just let’s just make that a little let’s make that broad for the
sake of discussion right and say if we add the pinpoint one thing of why
there’s so much defiance between men and woman where would we start first this is
where I would start right and growing up understanding the nature of a young boy
or a man being raised in a two-parent household and I only had one sister
right and the bane of our existence having four brothers and one sister was
to make sure every day that we protect our sister right now now think of it
from a broader perspective I only have one sister right think about a whole
nation we’re brothers and sisters and a whole nation of brothers and sisters and
yet our sisters don’t feel protected and defended by the only ones who can do
it that’s like yeah suppose I would have allowed my sister to go outside and get
beat up by some boy somewhere or get dragged down the street what kind of
brother that would have made me but yet we look at our sisters being dragged
through the mud being less preferred being hated and bashed all over the
earth without any defense and expect their response to be good we expect them
to be everything the Bible say they should be without a hedge or protection
mm-hmm I would quantify what women are going through because what they’re
acting out as is not the root issue the root issue I believe is their being
they’re abandoned and no one there’s no voice there’s no voice anywhere for them
mm-hmm I would start there I mean we had four brothers and one sister someone
would’ve came up to my sister wrong yeah there was a problem but yet somewhere
somewhere somewhere we we as men has we have lost we have lost that yeah this
arm I put you back on whole brother this is this is this is what’s so good about
the truth all right the truth the truth is teaching men oh
to be men yes you understand so it it breaks that
because the vicious cycle going on right now
yeah with it with the division of men and women is that all he’s not good he’s
not doing that what she needs to be like Abraham and she’s like Sarah in the
Bible yeah she can’t be like that if we don’t first lead the way to that and the
Bible shows up the Bible the Bible balances all our money is supposed to be
yes you know the Bible says things right now for time are written for our
learning so if we want to see what I righteous money’s yeah our righteous
family-operated yeah let’s say it back to the scripts yeah you wouldn’t man and
that’s why that’s why like for me I to resolve the problem the conflict you
know of of mana of man and women men and women
excuse me we have to go back as we’ve been doing tonight back to the root the
original cause of it the good and here where it came from
a man and a woman fighting against each other that was from the garden that was
set up by the devil exactly so once once once a man and a
woman start to fight they have to stop and go your wait when did Lucifer cop
incoming air let’s stop for a minute because Mir you will is not supposed to
be fighting with one flesh we won yeah so if we here fighting then the
adversary is in the midst now yes so all right then we have to stop stop over to
him and focus on your we need to get this developed what is the problem is
here what’s going on here because that you know and that is that
is maybe I am oversimplifying here there are it’s it’s the only way I can resolve
yes the only way I can look at it because because let’s get it straight
no relationship is going to be perfect yes that’s a fairy tale yes it’s always
going to be ups and downs within our relationship but when you start off
their relationship know where the man and the woman are directly fighting
against each other that’s not absurd on Xena yeah it
understand exactly for so we have to we have to be able to acknowledge that and
I’m saying men brothers come young men older men we have to come back to what
the scriptures you know call us to be you understand me and that is that is
what is all I would say to resolve it you with me yeah you understand that you
know and and there’s a great point and to add to that it really begins with
someone asked well how do we resolve this well it starts with forgiveness
mm-hmm I can’t change anything I’ve done in the past I can’t change the things
that have led me up unto this point and I can’t harbor this and make this part
of my relationship with brothers and sisters the most high placed in my life
I have to forgive the past and become a new creature and that’s men and women
mm-hmm we can’t obviously I see a lot of
resentment what they call baggage but baggage is a cover for what the script
is called demonic possession it’s not baggage
it’s demons mm-hmm that’s what it is mm-hmm
we have to admit that we still hold these things in our the negative we we
have in stereotypes we have stare web stereotype our sisters and our sisters
have stereotyped us and that’s the negative from that poison in the garden
that’s the good and it’s a stereotype where we don’t see the person we love we
see the stereotype and we treat this person as if this person isn’t who the
most high cent okay what’s that oh yes yes we have 60 seconds before will no
longer be able to take all of 60 seconds say if you would like the card I’m gonna
put number one more time again it is five one five six or five nine three to
seven yes that’s five on five six zero five
nine three to seven go ahead and call in if you would like to participate on the
discussion if not if you go to you too am youtuber yes there yeah I can
continue exactly yes no I just want to say this and we have to stop the blaming okay the man have a natural role as the
protector okay and the Bible tells us in scriptures it tells us in scriptures and
ecclesiasticus about a good woman hide it for husband Shane which means she
know his his downfall and not his downfalls but the things his nakedness
and the things that might not be coming to the public mmm-hmm but she don’t
promote those things she promote the righteousness and the good things
everyone should know about that man mmm-hmm well guess what it’s supposed to
be the same way when it comes to men with their women
you can’t be online and all that talking about look at the woman and what she’s
wearing and as far as putting out there totally negative without without showing
any righteousness or virtue that is if the most I don’t have a virtuous woman
amongst our sisters that’s a lie but yet online all you see and nothing and don’t
don’t sleep we can’t sleep on the influence of the web I’ve never seen a
person or a particular group more degraded by their own people than black
women and that’s why black women come up with this thing and say well white women
do it to this woman do it too it’s not an excuse it’s just saying that listen
