How to Keep Teeth Healthy : Cleaning Around Dental Implants for Oral Hygiene

Hi I’m Dr. Scott Chandler with Silver Creek
Dental on behalf of Expert This clip is about how to clean and care for your
dental implants. Dental implants are becoming fairly common in the industry and many patients
out there have these and you may be one of those. A tooth that is on a dental implant
is a crown or a cap. They are usually made of porcelain, sometimes porcelain with metal
underneath. It is important to keep these clean just as if they were your regular teeth.
They are going to feel like your regular teeth and they are going to look like your regular
teeth so let’s treat them like such. There are a few little things that you have to look
out for with a dental implant. Here I’ve got an example here with a little window showing
that the implant in the bone. It is kind of like a titanium screw or post that goes into
the bone. Bone heals in and grabs it good and it’s just like having a tooth back.
Now on this one we’ve got a little cap or crown. There’s a little post that just sticks
up out of the gums and a crown is cemented on top of that. Now it is really important
that we clean around these to keep the bacteria down. You don’t want to be getting any infections
around the bone that may jeopardize your dental implant. First of all brushing, you just use
a standard regular toothbrush. You brush that tooth really good in every direction. You
get the biting surface, get the outside and you brush in little circles at a 45 degree
angle to get those gums and once you get those gums good and clean there. It is also important
to floss around those things. Just because it’s a fake tooth doesn’t mean that you
can’t keep it clean just the same as the rest. Here I have an example of a Reach flosser
that I like to use in my office. With this Reach flosser, you just reach in there and
that floss pops right in between those teeth. You get in there and you floss up and down,
up and down and you get all the bacteria that might be stuck around that crown and then
pull it out. Now you could do the same thing with regular floss but why? This is a whole
lot easier. Now if you are just out and around in town and you happen to get something stuck
in your dental implant, it is important to have something like a little plastic pick
in your purse, your wallet or your pocket. What you do is take that and you can just
get in there and work out any little bits of food particles or things that might be
bothering you around that implant. Now it’s very important that you never use anything
metal. Fish hooks, needles or anything like that around you dental implant. What can happen
is you may scratch that titanium post that is sticking up out of the gums and once you
scratch it, then the bacteria can stick to it and can give you a little gum infection
or something. So be sure when you are cleaning around you are using the proper tools. Plastic,
never touch your implant with anything metal.

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