How to become a Dentist: How long does it take to become a dentist?

hello everyone today I’m going to talk
to you about how to become famous no mister even dr. evil I didn’t spend six
years of evil medical schools because mister thank you very much
this is Dr. Tamisha Denis this is the modern smile August so what I consider
back to summer but I know a lot of people are into college or maybe heading
into their last year of high school and are starting to consider what career
choice they like to do so this video is for people who are interested in
learning about different careers and possibly considering density of 3 so I’m
going to get right to the point and give you the different steps that it takes to
become a dentist roll it resulted that’s number one in
high schools you need to be very aware of your grades of course you want to get
into a good college culture and in order to get in close with college but you got
to care much for GPA so it means I’m taking the SAT and the 82 or whatever
example you need to qualify to get into college you also want to make sure that
you care about your GPA in addition to doing other extracurricular activities
this is also a good time that if you have a dentist if they ask them to maybe
shadow come in observe and see event excuse the right profession for you
after high school or receiving a high school diploma the next step is college
in college basically in order to get into dental school you can major in a
lot of different majors so you can do psychology or you can do biology as I
did in dental school besides most of them
require a four-year degree also require some simple prerequisite some people or
some dental schools will require different classes that you must take
important supplies to dental school no matter what major you choose so one uses
biology general biology chemistry some requires physics calculus organic
chemistry so you would have to see the different dental school and what most
dental schools require so that you would know what you would later be eligible
for it’s not clearing in biology because most people who major in a science are
going to cover those courses for example I majored in biology however there are
people who are majoring chemistry biochemistry microbiology is interesting
like that and usually don’t get all of those courses down but if you’re not
just then you want to make sure you know which courses are required for you to
apply to demonstrate the next step and the way that I did is because I went
straight through from college and straight to them or it’s between my
parents here here I suppose it all the g18 which
is a dense admission test phase version of like let’s say your ATT your FAC that
allows you to enter general schools which the natural aptitude test and it
has a variety of different subjects so the American Dental Association has a
lot of good resources of Maori community and kind of what is recorded on tails
but definitely in Iowa guidance counselor we won’t help you by your
motive you a couple the topic from the th Mexico previously offered a in the
Natural Sciences which is run by all three dimensional it a little test which
is really good on what it has different tests to test your spatial relations so
for example they’ll give you a couple of different tubes that you have to do like
combinations on the other side so that’s some of the things that are on the easy
including chemistry and mathematics they also have reading comprehension so after
completing your d-18 it’s your best to go straight through you do that you may
say because you’re two years senior year at that point you with parsable platinum
which you have your scores back and once you have your score back they have
something called has a DSS is the American Dental Education Association
and the address is basically an application process similar to what
medical students students to apply to medical school to have tasks and what
usage that makes apply to the different schools same whatever using to pay for
your application in order to get results cool
now after that and you go to dental school dental school is four years of
dental school I went to University of Pennsylvania and there I went to the
University of Pennsylvania and had our school the way that we did is we have
two preclinical years that means studying on models and they have a
really cool system when I was in dental school where we had the artificial head
and they were hooked up to a computer we would drill them and doing different
procedures on them to mimic treating a real person and then our last two years
sweetu clinic which we actually see patients in addition to seeing patients
we do rotations and different clinics for example with the oral surgery
rotation where we fill a lot of teeth or endodontic rotation where we do root
canals or fourth through rotation which where we help you orthodontic braces
pediatric rotation well you can and talk to the rotation where we go to the
hospital and past your dental school you have a couple of different options
some people go straight into practice which is what I did and I went straight
to work I started working right away at the time I was living in Atlanta and
some people with your residency and people will do a general practice
residency for pay which we call a GPR for are taking GED which is an advanced
education in dentistry and then you can start working you have to take a life
Jason damage the chriskate have different labor on the camps and they
make you land fillings and they make you burn a cleaning and they also make you
feel canal around reducing on the Northland passes whatever your life is
injury work I didn’t like a mountain broke north and when I move down one
more that’s what I did it again so those are all the steps that it takes in order
to become a dentist it is a lot of Education I felt happy
for everybody to tell me they wanted to anything it doesn’t matter if you wanted
me an accountant a lawyer if you want to be a doctor a sentence a cardiologist
the reality is no matter what profession you choose you need to save perseverance
I can’t say this enough the reality is that no matter what profession community
are going to reach a part of heart place where it doesn’t feel good for your twin
your sleep on the night you don’t feel there you don’t different grade on the
test that you want and push past that because you can tell you will never real
large school it’s very important to persevere station nation because I
always like to say this when I was studying organic chemistry organic
chemistry has absolutely nothing to do with dentistry yet system components and
chemistry is the things that we use identity but it’s not something you use
on a regular basis so it’s easy to get discouraged but if you know what your
goals are and you still want to reach them you’re going to find a way to get
through those temporary barriers so that you can eventually see yourself in the
career that you want to be in so I hope that this video helps you to kind of see
what are the steps to possibly becoming a dentist
as so many different procedures that are performed and I really enjoy what I do
you know it’s very fulfilling for me to do a career that is pollution space that
means I find someone with the problem and I have a solution and I can fix it
and that’s really really great so that’s one of the things that I really love
about dentistry that not only dress in my mind to help to decide not they can
think about things but I also can do something with my hands fixing and then
yttrium so much a part of people smiling their lifestyle and chewing it’s so
integral integral to your daily life time so I think it’s really important
that go find so much fulfillment with thank you for watching this video I hope
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