why is it that it’s us being dragged through the mud all over the place
that’s what they say it wears our protectors yes we do have some nakedness
but we we go through great lips to cover yours who’s covering us who’s going to
cover the women who’s one of the women hide the shame of their own husband so
that he’s presented as a good man who is doing that for women and no one is
talking about that everyone have faults everyone have things that it should be
between them in their house that the majority of people shouldn’t see but
women protect the honor of their house and their man has always looked upon as
a good man that’s why everybody wants the man but they’re not looking at the
woman who made him but the sisters never received that same protection by the man
who was born to protect her and that’s the underlying issue that everyone is
missing that we’ve all missed and over time I wish we had more time
let’s go down but the line here brother Daniel
six four six area code did already bringing Daniel abroad and Daniel
already right yeah I’m sorry Daniel let me go this sister think of a brother
from Virginia and yeah yeah let me go brother our art our on from our on from
Virginia Shalom bless you how are you I’m world brother
I just wanted to start off jump in real quick um I’ve been in father’s for about
two weeks now and all I just wanted to read something on to to discern the good
and evil proverbs for chapter 5 to 9 really quickly chapter 5 verse verse 5
says get wisdom get understanding forget it not neither decline from the words of
my mouth was think or not and she shall preserve thee love her and she shall
keep me wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and with all that
getting get understanding exalt her and she shall promote thee she shall bring
thee to honor when thou dost and braces she shall gives to the head and augment
of grace and a crown of glory shall she delivered to thee
so I know I believe we definitely have to go back to the wisdom you know that’s
the way that we discern evil is through the laws and the statutes and the
father’s will be created and you know being accountable also destroy the evil
as well so know that just taps into everything of you better than talking
about tonight so I just wanted to share that real quickly and thank you for the
song yes everyone in the neighbor behind us
listen and not shovel one well bless you better thank you always
bringing good points there let’s go down the line we have them a lot from
Maggiore 3 1 4 area code Shalom a lock your online yeah you don’t know well I
just wanted to say please pull up the law in this world we all know that the
world gave it to the hand of the week and they can say I won’t well the laws
of America was built came from the laws of the Bible that’s a lie because every
law in this generation is against the Bible now it’s crazy to me that I can
her brother say well it’s not right for a man to be a homosexual but I don’t see
anything wrong with a woman being a homosexual was like what are you talking
about well what’s the difference the most high he frowns on boats not only
that if you read the Bible there’s no female angels so the woman thought to be
closer to the Holy Spirit than anything so this is this like the amazing gift
for the Most High the only feminine thing in the heaven is the Holy Spirit older brother we got to correct that
because you can’t see they only show the ark angels in the Bible but there’s
thousands upon thousands of angels that aren’t written up in the Bible and each
each man involved yeah each man and woman has a guardian
so they are feminine spirits that’s a whole nother less body angels are a
little oh yeah yeah the sisters have their feminine angels that guide them
but you only see the ark angels majority in the Bible you don’t see the thousands
upon thousands yeah yeah but it’s male and female okay yeah but but go on
I understand your point was going I was still looking at women being uh like an
awesome blessing yeah well for the Most High yeah absolutely to be wisdom like
the Most High look at look at women like his babies the princesses or the powers
yes oh it’s crazy for a minute be like yeah
it’s okay for a woman to be a live-in know that you come into the mall huh yes
but take the only book you like do we the princes on a power y’all kisses or
the power yeah this is how y’all forces be for the Most High this is mood gospel
to either make it up to the kingdom yes society already manipulate for us
from television series a total like Linda Palacios is like a total joke okay
sometimes I look at the moon and be like father it’s like this just a guidance of
the better to this world it’s gotta be something better it’s just like
everything is a total illusion everybody he took this bill off your eyes you’ll
son being able to see everything everything is going exactly as planned
as far as the prophecies or the world being my side I may go more with this
happening so bad my brother this generation a younger generation it’s
like they totally lost good point brother put you on hold we won’t get to
the next one great point but I’m gonna say I’m gonna say this I’m gonna say
this yes men have to stand up and take our
rightful position as protect us for our sisters but it only other hand sisters
gonna have to allow men to do so that independents and I’m independent that’s
evil I don’t need no one you’re lying to yourself that’s evil man
wasn’t meant to wasn’t made to be alone neither was woman that independent whole
vibrational liberal thing came directly from the devil himself so what happens
is if a man do want to come in that’s a good man you’re saying well listen I’ve
been hurt before I’m independent I’m still gonna I’m
still gonna have my own in protection of what you might do that means you’re not
giving your all to that man like the most I intended so it you have to
forgive and now and get out of that independent mindset and say you know
what I’m willing to to love again I’m willing to forgive and give this person
a chance to be to be whom the Most High made him
and I’m gonna be a hundred percent who the most I made me that whole
independent thing is from the pits of hell
it’s evil there’s no independence we need each other and and and and pride
won’t allow women to say that pride won’t allow man to say that say that you
need a woman there’s nothing wrong about that that’s why the most high made woman
as a helpmeet for man a man is incomplete without her so we have to
swallow our pride and admit under the most high we need each other what’s next
a brother tarik mass from New York Shalimar you bring the tarik for
Massachusetts how are you I’m doing well two minutes talk to us well I’m calling
well let me see my mother um I’ve always wondered when it comes to her like you
