How to do a home sleep test with Dream Again

Hi I’m John with Dream Again and
I’m here to show you how to administer your home sleep test.
Once you get the box in the mail, you’ll open it up, you’ll see it
comes with some instructions laminated, so you wanna save those
and return those with the device, remove the lid and the device
will be seated nicely in the box here. You’ll want to pull everything
out, the device itself first, Finger Pulse Oximeter Wire, Respiratory
Effort Belt that will hold the device on your chest, and a Nasal Cannula. This will come sealed in a bag for you, this is the piece we don’t reuse
since it goes into your nostrils, so you get a fresh on every time. Once you’ve got everything unboxed, grab the device
and the respiratory effort belt, take one end of the belt and plug
it into the device, make sure that it’s nice and snugly attached,
and wrap the belt around your rib cage. Holding the device up against
your chest, plug the other end of the belt in to the
other side of the machine, again making sure that it’s snugly attached,
and let the device sit on your chest like this. Once you’ve
plugged both ends of the belt in the device will turn itself on
and walk you through, with some light indicators on the top
of the device, what sensor to connect next. You’ll see that the green
light will turn on, it shows a little body and a belt – you know
that the belt is connected correctly. The next thing you’re
gonna connect up is the nasal cannula. Take the connector end and
screw that into the top of the device, with the other end grab
this and put the tubes into your nostrils and run the blue tubes
up over your ears. You’ll feel a little slide on
the tube, you’ll slide it up underneath your chin to hold the
cannula in place so it doesn’t come off while you sleep. On the
top of the device, you’ll see cannula on a face, once that flashes green
you’ll know that that’s connected properly. Next you’ll see
a yellow light for the finger pulse oximeter. So grab that
wire, unwrap it, connect the black end to the loose blue end
on the device, and using your non dominant hand, in my
case the left hand, put your pointer finger in the sheath until
you can see the tip of your finger on the end and wait a few
seconds for that yellow light to turn green. Once all of the sensors
are getting a good recording, all of the lights on the
top of the device will be green, and will turn off in succession,
and once all the lights are off and you’re ready to go to
sleep with your device. In the morning, push and hold the power button until
the device turns itself off, takes five seconds, and then remove
all the sensors in the reverse order. So your finger pulse
oximeter, slide the tensioner underneath your chin down
to loosen the cannula off of your face, and then undo one side
of the belt, holding the machine, and put it back in the box ready
to do another night. To check if you got a good recording on your night,
once you’ve got the device turned off, wait about a minute and then
push the button on the front of the device for two seconds
and let go, and you’ll see a four piece pie on the right
hand side on the top-right hand side of the device. If you’ve gotten
three or more pieces of pie lighting up, then you know you got
a good recording that night, if not, go ahead and do it again.

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