Guillermo at NBA Media Day 2019

It’s time for what has
become a mucho anticipated annual tradition here. Every year at the NBA
finals, they have an event called Media Day. Reporters from all over get a
chance to talk to the players. And no reporter
is more celebrated than our own
Guillermo, who rode all the way to Toronto
on a bicycle, to file this all-star studded report. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, it’s me, Guillermo. I’m back here at the NBA finals. How many times that
the Warriors has been back straight to the final? I think this is five. – Five?
– Yeah, five years in a row. It’s four for me and
five for the Warriors. I’ve been back ten years. Ten years?
OK. You’re getting old, man. Ten years in a
row, so that makes me twice better than you guys. Twice better than me? Well, we got some
work to do then. Yeah. You know, you’re back, I’m back. Guess who’s not as back? Who’s not back? LeBron.
LeBron James. LeBron’s not back? So I want you to
sign this card for me. “I wish you were here.” So I want you to– can you sign the card for me?
I’ll give it to him. Here.
– You’re gonna give it to him? Yeah. Yeah, we’re best friends. I’m gonna sign
it for you and just say, save me a cigar later. All right.
Thank you, man. My man. Good luck, man. – Do you miss that guy?
– Me? – Uh-huh.
– No. You need a bigger card. You’ve only got– I
don’t think everyone’s going to fit in here. No, they will. This card’s as small as you. What do you think
he’s doing right now? I think– uhh– I saw him on the internet. I think it was Taco Tuesday
the other day or something. I don’t know.
– Taco Tuesday? – Yeah.
– I love tacos! Me too, man. It’s time to go to Cabeza
to Cabeza con Marc Gasol. Hi. Hi. Is it fun to be Canadian? – I’m not Canadian.
– No? Oh, OK.
Thank you very much. Oh, no problem. Are you excited
for have a threesome? A what? Are you excited
to have a threesome? You know– you know,
when they– when a team wins three years in a row? Oh, three-peat. Three-peat.
– Oh, it’s a three-peat. Three-peat.
You said a threesome. Oh, it’s not a threesome? Oh, I thought it
was a threesome. What is the difference? Next question, man. Are you excited
for a threesome? For– for what? For a threesome? Three years in a row? Oh, yeah– a three-peat. Three-peat.
– Oh, a three-peat. Yeah.
Yeah. But I’d be excited
for either one. All right. We’re going to
do a Canadian shot. Take this. Is this syrup? This is maple syrup. Only a little bit. Not too much
sugar, there we go. Just a little bit.
– Only a little bit– me too. I’m watching my calories too. There you go. I’ll take a little bit. Oh, Canada! Oh, Canada. How’d that taste? Yeah? Mapley. How come Canada
has a team and Mexico doesn’t have a team in the NBA? Hey, that’s–
that’s a question you gotta ask for the top, man. But– but I have a good idea. I’m starting a team. It’s called the
Tijuana Piranhas. You wanna play for
the Tijuana Piranhas? Hey, man, you
holler at my people, and we’ll see what we can do. Hey, I’m making a basketball
team because there’s no Mexican team in the NBA. So look, I’m making the– the Tijuana Piranhas! Look. Tijuana– you guys want to join? The Tijuana–
is that a Piranha? – Yeah.
– The fish, OK. Tijuana Piranhas. You want to join the team? Yeah, if they don’t bring me
back here, I’ll definitely– I’m on board, man. For sure. Imagine– Tijuana
Piranha Iguodala. Yeah, that’s pretty nice. And at halftime, we’re
going to have a bullfight. – A bullfight at halftime?
– Yeah. Oh, wow. You know what?
You know what? I’m gonna do it.
I’m gonna join. OK. All right. How much are you
signing me for? A lot of money! How much you want? A lot of pesos,
how much you want? A million and a half. Million and a half pesos. Well, that’s it
for the NBA Final. Good luck to everybody,
see you at Tijuana! Adios! Order tickets now for
the Tijuana Piranhas! Tijuana Piranhas, numero uno! Uh-huh. Excitement!
Action! Basketball! And a live halftime bullfight! Next year, I’m
playing with Tijuana. Tijuana Piranhas! Tijuana Piranhas, yes. The Tijuana Piranhas! NBA action– fantastic! Ugh! Call today! Order now! Good seats still available! The Tijuana Piranhas! Kyle Lowry! DeMarcus Cousins!
Danny Green! Danny Trejo!
Andre Iguodala! Serge Ibaka! Mario Lopez! Andy Garcia! Salma Hayek! And me, Guillermo! Call now! Catch Piranha fever! No habla espanol. Bueno, Guillermo. Thank you.

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