never want to think of your mother as beating people um but when she met him
in that’s an alcoholic she changed towards me like I always have changed
over the years when she met this man as like them like this man that she met
looked at me as a threat because I’m the oldest of the family and I was always
like the man of the family and I’m like she became very um she treated me like
I’m a stranger ever since she met this man and uh you know you know what he’s
like a boss maybe that’s really no mother wrong you know there was new
space beings if I relationship would get better but that didn’t have that bonus
you know you look and her man was always the instigator and you know her meals
always screaming how he was a freemason and things like that nature and I’m like
that he was an alcoholic so and I always thought this man that evil spirits on
him it was bringing them more my mother also so you know
we tried to tell her what she was what she was going through with this van but
she never went to here because I believe she wanted to be you know I’m sure the
other woman she one-dimensional me lonely so I had to talk to her finally
you know without this man around try to get to the root problem oh why was he
treating me different when um from different world me for um my mother has
a lot of pride also and it never really got nowhere I mean she never had well
from her mother too so I know that’s an issue too but
and she is also her family also um and her mother my grandmother treat her like
crap my mother still wants the acceptance of her mother and I always
told myself I’m not gonna be like that like be like my mother one comes to that
so right my mother always be my sure okay okay brother let’s start here I
don’t mean interrupting imma let you have the rest of your time but I know
this is so layered it’s gonna take more than two minutes to explain what you’re
saying so let me ask you this where’s your father my problem wrong but he’s
not around no when I asked you where’s your father
you know this one I’m asking you in specific were you raised in a house with
your father and mother um I was raised Mouse with my father when I was a little
child but my mother and I mother me and myself is rent away from him to get away
from him okay okay what no listen to me listen listen listen listen listen what
age you were separated from your father at our 13 at 13 okay that’s a key point
all right it’s like this you took on a role right that you were too young to
take on being becoming a demand of the house at the age of 13 correct correct
okay so here it is you took on a role as a son and a husband correct correct exactly so you have to examine
that too because regardless of who your mother chose things are gonna change
once she link into a man that’s just the nature of a woman who finds a
relationship she’s gonna give all her time and love to that relationship not
not in spite of her children because she’s making a choice to cleave to
another cleave to to a man let me read this real quick read this real quick
read that about Adam and Eve real quick I’m gonna go straight through that now
as far as putting out the brothers business about him being an alcoholic
and all that I can understand she probably have problems and all those
things all right I don’t want to go into those things but what you have to
examine is the fact that it came a time in which you had to let go and the most
I presented a scenario in which you had to let go okay you have to know when to
let go because your mother’s an adult and have to make her own choices even
her mistakes okay you have to let go and you you have to deal with it from a
different vantage point now let’s read it real quick the book of Genesis
chapter 2 verse 23 yeah and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh
of my flesh come on she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man
come on therefore shall a man leave his father
and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be one flesh
that’s the reality brother she chose him and it wasn’t in spite of you or against
you it’s a natural spirit and a natural thing phenomenon that happens where two
people link in as one and they give each other all the attention it’s just that
where you were in your life on top of your father being gone somewhere you
understand that that alone offended you because it changed the relationship
between you and your mother and then also it had you examine this guy
who came in between negatively not sandy don’t have any faults but her choosing
him at that time have something to do with it so there’s a lot of Helena to
have to go on on the other side you understand correct there is yeah yeah
yeah so yeah but check it out though what we have to stop is and you have to
realize there’s an importance of this it’s having honor to the absence never
put out that man’s private business negatively
that’s a phonies dealing with never do that this wall have told us that we can
say anything about anybody in front of everyone and no you how do you protect
your house you keep the shame in your house in your house because others will
exploit you you protect that man in your house because that’s between that Hilden
have to start with you first you protect that man I shouldn’t have to run into
that man and now say I’m looking at an alcoholic that ain’t all he is Oh your
mother would not have chosen it okay now with that one yeah so what I’ll do is
I’ll take your number and and we’ll talk offline and connect you with an elder
online but keep in mind never put out no negative because your mother could be
hearing this and she that man is more than his alcohol and if he hear you say
that that’s gonna be a stumbling block when you’re the one who can see and can
heal him okay so all right let me head for that no no don’t worry about it to
wreak for mass okay and we have a church there – let me take down your number all
right all right and that’s what it’s about but it’s about Hill that Hill did
not blame him brother okay right right thank you for that
I knew that but it’s different when you have somebody else oh it’s okay it’s
okay brother and your mother loved you that never changed and you don’t
change with your mother you be who you always were okay she need you right
right right thank you you welcome Bella Ryan put you
on hold okay Laura you have anything to say before we go to the next call I know
you’re still there all right and that’s how we answer things through the Bible
and it’s and it’s about understanding that we are cursed people and we’re
dealing with a bunch of faults but but there’s a right boy good way to correct
our issues we should keep all of our issues as a nation in house
it’s about Tom you want to know the difference between us and the other
nations you think the nations are way worse than us but they understand the
