GrindReliefN – Stop Teeth Grinding and Clenching | Mouth Guard For Night Grinding

Problems with clinching and grinding of the
teeth are age old and in todays times . . stress is causing this to be increased.
Typical signs of clenching and grinding are flattening of the teeth. If you can take your
lower front teeth and bring them together with the upper front teeth end to end as if
you were biting sandwich and your they meet like a lock and key, that’s because they have
been ground-in that way. Also the notching and chipping at the gumline is caused from
flexural bending of the teeth under bite pressure, leading to sensitivity and decay at the gum
line. It can even tooth fracture. But there is a lot more involved here. As the muscles
in the jaw contract, it can trigger other muscles in the head and neck to contract.
leading up to the temples, ear pain can result, shoulder and neck pain is not uncommon from
clenching and grinding. and as the shoulder and neck muscles contract it can even get
up into the base of the skull and you can get headaches.
Now GrindGuard N is available. It is a small unique device, unlike any others
on the market . . it has a central power bar . . the rest of the tray is soft and pliable
as it is formed and the central focus of force is at the upper and lower midline. This creates
a nerve stimulus, somewhat of a bio feedback response that becomes uncomfortable for the
patient to bite down with the same intensity. This is how GrindGuard works. This device
works better lasts longer and costs much less than other bite guards.
You can protect your teeth, save time and money at the dental office and reprogram the
muscles freeing yourself from a lot of pain and this is the best device to help you do

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