How to Form a Mouth Guard

Hi there, I’m Mike Gales and this video I want to go over how to form a mouthpiece or a mouth
guard, which I’m actually wearing right now. A mouth guard is such an essential
piece of equipment if you play any sort of contact sport. Let’s go over
what you’re going to need to perfectly customize your mouth guard, so that you
don’t even realize that you’re wearing it. For starters, you’re going to
need a mouth guard. You might also need a pair of scissors, depending on the style
of your mouth guard. A spoon might come in handy. I like to use two separate
mugs. One that has some cold water and another mug that I’m going to fill with
some boiling hot water. To boil that water, you can use a kettle or you could
even use your stove or the microwave. There’s a few different styles of mouth
guards such as single or double sided mouth guards. There are also some
mouth guards that have a protruding strap. That lets you secure that mouth guard
directly to your football or your hockey helmet. It’s this style with the
three strap that we’re going to use to start out this video. Your very first
step, is going to be to place your mouth guard directly into your mouth and
lightly bite down. What you’re looking for here, is you want to make
sure that your mouth guard doesn’t go so deep into the back of your mouth that it
digs into your gums, behind your molars. if it is digging into the back
of your mouth, it’s going to be difficult to properly fit it. Also, it’s going to be
very uncomfortable for you. If you do find that it goes too far back then
you’re going to need to use those scissors to trim the end of the mouth
guard. You’re better to do too little than too much at first because you don’t
want to cut off so much that you waste the mouth guard.
I suggest trimming a little bit and then putting it back into your mouth to reassess. You definitely want to trim it before you melt it because that will
ensure that there are no jagged edges in your final product. In my case, I have a
big mouth both physically and figuratively and so this mouth guard is absolutely fine the way it is. Next I will have that cold
water at the ready. I will also boil some water and add it to the second mug. Then
I’m going to hold the mouth guard by the strap and completely submerge it into
the boiled water. Every mouth guard that you buy
will come with specific directions for that particular mouth guard. Including how long it should be submerged into the boiling water. Typically that’s going to be
between 10 and 20 seconds. Again, sometimes less is more. In the beginning, you don’t want to leave it there so long that it just shrivels up and
becomes a little ball of goop. Usually 10 to 20 seconds should be
just about right. After those 10 to 20 seconds, other people like to first dip
it into cold water and then place into your mouth. I find you don’t really
need to do that as the saliva in your mouth is enough to keep it from burning.
Right from the boiling water, I might give it a quick shake and place it
directly into my mouth. There I will simultaneously bite down and suck a
mouth guard in against my teeth. Once I feel it is securely in place, I’m going
to use that second mug of cold water to cool off the mouth guard and solidify it.
If all goes well I should be able to open my mouth up wide and the
mouth guard should stay snugly in place. Next I’m going to cut off the strap,
just in case you participate in the sport where you don’t need to strap, such
as basketball or boxing. Perhaps you bought guard that didn’t even come
with a strap. I’m going to repeat the previous process and reform this mouth
guard. once more, I reboil the water and once again I add the guard to that hot
water mug. Plop, I drop it in. Now I don’t want to burn myself and so this is
where the spoon comes in handy. This mouth guard doesn’t have any straps
and I’m going to use the spoon to fish out the mouth guard and place it
directly into my mouth. Since I’m going to be using this one to box, I’m
gonna lightly rub my fingers over my gums, to make sure that the guard is not only
snug but it’s nice and smooth against my gums and my upper lip. Once I feel that
it’s in place, I sip that cold water to solidify the shape of the guard. Once
again, I need to be able to open my mouth up wide without that guard falling out.
If you’re going to play any sort of contact sport then a mouth guard is
absolutely must. Of course it can save that pretty smile of yours but more
importantly is an absolutely crucial piece of equipment to save you from
getting concussions. You can purchase a single mouth guard from for
around 3 bucks. When done correctly, you really won’t even
notice that you’re wearing it. So there’s absolutely no reason not to wear it, if
you’re participating in some sports that can get a little rough. This is what
your finished product should look like. A mouth guard that’s custom fit for your
particular teeth. Once your mouthpiece is properly formed, you should be able to
carry a coherent conversation without it falling out. If you can’t, then you’re
going to have to repeat these steps once again and reform it. The great thing
about these mouth guards, is that you can repeat this whole process over again to
ensure that it’s properly fitted. The last thing that you ever want to
have to worry about when you’re trying to catch that game-winning touchdown or
hit that jump shot or god forbid get punched in the face, is that your mouth
guard is going to come flying out. I would also advise that you keep it in
this little case to stop it from getting contaminated or from losing it. Another
quick tip is not to leave it in direct sunlight like in your gym bag in the
back of your car because you’re going to come back and find this just a little
melted pile of goo. This has been Mike Gales and if you like
these videos then please click below to like and subscribe.We are constantly posting of great tips and new ideas to get you into the
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