power of discretion and honor and what they present before the world one curse
that was placed on us is that we’ll have shame we would live in our shame and we
would promote our shame but no longer now that we are coming from up under the
curse we’re gonna be a people of what honor and righteousness and that’s the
piece that’s what we portrayed before the nation’s because there’s a lot of
that being ignored amongst our people there’s a lot of honorable women that
are being ignored a lot of honorable men and righteous men who are being ignored
because shame is promoted so it’s what we allow now on the other hand I could
have listened to this and went into scriptures and reprimanded drunkards and
all that old other stuff but that’s what the world that’s what the world
laughs a laugh and frown that really laugh on top of us with the fact that
we’re willing to just drag our own people through without even recognizing
how it affects us car which shows our dishonor and I’m not saying it in
disrespect I’m just showing you how understanding good and evil is important
because we don’t even know we’re doing evil in certain scenarios what’s next let’s see we have a few more
sister latina from our sister latina from North Dakota and again you don’t
want to miss that Academy I want to see you up in there okay so in an email
gathering as one at history tom’s org you don’t want to miss it
we’re going into the children of the promise on an entirely different level
on top of showing it this week and I’m glad I had this particular broadcast why
because it’s time for us to go into the spirit of Abraham and the spirit of
Sarah in the Abraham scene next week you understand to really get to know our
mama our mom and pop you’re right the real spirit one of the most I choose
Abraham and Sarah how are they the examples that we must follow in this
earth today well guess what we’re gonna be talking about that the promised seed
this coming Sunday let’s see someone says the last week’s
Academy was fire mm-hmm yeah real it was real good it was real
good all praise be to the most I’m a seven on
one area code Shalom latina you know you guys are
putting out so much truth I just have GOCC moments at certain times during the
day at my work and and make it real quick I was gonna work in this she
hadn’t to be Caucasian she could have been red white black yellow doesn’t
matter yes you mentioned about Bill Cosby because it’s been all on TV Oh
Bill Cosby that’s the nglcc moment came like this like okay well you know what
talk to me after we talk about the Roman Catholic priests that do all this stuff
you know to you know kids you know GOCC mom not like oh my god good actually
thank you know and and and you talk you thought about good and evil okay you
know my son was on some time ago and he’s been you know other car serration
for a year he’s supposed to be getting off the twenty tomorrow
okay and his probation officer wants to keep him on of course cuz he does not
want to be you know so but they’re trying to extend his probation until he
gets back on the medicine which you know is making holes in his skin you know and
everything and they are trying she tells me oh yeah we we need to get him down to
you in North Dakota you know because he has support but then on the other end
you know no we don’t want to do this because we want you on this medicine sir
you know so that’s good and evil along with all the other good people you know
as far as mothers being against daughter’s crib against mothers is that
just for a Dean Gentiles I mean is that actually for these people that know the
truth you know because I just can’t see that happening there’s things going on
but I still love my daughter’s you know regardless of whatever you know and I’m
just I’m just so engulfed with everything that you guys have been
saying you know that I just I just want to jump out of my skin
you mean Flyers you know getting the word out here in North Dakota because
you know I just need one like-minded people to conversate with you know I
really appreciate your videos you know the show the radio broadcast and
everything but I do and I would love to be at the camp you know but you know
it’s just not permitting that for right now so I mean if if I can get it ship
hot number because I’m having a hard time trying to navigate through this
phone trying to get these information to get Tarot Council on how to get my son
got the multi will here in North Dakota with us out of Ohio because there’s
nothing there for him you know he by himself you know his father’s turned
against him you know you told my Mason Mason I just heard the brothers talking
about the gentleman that his mom was with head I mean that doubles were evil
right there you know here in North Dakota
you know I live where there’s nothing but Muslims
and it’s so demonic I’ll tell you I’ve seen crazy spirit you know you know
workers in my house and all this stuff and I know I need to be baptized to get
stronger to to free my family you know that’s my main concern
turning to my family and you know to tell these uh I mean I want to go to
these mothers Muslim to talk Muslim you know
look at this look at that you know but you know I need to be tactful on how to
do that and you know because I tell me I just have GOCC moments from what you
guys are saying and I would just I mean the fear just breaks and I’m like okay
wait a minute was that me or the spirit because I don’t want to be you know
harmful in what I stayed but you know it just got to come out you know I don’t
know throw up you know what’s here just a way beyond the two minutes but this is
what I’m gonna do I’m gonna make sure I have sure Patkar you took there in your
name and number okay please and I also since you guys are a male about this you
know your that no I wanna be my don’t thank you so much okay family I love you
guys thank you you will see you soon bless you and now I’ll make sure she pot
get your information bless you hmm yeah there’s just a comment on was
reading them as a comment yeah what’s the comment there is a church in Houston
so there is the Church in Houston hmm there is a church in Houston so if
you would like to go to the Houston Church sent an email to GOCC south at i
think it’s at gmail at and we’ll route you to the church in houston
no problem at all very very very beautiful family there
the church is absolutely wonderful alright brother Bharath who this Beres
all in Kansas City okay eight one six area code hey Shalom you got two minutes you talk
to us so long I had a couple of questions before but I see like the
previous callers that uh kind of line things up for me and getting my answer
but I did have a I guess course today I was just wondering with those like when
you speak about helping those and being patient with him what not and then we
