How to Treat Someone Having a Seizure | First Aid Training

So what do you do if you find someone who
is having a seizure? Number one, you want to stay calm. Assess the area, make sure there isn’t anything
that can cause injury to the person while they are having a seizure. You want to pay attention to the length of
the seizure. You want to clear onlookers away, you don’t
want to clutter up the area with people looking and ogling and gawking, you have to be sensitive
to the person who is having the seizure as well. Don’t put anything in the person’s mouth. I know that’s an old wives tale to put a spoon
or a wallet in their mouth. They will not swallow their tongue. You just need to ride out the seizure, you
don’t need to put anything in their mouth, it can cause more damage to stick something
in there. You don’t need to hold the person down, that
can also cause more damage if you’re fighting against them while they are shaking. Afterwords, you want to put them in the recovery
position. Roll them over to their side, that way if
they start to vomit, or any kind of saliva, or any kind of fluids come out it will fall
and they won’t choke. So once they’ve recovered you want to help
them up, get them to a safe place, it may take them a while to fully get back to their
normal self. If the seizure lasts for more than five minutes
you want to call 911. If the person suffering the seizure is pregnant
or diabetic you want to call 911. If it happens after a head blow, or after
ingesting any poison or chemical you want to call 911. If the person has another seizure withing
24 hours call 911. If the person is epileptic and has seizures
often they will wear a bracelet that says epileptic, this is part of their normal life. Be supportive, help them as much as you can
and be reassuring.

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  • I have a friend that has epilepsy

  • I have a video on my YouTube channel of my brother having a epileptic seizure. Check it out

  • pray to chin chin

  • So wait, you only roll the person on their side AFTER the seizure? Not during?

  • I was just outside the Mall (where I work). A friend and I were talking to a girl who works at another store – we were outside talking to her,. She's a smaller girl, maybe 5'3…and she seemed just fine…..then and after a minute of normal conversation, she stood up and sort of walked/wandered around us with a glazed look in her eyes.

    I have fainted before, and noticed something wasn't right. I was expecting her to faint or fall over…and surely, she did. I caught her, and her head did not hit the concrete. She then began to have a seizure as I held her in my arms for about a minute. At first I was scared and trying to think of what exactly was best to do. I knew not to put anything in her mouth, and I knew to put her on her side so she didn't choke. She came to about 2 minutes later after the seizing slowed down and she vomitted a little. When she looked at me I just kept tell her "It's okay, you're safe, everything is okay….relax…" -I know the feeling of "coming to" after fainting – there is a moment of panic as relaity snaps back into place… dont quite know where you are, who is with you, or what's happening…

    We asked her if she knew where she was at, or if she remembered what happened – she didn't. My friend called 911 just after she fell over….when they arrived 3 min later (very fast), they also asked if she knew where she was….and she didn't.

    It was unexpected, and scary – but really my friend and I were just in the right place at the right time. Now I'm searching online to see if what I did was proper….

    I keep wondering….what if I wasn't there? What if she hit her head on the concrete when she fell? What if she was face down on the concrete having the seizure and no one was around? I can't help but feel things could have been much worse.

  • Great video, quick and to the point I like it

  • Atleast know i know how best to help my mom i will walk her to her room

  • Good too no my grandpa is a retired fire fighter

  • my father had one while asleep and that was the longest and scariest few minutes of my life, i had never seen one happen, luckily i did everything right, very helpful video.

  • +idkwt2use they didn't prescribe him but I think he's doing better but I'm always careful still he says it just slows his brain down but ya know I'm still careful

  • as far as breathing, are they okay or need CPR? my little sisters lips started turning a bit blue before. she has ghost epilesy

  • I'm epileptic. I have seizures at night.

  • my girlfriends a diabetic. is there anything special i should do if low blood sugar causes a seizure? when can I give her something to get her sugar up? after the seizures over??

  • Thank you so much for these videos 🙂

  • What happens if they're on a concrete path? Cuz I walk with my epileptic friend every day and the way is on concrete and is very hard and rough! What happens then?

  • 0.51 thats not the recovery position

  • I have a friend who is epileptic and she's never had a seizure in front of me before, however, I want to be prepared if she does. I just looked up and they said as they are having the seizure, lay them on their side. You say, lay them on their side after they're done having their seizure. Does it make a difference doing it while they're having a seizure or after? Thanks!

  • How can we move a person to his or her side while the convulsions? I
    mean that can cause injury. Most of the people are saying to move
    during convulsions and not after.

  • I'm autistic and have seizures quite often but because I have a card saying autistic I don't have a bracelet is this bad

  • we come here to learn how to first aid and all she saying is call 911?

  • I loved hearing her lips smacking in the microphone the entire time

  • I'm having acidity gosh

  • Very informative

  • I have multiple usually lol dropped at work the other day tried telling the boss it was coming on and dropped in front of his door

  • I'm happy I do have that

  • I got scared if my baby sister had a seizure, so i watched this video to be prepared..

  • My BF has them

  • she is lazy in explaining

  • This is stuff I should have been taught in school. This stuff happens every day.

  • There is such a thing that could happen refered to as "swallowing of the tongue" where the tongue gets lodged and blocks the airway. Can be difficult to dislodge it. I wonder if putting someone on their side would help prevent it…

  • If you liked this video and it was helpful…..

    Call 911

  • I have a question. They say call 911 but what makes me not able to help them in that current time? Why do they not suggest more tips to help with the patient?


  • You put them on there side immediately first thing, and yes do not hold them down it will throw them in to another seizure, your correct about the crowding around them, do not do this, it scares them when they come back and see a mob. One most important part, help them move when there ready, when you do this it brings them out of the seizure much faster, but let them decide when to do the moving, not you. And i can tell you in there heart they always will remember that person who helped them that day, no matter who it was. Grand Ma seizure can be deadly with no uncertain terms. I KNOW!!!

  • We are taught what to do if someone is having a heart attack or an asthma attack in my school.
    However seizures? They don't bother. Even though it's the easiest to explain and carry out.

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