Google Docs with JAWS – Download to Word

(Narrator:) How to download a Google Doc to your
computer using JAWS. [Intro music fades] First with Google Docs home in focus I’ll navigate to and press ENTER on the file I want to download. (JAWS:) What is Google Docs script. Google Docs owned by me. Last open. Enter. Frame. About : blank. Document content edit. (N:) The option to download files as alternative
formats is found in the file menu. So I’ll press ALT+F, Frank, to open the
file menu. (J:) ALT+F. Context menu. Share as. 1 of 17. (N:) Then I can use the arrow keys to
arrow down to the download option or just press D. (J:) D. (N:) After I pressed D, Delta,
within the file menu the download sub-menu automatically opens up and
although you don’t hear anything from JAWS, you’re presented with a list you
can up and down arrow through where you can choose the different available file
types. (J:) OpenDocument Format (.odt) Rich Text Format (.rtf) Microsoft Word (.docx) (N:) There are several options available including PDF and EPUB. Press ENTER on Microsoft Word. (J:) ENTER. Leaving menus. Frame. Document content edit. (N:) When you press ENTER on
your selection the menu will close and focus returns to your document. You’ll
find your new document in the format you specified within your downloads folder
or whatever folder you’ve chosen as default for downloads. Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand. [Outro music] If you are interested in other training please visit us on the web at And on YouTube on our Freedom Scientific Training channel.

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