How to install exterior exhaust vent with bird guard. Easy dryer vent!

Hello! This is Dustin with Home Mender
and today we are going to be replacing an exterior exhaust vent for a dryer or
an exhaust fan and we’re going to install a new louver kit with a bird
guard. Keep those birds out. Keep the rats out, too. I’m gonna show you how. Let’s get to it. First we’re gonna want to cut the caulk line at the J channel to free up
this piece .This is coming out but the duct is staying in. Careful not to damage
it. After we get the caulk line cut, go ahead and pull off this old, brittle vent
and pull the nails that are holding it. Once that’s removed go ahead and clear
up any caulk that’s left over and we take our new louvered vent. Little flap
fits inside your duct. You can pick up the louvers and kind of see where you’re
going with it. Secure it with some exterior screws. Now seal around it with
some exterior sealant. Now remove the louvers and you can tape
the duct. Sticky back tape to seal to the duct. Make sure you get enough tape on there
to seal it up. After it’s all sealed up you can reinstall the louvers. Bird guard
clips on and voila. So that’s it, super easy. We
just installed a bird guard and an exhaust. You did it! You’re awesome!
That’ll keep out those pests. So for Home Mender Inc, this is Dustin. I hope you
learned something today and if you did don’t forget to click subscribe. Thanks
for watching.

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  • Dustin I have a question is there a way to close something like this permanently. I currently have this on my kitchen but it is not working and I want to stop the cold air during winter coming to the kitchen. Please advise. Thank You

  • mine has old fashioned 12 x12 steel vent box… any help with this ??

  • what was the purpose of double sided tape?

  • what was the purpose of that tape and what was that foam thing you applied on outside.

  • I have the same problem except mine is a 3" diameter pipe. Can't find the 3" intake louver vent anywhere in local stores. Looks like a bird got in and tore up the flexible aluminum duct foil and now I believe it's under the insulation stuck. I hear it every morning scratching the same spot of ceiling.

    My plastic is completely brittle and needs to be replaced.

    How can I fix the issue? Might be best to call a a/c guy since I would have to walk through the entire attic and insulation

  • Yo thx. I was just called to do this job but wasn't sure how to do it. Now I knowđź‘Ťđź‘Ť

  • shucks, I thought you were going to show how to cut thru to install a new one, but thanks anyways!

  • in french, louvre is pronounced loo vayyyyy. ooooh loo vrayyyyyyy

  • wuala… lol

  • There old one looked better

  • Your videos are awesome dude – short & sweet, detailed and to the point without missing any steps. Thank you for sharing all your DIY tips!!!

  • What is the size of the louver vent you installed? There are many different sizes. Mine are 6" X 6" OD.

  • First of all, how much did the j-channel get destroyed when you were removing the nails? Secondly, isn't the vent supposed to fit IN the j-channel and not screwed on top of it?

  • That's not the way you do this it needs to connect to existing vent pipe that one was not longer enough

  • I love contractors!!! According to the IRC 2015 M1502.3 Duct termination: Screens shall not be installed at the duct termination.
    Why you are putting an screen?

  • This style vent allows birds in too. I'm in need to replace these vents with something else.

  • wish you zoomed in more

  • I tried sealing the connection of a dryer vent with foil tape, same as you used too I believe. I even but mastic over it afterwards. It didn’t hold though, a few days later the tape was loose. Unless the 2 pieces you are taping together are lined up perfectly, and clean, I don’t think this will last. I ended up removing the loose tape, cleaning, reapplying tape, putting several breaks in tape so that it laid flat on the surfaces, and siliconing the edges of the tape. I know silicone isn’t ideal in a vent, especially in a dryer vent where it can catch lint, but this worked for me. It’s been several weeks and I still have an airtight seal.

  • wear some gloves man

  • my contractor just quoted me $500 to replace two of these. I have the new covers with the bird guard but don't have a tall enough ladder. Thank you for this video. I will find a ladder and do it myself.

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