How Spicy is Taco Bell’s Reaper Ranch Double Stacked Taco?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review. Well, hello ladies and gentlemen, everyone watching. This is running on empty food review I’m your host the report of the week and here we are getting into no January of 2020 I think this is the second video of the year of the decade to make it sound more dramatic so far and We’re given. We’re giving Taco Bell a shot I was actually looking around like I saw them pop up in the the news headlines where they were saying if you want to make six figures go ahead and manage a taco bell seems like it’s a new initiative that they’re That they’re trying out any way to kind of raise the wages and stuff and it sounds really interesting I hope it really works out for the best, you know quality either stays consistent goes up And anyway, I was just checking that out I thought it was interesting and then I looked at Taco Bell up and I realized they got a new item out, may as well give it a shot and See what they’re doing. So Taco Bell has this deal in regards to their double stacked tacos? And I know those have been around for a while. They they kind of do little things with them They bring them back they do this and that the other thing with them. They got a new one out They have a deal that it’s supposed to just be for one dollar And they say go out and get it. Try it out. It’s some cheap eats some cheap snacks. This is what it is They have the Reaper ranch Double stacked taco again for $1 so the double stack talked I was supposed to essentially be a combination of a hard shell taco and a soft shell taco, right? So you have and then this is this is mind blowing mind you where you have the hard shell and Then you have this layer of cheese and then there’s the soft shell that’s like 2 & 1 isn’t that incredible? But this one comes with beef lettuce cheese the nacho cheese So it’s just a little extra cheesy. And then of course hence the name, right? They called the Reaper ranch double stack taco They’re not just gonna lie to you and say oh This is just what the name is and there’s nothing to do with any sorts of Reapers or ranches but this actually does have a Reaper ranch sauce, which is supposed to be like a blend of I Would imagine like the California Reaper? I’m not gonna they didn’t confirm this but I I imagine it trying to say this is like a blend of the California Reaper pepper, right really hot. And then the cool ranch sauce So it’s supposed to just be this combination of the heat and then that zesty coolness. That’ll maybe Counteracted lead to an interesting blend of fate of flavors nonetheless. So that’s the big appeal for this one again The Reaper ranch double stacked taco for just one dollar from Taco Bell So either way I mean, but that’s the one thing about Taco Bell. They have the prices, you know down I Mean at least it’s like a fifty dollar taco or something So if that’s the case, then it would have to be really really good or otherwise well Throwing your money away, but for one dollar, you know, hopefully it’ll be decent for what it is anyway so It’ll be interesting. Here it is right there in the double stack taco wrapping paper Right there There it is right there. There’s the Taco Bell. It’s a KFC Taco Bell, but you know Alright, let’s open this up and see what can be done see, there’s a little bit of Spillage I imagine from the sauce, but it seems to be under control for the most part anyway So, let’s see how this can be managed. Okay That should be good enough temporarily anyway There it is the Reaper ranch double stack taco right there you can see it’s kind of like, yeah two tacos in one And again, it’s supposed to have that repaired ranch sauce, which is what everyone’s everyone’s talking about right there there I am with it Got that out of the way. And well, you know what’s on it? I know what’s on it. We all know what’s on it We’ll give it a shot and we’ll see what it tastes like. So the Reaper ranch double stacked taco from Taco Bell going in I’m just gonna try to be a little careful as I eat this one just because again, it’s Dripping a little bit. So I’m just gonna make sure I don’t spill anything On a little bit of a side note I Don’t know how many reviews I’m gonna be able to do in the near future I’m gonna have to get some major major dental work done You know, it’s a long long story I might Talk about it more in the future, but just had some really bad work done on me in 2016. Gotta fix it all and as a result You know when you get your mouth worked on you gotta give it a little bit of a break here and there But keep you all posted as what’s going on in to either way You know the show the show goes on one way or another and hopefully with some better teeth that I in the near future anyway Mostly with the molars, you know, cuz a lot of people and it’s correct when they say this you know I chew a little weird, you know, well, it’s you know the molars in the back there that we’re really They’re messed up. But uh, no either way can again gonna get them fixed I Gotta say for $1 It’s a good taco. I really have to give them credit for this one because you know these These real I don’t want to say low-level, but you know, it’s like these dollar menu type of items they can always be really hit or miss it can be like Wow, I can’t believe I can get this decent thing for just a buck Otherwise, it’s like well, I blew a dollar on it. But well, what do you expect? You know this thing is Isn’t worth it. But Taco Bell, it’s always interesting. It’s like Like I was saying it’s hit or miss sometimes I get these items I bet he’s rushing to Taco Bell right now We just heard the news You know it’s like it’s hit or miss to get these things that are just They knock it out of the park and they did a good job with this one. I mean I have to give them credit where I mean for just a buck a Number one. I like that that contrast when you get that crunchiness of the hard shell taco But also, you know again the soft tortilla that’s there as well. I just like that to begin with it’s almost like, you know, there’s Not quite nacho chips, you know but to set nice little contrast number when you get that little blend of uh of textures there though the consistency of it and It also kind of keeps everything from being a totally soggy mess. You know with the Soft shell that’s more apt to happen. So I like that to begin with now secondly, though There’s a good amount of maybe he had too many of those tacos Either way, I like that the the soft. Well, the the beef good portion of that as well It’s cheesy, right? Here’s the thing that I really like about it though that Reaper ranch sauce really makes it oh Boy, yeah, we have ourselves a taco disaster going on right now Wow there they go That’s the thing. See you eat too much of that Reaper ranch sauce They gotta go cool the flames, you know, that’s in the literal sense So either way that Reaper ranch sauce is great though, because it’s like an every bite you get a different flavor the first bite that I took It was hot. I mean it was Noticeably spicy spicier than the fire sauce Which was I kind of got me you had the spice that was just really pronounced and I wasn’t sure right Is it just gonna be like a hot sauce or what? I take the next bite and now I taste almost as creamy coolness that the ranch has also And I just like that there’s this juxtaposition Between the heat and the coolness and they just get it all in one It’s like you don’t even know what you’re gonna expect from one bite to the next I just I really like how they were able to do that with this sauce I mean in this case it’s a decent taco either way, but the sauce really made set the Reaper ranch sauce I just you know, they just nailed that blend of the coolness but also the heat and it doesn’t get out of control You know, I’d still recommend having like a soft drink or some water or something But yeah, it’s is really flavorful especially for just $1. I like it. I’m a fan of it so out of 10 I’m just gonna give it you know, I’m gonna have to give it an eight point three out of ten. I think it’s good I think it’s worthy event Again, good price good flavors, and I just really enjoyable overall. So that’s all that I have for you Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your host the report of the week and with that trying out the Reaper ranch Double stacked taco from Taco Bell. I’m really good Definitely a buy for one dollar on a final note. If you do want to support this channel support my podcast my radio show Also consider supporting it You get some exclusive content only place you could listen to the music shows on demand any time of day that you want Really check it out. It’s a fun community and be great to have you. Have you onboard? Hope you enjoyed the video and I’ll see you again in a little while. Take care

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