Having a Sleep Study / Passer une étude du sommeil

so tell me Abby why do you think your
doctor sent you to the sleep clinic well I feel tired at school it’s hard to wake
up I’ve been finding her very irritable during the days a little bit cranky
falling asleep in the afternoon and when she’s sleeping she’s snoring and
sometimes they hear her gasp for breath sounds a lot like she might have
obstructive sleep apnea so the only way for us to know for sure is to do
something called a sleep study so I’ll go ahead and get that organized it’s a
sleep study great questions let me tell you a little bit about it so one of the
days after dinner when we arranged it you’ll come with your mom or your dad I
open to the sleep lab so that we can get information while you’re sleeping and
then in the morning you get to go home it sounds just like a sleepover you love
sleepovers so you can bring your pillow and your book and make yourself
comfortable so sleep study test is to look for any problems that occur during
sleep such as sleep apnea and sleep apnea occurs when you snore and may have
pauses in breathing during the night causing sleep fragmentation so what the
sleep studies test will do will put a band around the chest to look for
breathing movements the thing about them is they have to be relatively tight
because they’re a lot easier to loosen once they aren’t you then to taking them
so I’m gonna make it pretty tight but then we’ll loosen it until you’re
comfortable ok what the sleep study test will do is we will put eg leads and on
the head to measure the brainwaves we’ll also put on EKG leads to measure the
heart rate and the rhythm I will put on a probe and on the finger to measure
oxygen level the goal for our sleep study is generally to determine whether
a child has sleep disorder breathing and to what degree at that point we would
determine the best management plan for the patient be it surgical or
therapeutic so if your child is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea
the first step would be to move forward with an ear nose and throat assessment
for the size of the adenoids and tonsils and if in fact the adenoids and tonsils
are enlarged then we would recommend an adenoid tonsillectomy in general after that
tonsils energy not being removed we’ll do another sleep study four to six
months after the surgery to see if the surgery fix the problem completely
throughout the night mom is right there you can wake her up tell her to come get
me if you don’t feel comfortable coming out in the hallway there’s a little
button right there just press that little button on the wall and it sends a
beep into my office if you need anything okay also you are on candid camera
tonight I will be watching you sleep I will be checking in on you to make sure
you’re safe and that sort of thing okay morning how did you sleep do you feel
right now good you ready to get all that stuff off
your face if still there are problems with sleep apnea we will bring the
family to the clinic to discuss other treatment options you

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