I Dislocated My Jaw | Life Updates

hey guys welcome back to the channel I
have been missing or we have been missing for a couple days
well let’s just say a week all right we’ve been missing for a week now but I
promise you it’s not that I did want to upload it’s nothing like that
it’s actually my doll I have TMJ I was diagnosed a very long time ago so I’ve
had it for a very long time but it started giving me issues a couple days
ago because I think I cracked it somehow when I was sleeping in my sleep
so my jaw was literally out of place for three days and I had no idea that it was
I was just in a lot of pain and I couldn’t like open my mouth all the way
and it was really really painful for me so the last thing I wanted to do was you
know make videos or vlogs or her vlog here because of my dolls been hurting so
today for some reason I was doing some Reiki on it and just you know doing a
Reiki session on my jaw thinking that it would help the pain well I had a like a
nudge I’m gonna say spirit nudged me to push on my jaw right here and when I
pushed at it it went crack crack crack and then I was like my jaw doesn’t hurt
anymore so whatever I did I don’t know if it pops something I don’t know but it
felt like my actual bone popped I must have pushed it back into place because
that now it doesn’t hurt it’s a little bit of so it doesn’t hurt but it’s sore
like it kind of pulsates that it’s a little sore and I’m assuming that’s
because why am I so dark there we go that’s I’m assuming that that’s because
I popped it back into place no idea that I had it out of place in the first place
but I do remember I was dreaming and I woke up in the other night and my jaw
was hurting really really bad so I remember that and I but I don’t remember
how it popped out of place or what happened but all of my life I haven’t
been able to open my job correctly so it’s not that I haven’t been wanting to
vlog I miss you guys so much I just been going through so much crap
I these glasses are years old and I can’t even see out of them I need to
order a new pair right away also I haven’t been able to uh you know afford
my makeup because it’s so damn expensive so I didn’t really want to blog without
makeup and look all nasty I’m camera also I don’t know I’ve just been feeling
really bad about myself lately I feel really fat and not feeling good about
myself so I guess the last thing I wanted to do was be on the vlog and I’m
starting to realize like damn yeah it’s not about the way you look you know but
things like my arms are are starting to bother me now that I’m getting older so
if you’re a mom and you’re watching this you probably really understand the
feeling of not getting older because I’m not really scared about getting older
it’s the fear of being fat it’s it’s just this thing that I’m going through
and I always say I hate being fat I hate being fat but then before I made this
vlog I literally just ate my whole fridge and then I feel guilty about it
afterwards I’m trying to love myself I’m trying to love every part of me but it’s
really really difficult for me and I don’t know what it is I think it’s just
because my whole entire life I have been so skinny you know 135 pound 25 pounds
so now that I’ve had two kids and I’m actually a woman it’s really hard for me
to accept my body so enough of me I don’t want to be talking about that
right now but if you watch my last vlog I talk about my photography business so
happy i kick-started my photography business back up here in Nevada
I live in Henderson if you’re ever out here book a session with me I would love
to meet you also if you want to subscribe to my photography channel it
should be on my channel somewhere like my suggested channels on the right hand
side I believe if not I’m gonna hear my mouth I put it in the description box
how you can subscribe to my other channel because I have been uploading
there just because I don’t have to see me on the blog how you see me
now it’s a little better for me because you can’t actually CV so I’ve been doing
like editing tutorials things like that but soon I’m actually going to be
getting some head shots done of myself I’m really really excited because I need
them and I just got a really pretty dress
I’m not gonna show you guys yet but I did get a really pretty boho dress and I
got like a boho hat and I’m gonna do some head shots of myself here soon
pretty excited um yeah I think that’s about it for all the updates Eddie his
schedule kind of switched around so you might see him on different days rather
than Mondays and Tuesdays on the book he’s gonna be off on two Wednesdays and
Thursdays now also we’re thinking about getting a house soon I don’t think we’re
gonna be in the apartment much longer we’re paying 1606 per month for a
two-bedroom two-bath apartment it’s kind of expensive so we can get a house and
rent a house for less than $1,100 a month 3-bedroom house you can rent a
four-bedroom house for about thirteen fourteen hundred dollars a month which
is still cheaper than what we’re paying here so might as well just do that so
we’ve been looking at houses and doing stuff like that I promise you if we get
a house I will do a tour a vlog tour whatever you guys want to see I will
totally do that but please don’t be mad at me for not vlogging for a couple days
I had just not been feeling good so and it is my job my dog has been really
giving me who’s texting me really uh really issues it with it it hurts so and
yeah I’ve been breaking out as you can see I’m breaking out all over my face
and I already know why it’s because I’m stressed out and I’m stress-eating and
when I do that and I eat sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar it breaks my face out
so alright guys sorry about the rambling vlog but if you’re new here don’t forget
to hit that subscribe button I make it very easy for you I put it in the right
hand side right here click that little button and
we will love you forever because I work really close to hitting that a thousand
subscriber mark I’m almost at 800 but if you love me you would subscribe and as
always guys we will see you in the next video

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