know that Titus 3 in 10 as the first or second admonition didn’t reject
questions of how to operate with these folks who are let’s see so many that are
sleep and but I do see a lot of people waking up but just as many people who
don’t have a clue what’s going on out here
there will be related or not and another character sees and then keep going
is this a time to where we we move quicker or we move with more patience
well this every circumstances every scenario has a different answer okay
there’s no blueprint on every situation is his own unique scenario when it comes
to family members we have to have that patience with them and get to the bottom
line especially a brother assistant okay now if you’re asking is there a time in
which we have to back off of course there’s a time but still leave the door
open don’t get so abrasive to the point where
an offense happen and it happens and the door closed and now there’s no way of
reaching that brother or sister you understand that’s the point if it comes
to a point where it’s harming you or leading you or turning you negative then
of course you have to back away but still leave the door open right you know
going back and forth is for Gentiles and things of that nature and how to push
down on me on me and try to uplift their own but I understand like society came
to save the world and all the nations and the Gentiles are able to be fully a
part of this and company but not the first we’re
roaming nine and four say the companies which was cool according to the
definition there was told that we were taught that the saints or those who have
made a covenant by sacrifice with now with Christ issues which is now the
sacrifice of your Shia or the Gentile be able to be maintained possible now heard
you put all types of words in your mind my mouth that what you got from what I
said no no no no no listen I’m listening to you I’m listening to you and I’m
trying to see how you’re drawing conclusions outside of my own words oh no you’re gonna be sorry
no no because I’m interested in knowing that so that I can know how to be
clearer in the future because it’s like this no no no eggs and egg listen listen
exactly and see and that points to our lesson good or evil never insinuate on
top of what someone else has said or draw a conclusion outside of someone’s
words see and see I’m glad you did that because I’m listening to you I’m like no
let me tell you if the Covenant is for everybody then how is it an agreement so
there’s a different understanding of a covenant and those who will be saved
those are two separate scenarios a covenant is for those who were under the
Old Covenant yet we break we broke that covenant right but when it comes to
being saved in order for the nations to serve those people of the Covenant they
have to follow Christ and that’s where we come in we come in to teach the Jews
first the Israelites first also the Gentiles the understanding of
that path to be saved for either position in the kingdom of heaven it’s
not it’s not convoluting and putting everything in some gray area of
salvation and saying everyone is equal under a covenant no one ever said that
that’s the word of the salvation exactly because I I encounter this a lot of
times out there people I think nobody here teaches everybody can hear me we
don’t teach salvation to everybody the Bible says salvation is of the Jews
the Israelites D word salvation that’s the Covenant that don’t cracked up that
Christ made that made by those by a sacrifice or blood but in order for you
to have for you table the rulership there has to be servants know they would
this is it gonna be forced labor in the kingdom yeah the other sign is not still
it’s not chapter slavery it’s not slavery yeah it’s servitude according to
the law exactly so people are getting that
confused with with covenant mm-hmm there’s only one covenant given to a
chosen people okay I’m putting it out there not for you I’m afraid
listen I’m edifying for everyone because you have a you have a lot of these guys
out there who have really have evil intent and just against the church in
the elders who would put out ambiguous things in like yeah they’re teaching
that all nations are equal and they love the white man when whoever said that
mm-hmm what where you getting that from we’re teaching the doctrine of the most
time it’s evil for people to to try to and especially when they they’re against
us anyway to try to present to others what the church is about and I’m putting
the on and I’m using what your words as an example that’s all I know you didn’t
mean it fully that way you understand but I think the way we exactly and you
don’t have to apologize for it what I’m saying is how you were able to come to
that conclusion without hearing it is how other things how other people may
listen to things and misconstrue things and what’s the root of that how do
people get to that understanding to be able to resolve what we’re saying and
thinking it’s something else you know where it come from listening to those
other guys mm-hmm I don’t have to figure out where it comes from
I know where it comes from is listening here and listening they’re listening
here and listening there and now and you have to try to resolve at all in a
moment that’s where it came from I think but it’s okay I think yeah like
you said you know people being tossed out going to and fro yeah
but if you if you you know these Gentiles within the church known
Gentiles within the church that understand what is the future of the
Gentiles and accept it accept readily that listen they’re gonna serve on the
kingdom run by righteous Israelites and understand that everybody has a and I
you know sorry for generalizing no but the people can’t see that that you
listen people are happy knowing that they believe in Christ and accepting
what what Christ is given because of what’s going on out there no would
always hate on all that people can say that so it’s like sometimes you’ll be
trying to you know trying to resolve a thing in them head so well okay then
they’re saying that you know well you know it’s not as almost I’ve seen when
the the church armed with the garden of Christ Church is teaching the truth but
this part of the doctrine am I am I am I am not fully with but this is what they
teach you understand so that’s why he says somebody can come to the conclusion
of oh yeah well you know the Gentiles and
everybody’s gonna be saved when the church in no video or no lesson no
Academy has ever put it out there that salvation for everybody yeah you on
assignment yeah but the whole thing is this in a nutshell right this is how i
quantify okay christ said as in the days of noah then shall the coming of the Son
of Man be right what’s your name brother bear resolved yeah as in the days of
Noah who was on the ark who was on Noah’s Ark
of Noah and history no one is profound enough for a while okay so why didn’t he
just have Shem on the ark yeah so the whole thing is the whole thing is Israel
want a rule but a teaching a doctrine against the servants that the Bible says
they would rule over it’s utterly asinine there’s a purpose for all people
and if people get over their racist vengeance vengeful mindset they’ll
understand the spirit of being regal and honorable and not throwing tantrums like
children against Nations the whole deal is all nations have a part all knee
shall bow and all tongue shall confess that Yeshua is Lord so in order for them
to get to that point of bending their knee someone on this side must teach
them how to get their common sense okay so I just wanted to put that out there
okay and guess what we expect others out there to misinterpret what we teach we
expected because they’re evil okay all right let me put you on hold
all right oh thank you my brother next appointment six seven eight area code you’re live on blog talk to minutes talk
to us okay next call if you’re not on I’ve got
to go down the line time is ticking away 2:05 then five zero five brothers say in
New Mexico two minutes okay brothers say New Mexico coming up
next then after that you’re sure the brother I’ve just met at the feast of
tabernacle it was good seeing you but you coming in after brothers say New
Mexico so I’m Elgar’s this forum is about them
all praise be to the post I’ve ever tackled this Tabernacles we got rained
out so we’re back in the house that’s well I’m glad you just say but but the
Multan know that you’ve acknowledged you was out there with the brothers and
sisters and I don’t expect anyone to be out there and deal with noah’s flood so
you out there we did the tabernacle together protect yourself from the rain
get into the houses okay grace can cover talk to me you know I just want to speak
for my boy okay good good in the old church environment is the Bible
everybody wants the Bible everybody wants to learn from the Bible but the
evil at the same time is that the contents of the Bible have been replaced
with unlawful feast doctrines and theologies their loved ones pastors
congregations that certain people are satisfied in a counterfeit belief system
and all for the good feeling of being saved when I heard this gospel with GOCC
myself my wife and our children decided to do what
Christ did we keep the commandments like Christ did we keep the Feast of the Most
High like Christ did and we rest on the seventh days like Christ did of course
we’re doing all this to the best of our ability okay now knowing our identity
every year doing it better thanks the water to the most high and GOCC for the
great studies and instruction I must mention the Hebrew and Bible Academy
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right praise the most what thank you brother thank you I really appreciate
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say within the body you strengthen us we strengthen each other and I want to say
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it’s the news and of course a lot of work hours a lot of man-hours a lot of
equipment a lot goes into it to actually present this from week to week and is
you definitely want to be a part of it if you haven’t already
okay let’s see here brother Shaw Shalom Yashar it was a
pleasure let me first say it was a pleasure meeting you and your your
fiance the other day bless you meeting you all all the others and the lesson
you gave my goosebumps throughout the lesson you’re a monster
although the point that came to my mind the point you gave me all right loud and
clear brother okay so the point that came to my mind when you was a whole
brought a good and evil was friendships because Jews and Gentiles were very
hasty to just say somebody’s a friend and the Scriptures talk about when a
friend becomes an enemy and we always want to go to seek advice to seek
counsel and if we’re just he and crediting anybody to be our friends
without proving them as descriptive faith that’s what I started to good and
evil come because that evil advice because just opposed to good advice when
we start talking about like you even said you’re not you’re not making
assumption or things we’ve heard and often times between friends between
relationships even in the church I’m a doctrinal differences you just brought
concluded things based off with somebody told you the to Dean to be a friend when
a lot of your time a lot of times just friended is to reprove you and correct
you and a friend it’s a dividing line that he’s good
because evil advice will always both evil see and I remember you mentioned
prior that you know coming out of the original square who came out of it she
was like people always just want to speak evil or things they don’t really
know and it’s like we can’t do that as a nation anymore especially in
relationships because the man you’re not you’re not dealing you’re white
and her friend afore the students you’re not dating that man in his friend and
I’m so happy that my fiance does not operate in that fashion but I know that
something as a nation of Israel we struggle with we’ve all been times spill
out all our business around all of it don’t keep integrity in the household
and we just teach people advice because we think those who are our friends are
until it’s time until things get tighter we find out who our real friends are so
and I just think of the lesson that you gave about friendship a while back and
that’s that’s all I had to say all day and it was a blessing meeting now as
well thank you brother and I’m glad you
brought that out because we’re so ready we’re so easy to just spill out key
private information to strangers that we think are friends because this world
haven’t told us what a friend is nine times out of ten when you start
sprouting out shame or things that you should only have amongst your house
you’re actually bringing forth information that’s going to destroy your
household and so an enemy a friend that will be turned to an enemy so a friend
that is turned to an enemy can use later that’s all it is a real friend won’t
allow you to say certain things if they see you’re going a certain way they’ve a
listen no I don’t share that but but an enemy would be like tell me all the
goods mm-hmm that’s what an enemy would do well I’m
your friend you know you can tell me anything when you hear that
you’re speaking to the devil okay discretion is key discretion promotes
honor says description something bones a fat and bones let me read this real
quick instead of a friend become not an enemy
listen everyone don’t have to be a friend but we don’t have to make enemies
do we sometime we can amicably just walk our separate ways and keep it like that
it don’t have to be ugly you understand let’s leave place for Christ for
reconciliation it seems as if anything that happens
with us where there’s an impasse it has to end
ugly why that’s a curse instead of a friend we don’t have to all be friends
but let’s not make enemies let’s be amical wide have to end ugly so
that that’s the last thing we we know about each other
this ugly moment well I don’t speak to him no more I don’t speak to her no more
and that ugly moment as if you didn’t have all these great moments with that
same person mm-hmm that’s the devil who came in instead of
a friend become not an enemy I just straight wisdom here for you there by
for thereby thou shalt inherit an ill name shame and reproach even so shall a
sinner that have a double tongue extol not thyself in the counsel of thine own
heart and the Bible also tell you consult not with one who suspects you if
someone has an evil suspicion and you know they’re always going over the top
taking things that that’s not so in Turnitin and something else
why confide information in this person they’re gonna turn it into something
else and you know it it’s told not by self in the counsel of thine own heart
that thy soul be not torn in pieces as a bull straying alone that means you
Dillon in your own mind making up things that Satan is putting in your monster
you can make enemies with everyone so like I said earlier he can use you as a
stray bull for himself just because the thought came doesn’t mean it’s from the
Most High the majority of the time is from someplace else listen to this
a wicked soul shall destroy him that have it and shall make him to be laugh
to scorn of his enemies speaking of a double tongue sweet language will
multiply friends and a fair speaking tongue will increase Chi ingredients
being nice is why people would like to be around you if you’re naturally a nice
person that’s just the way it is that’s what make people want to sit around and
talk with you because why they they know that you’re nice and you’re positive and
it’s always positive spiritual energy coming from you and this is what they
want to absorb mmm delicious yes yeah joy yeah yeah and you know what
and it also goes into when you research the virtue mm-hmm when a woman touch
crisis garment because a virtue it was because of who he was he was a nice
person to the point where the virtue went through his vesture he was nice now
when he when people was doing evil to God’s people that offended him that’s
when he stood up as an austere man and showed his power but all in all Christ
was a nice man beautiful mom I’m reading from Ciroc ecclesiasticus the 6th
chapter so that you could know how to judge a right friend you don’t tell
anybody your business this online thing is ridiculous because why even if you
had a mistake that happened or whatever something that only you and your family
should know that time pass and you become someone else you grow as time go
on how can you now and always be remembered for some negative in the past
only this world will allow that see so so keep Satan await for that emotional
moment in that emotional moment you spit on all this stuff that’s gonna be used
and will follow you the rest of your life it says here being piece with many
nevertheless have but one counselor out of a thousand see that only have one
person that you know when you go to that person this person is real this is a
friend and what you say isn’t confident stays in confidence and on top of that
they’re gonna give you advice when you go in the wrong way there can be a
thousand people the most if the most high bless you with one of those you
have a friend for life okay and whatever you do never make a
sodomite your friend it’s impossible for sodomites to be friends folks because
they’re balan with what’s within them and anything you say will be used
against you on this earth never trust the side of my straight out the bible
tell you in the book of romans their true attribute how they stay low and try
to act as if they’re not harming anyone and stay quiet and all that they’re the
most venomous evil spiteful people on earth because they haven’t dealt with
the underlying issue which was what they never confronted that molester and
therefore they’re now just there at eyes at war with everyone as if everyone else
molested them and until they deal with that key point of their life where the
demon came in there’ll always there’ll always be abusers they are the abusers
satan use against the rest of us and I don’t see why our sisters hang out with
them and try to give you all give them all your private conversation they will
destroy you they hate you they’re not friends now be at peace with many
nevertheless have but one counselor of a thousand if thought would have said it
get a friend prove him first and be not hasty to credit
are you seeing nice I should have met you a long time ago you look at this
person this person I got no friends okay so I have no one don’t want you to meet
their family nothing something is going on there but they did but yet they this
nice you must prove a person first you first you’ll find everything you need to
find about someone you’ve given all your confidence to all your privacy to if
thought was get a friend prove him first and be not hasty to credit him for some
man is a friend for its own occasion a lot of people come in because they want
something from you never already cased your whole situation and know exactly
what they will exploit they already understand it already
you’re the naive one saying oh you looked at me you liked me are you
hearing my conversation for some it says for some man is a friend for his own
occasion and will not abide in the day of die trouble soon as something bad go
wrong something happens they either they’re gone or they they on the other
side as your enemy he would like wound up they’re the ones staring up the pits
of hell against you now and you’re looking at him like I thought we were
friends in that prison like oh you did did you
i’ma show you what I am right now look at his foot all up in your area and
there is a friend who being turned to M natee you get these people get offended
over nothing and strife and they will discover thy reproach
they’ll find out all the stuff you don’t want anyone to know and guess what it’s
online now mm-hmm that wasn’t your friend that was never
your friend one of your friends knew your secret exactly be careful when
choosing your friends I made a lot of mistakes in my life
choosing wrong friends because why to the pure all things appeal
you expect others to be like you are you expect others to have the same trust you
have that’s a jewel that’s that’s far in between it’s very rare you’ll find trust
and love and friends I thought I would go into that real quick
a good friend is sent by the Most High and the majority of people that are out
here are looking for an occasion to exploit let’s go down a lie
I’m almost done here what are you coming brother you can it
three-one-seven area code Shalom you live on block top okay yeah yeah easily
snowing and anything on oh brother oh my goodness all right seven seven zero area
code then after that six seven eight here we go lord have mercy
I ain’t boring um seven seven zero area code Shalom you live on shalom bless you I’m doing well I had a question about Zechariah 5 verse 9 but you answered it
in those tones cue back tomorrow Martha Stewart the question was I was gonna go
it’s good it’s good well thank you sister you good right yeah you blessed
by the best right you blessed by the best his name Oh show mo now all right bless you says about put you
in one oh I bless you all right going down the line one more call one more
call six seven zero six seven eight area code
Shalom you’re liable and block top I think that concludes our UAA are about
to send out the sand man talk to me hey Shalom Shalom Shalom what’s that
going on in the background of your phone help me help me help me listen hey brother do me a favor turn
out my radio turn on the radio in the background I want to talk to you I don’t
like hearing myself all the time now come on talk to me
thank you thank you thank you all the autumn god bless you the Most Blessed
elder a car in the Gaza and the lawyer I’m just saying
big up man bless us bless up Jamaica Jamaica in the house
Jomo I’ll praise you won’t happen thank you God for everything you’ve done
praise the most time hello I’m which I’m widget listen I’m talking I’m listening
to you come on hey yes thank you for everything you
guys have done for me and my family you know me and my wife fully baptized into
the truth my mom she’s trying to get baptized she’s in Jamaica together um I
thought the contacts are elder God fasted on to us so when he goes back
she’ll she’ll be reaching out to try to get baptized as well it was a hard road
pull it harder to kill the witness but you know finally she turned around and raised the bullseye
look at that look at that man up man I feel so good about that you know what
you know what I like about it is because believe it or not Deauville witnesses
already have some level of structure and obedience that’s taught within the
organization itself that’s good actually how they carry themselves the man
they carry themselves the the modest apparel the meekness and let me tell you
them to all the witnesses to be working they be knocking on doors they don’t
care what time I’m running they don’t care we’re throwing stuff there
persevere because while they fear the most tired and would like the kingdom of
heaven so there’s a lot of good people that most arts calling in this truth
kind of that talk radio okay but go on we did the block cinder block a blog
talking it but he’s still there right well there you go
that concludes our broadcast with the top of a dime where man 11 p.m. I’ve
never had a broadcast this late but I you know I’m pretty similar we had no
technical issues tonight hey yeah man listen listen blessings man
and funny out Tom flies when we having some spiritual fun here well that
concludes our discussion this evening good and evil and we’re gonna talk about
it more so next week why is it what is it that men don’t understand about women
and what is it that women don’t understand about men how can we come
together I think that’ll be our discussion next weakness with that
shallow WOM it’s been a great night a this is one of those old type of
broadcasts right a search engine international we got elder gadget we got
elder lawyer and hey we have our brothers at Tabernacles listen stay dry
I’m gonna see if I can come through there tomorrow night I mean tomorrow
sometime and see you brothers over there in Pennsylvania and Charles burg to see
how you camping out if and I don’t know how many people left the floods have
been coming like you know what’s you know like the time the days of Noah
but anyway it’s been a blessed blessed topic discussion this evening on top of
that me and you we were going over like what are we gonna talk with a discussion
and I say listen the spirit is gonna bring what we need to say tonight and it
was said that I’m gonna say shallow warm peace and love and we’re gonna try to
you know what I’m gonna do now I got YouTube set up I’m gonna start setting
up some discussions even for 30-40 minutes
during the week and see how that go but not yet I’m gonna first do our elders
meeting then I’m gonna do some quick discussions that we can have you know on
YouTube now that YouTube has given us business a lot of comments that came in
that you know yeah I mean that was really good comments really really good
comment people interacted yes and a lot of questions are asked where
where their churches just send an email tell it to the church and your email
will get redirected to where it needs to be all right
we have Martinez over 40 of churches in the u.s. yeah so this you know more than
likely where you are there is a church and if it’s not there yet we come in
there you with me and we come in yeah my week after this meet mid-october yeah
you gonna see white everywhere that’s right
watch it listen that’s my brother bless you my brother thank you for having me
you my brother from another mother yes sir Sarah with that shallow-water
listens yeah thank you a lawyer kilowatt and amazing lessons by Elder record learn hechas Hebrew with elder lawyer
with 12 amazing lessons you’re guaranteed to learn more about your true
biblical history and authentic Hebrew language that you would in a traditional
Christian Church only a one-time payment of one hundred and fifty dollars for
three monthly payments of $50 join us at history times not only and
sign up today it’s not too late see you in the Academy

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  • Elders can you do a teaching on Hebrew Name Change and why to change it…

  • Amazing…heal, don't blame.

  • Satan push lies at us all day everyday, we as children of THE MOST HIGH stand against these devices of the devil.This is the good fight, faith,and belief in Christ is the root of our strength. we must be carful because Satan's lies will take place. if we don't know the truth, then we are subject to the lies, and if Satan can get us to believe just "one" lie, then that lie has become your truth. So fight the good fight of faith.

  • good and evil is one of the power forces that have an influence on our existence.( among other forces. such as nature..survival of the fittest..gain more for survival, and then comfort) …same sex relations are only good for spiritual
     well being..

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