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(uplifting music) – Glen Hiles Ministries presents Dr. Lynn Hiles, “That
You Might Have Life.” Here’s your host,
Dr. Lynn Hiles. – I want to welcome you back
to the program again today. As you can see, I have on
the set with me again today my oldest son, Jeremy,
who is the pastor of Word That Frees,
Winchester, Virginia. If you are in the
northern Virginia area and within driving
distance of them, you need to go by and be
in one of their meetings. They meet on a Monday night in the Woodsman of
the World building on Boundary Road in
Winchester, Virginia. There will be information
on their website as to when and how
to contact them. I might also say that both
Jeremy and I travel some, and so we are coming to a
city near you at some point. If you watch
continually our website, we don’t put it on our
television program, but you can go to our
website and our itinerary is usually listed there
for weeks in advance. We would love to meet you
in one of our meetings and have you come be a part
of one of our meetings. We have been sharing
from the book of Matthew. We’ve actually
dealt, Jeremy and I, with the fourth, fifth, and
sixth chapters of Matthew. Last week we connected
Luke the eleventh chapter, which was Luke’s gospel
version of Matthew six. We’re gonna come back there
for one more segment this week. If you have missed
any of these programs, you can go to our YouTube page and you can watch on YouTube. They are archived there,
as well as all the programs we have aired to
date are there on that particular YouTube page. There’s a link to it directly from our website
at LynnHiles.com. Also, there is the
podcast, or if you would, the audio portions of
that that’s on iTunes. So, avail yourself to that, and you can come back and review many of the things
that we’ve said, because we’ve covered
a lot of territory. Today, I want to come back into
the eleventh chapter of Luke and kind of, maybe,
slow down a little bit and deal with a few
more things in Luke 11 that we kind of
were really forcing to get into the
program last week. We’re gonna read from
Luke the 11th chapter because this is
really the version, this is really
the same situation as Matthew 6 is
talking about what’s commonly called
the Lord’s Prayer. I want to especially
look at this week the fact that he says
if a son will ask, you know, if a son will
ask, he’ll receive. Jesus was the son that
prayed this prayer, and I submit to you that
God answered Jesus’s prayer when he prayed
the Lord’s Prayer. This was actually
the Lord’s Prayer as he was teaching
them how to pray. He was teaching
them how to pray. Don’t get legalistic about that and say, well, you
know, Jesus prayed, God fulfilled the Lord’s Prayer, and so the kingdom came, and we don’t need to
pray that anymore. I think that’s an
error in the sense that the kingdom did come, but the kingdom is an
ever-increasing kingdom. We kind of get
nit-picky about things. It’s amazing to
me how legalistic people in grace can get
about grace, get legalistic. If every song we
sing just don’t have their buzzwords in it,
they want to correct you. I want to come back
and just look at this. Let’s just jump in here
in a few minutes, Jeremy, but it’s good to have
you on the program again. – Good to be here. – Verse one said, “It came to
pass that as he was praying “in a certain place,
when he’d cease “one of his disciples
said unto him, “‘Lord, teach us to pray, “‘as John also taught
his disciples.’ “He said unto them,
‘When you pray, say, “‘Our Father, which
art in heaven.'” First of all, again,
he’s bringing us to the understanding that in the new covenant
God is my father. He says I, when he
got ready to ascend, I am going to my
God and your God, to my father and your father. John 14, I will not
leave you as orphans. I will come to you. So, he is introducing… You said this, I think,
on an earlier segment that beloved, now are
we the sons of God. It doth not yet appear. I think the
Amplified Bible says, Behold, what an
incredible quality of love the father would bestow on us that we should be
called the sons of God. As he’s praying our father,
it’s the plural, our father. I think one of the
things that we both said in this segment also
is that prayer is, I said in one of the segments, why would an all-knowing,
all-powerful, all-seeing God who already knows
what you have need before you ask even
ask you to pray? I think some of it is
because, number one, he wants to have some
fellowship with us. Number two, he wants
us to operate like sons and operate father’s business. In order to do that, you gotta
get the mind of the father. In prayer, one of the
things he wants you to see is what a son asks, and he wants that
demonstrated to the world. Our father, which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Jump in.
– You know, I was thinking that word prayer,
we come from such a religious culture that
it’s like buzzwords. Things become buzzwords. The moment certain words are
spoke, our mindset goes to what we’ve always been
taught that buzzword means. In prayer, when Jesus
is speaking here, prayer had been where
they’re out in the community, they’re wailing,
they’re bowing, and all. In that culture at that time, they had certain
ways of doing things. It was very routine. It was very repetitious.
– Repetitious. They made repetitions. – When Jesus comes and he
begins to talk about prayer, the disciples asked him, Lord. They saw something… Luke says that he was in the certain place
praying, Jesus was. His disciples saw him. One of the things that
Jesus said in Matthew 5, he said go into the
secret place to pray. Go into your closet, shut the door.
– Matthew 6. – Here, his disciples
see Jesus praying. There’s a response that
when they see Jesus praying they want to be
taught how to pray. If they saw something
that was different about his prayer life
than what they had experienced up to that point, so they said to Jesus,
teach us to pray. I think the word in prayer here was a word that not
necessarily what they had been experiencing in
their culture to this point, but they saw something of Jesus that reminded them
of what prayer was, but there was something
more about Jesus’s prayer. We hear the word prayer, we automatically think
that’s what we do. We, even in our culture today, we have certain ways of praying. – Especially when we eat. – When we eat.
– I always say that’s fast talk. – Even just our prayer
life, we’re in church, whatever, you know, it’s
like every head bow. Close your eyes. There’s a certain way to do it, but I really this word
prayer here is that what the disciples are
really wanting to learn is how do we commune
with the father? We hear these words like prayer and our mind goes to
a religious thought of this is what it
means whenever I need to just get ahold of God, rather than just think
of it as a time of this is my time to
just go into a place where I just want to talk to God and expect a response back. – As a father.
– As a father, I would think many
times we go in and we tell him all of our needs but we never expect
a response back. We’re so busy, like you said, we’re so busy like
the parable you read where we’re gonna
constantly knock on the door until eventually he wakes up and come gives us what we need. Even in our prayer life, when we’re desperate for God, just like we go into
the prayer closet, we’re gonna keep knocking
on the door until God eventually responds the
way we want him to respond, rather than just
take some moments to go in there and say… You know, one of the
things I was thinking in one of the last
segments we were doing is that you say every good and
perfect gift comes from God, and if it’s not a
good and perfect gift then it comes from the enemy. One of the things the
scriptures says as well is that you resist the
devil and he will flee. Give no thought, give
no place to the devil. I think sometimes
what we need to do is even when we go
into our prayer closet and there’s things
that our situations that we’re desperate about, I think sometimes we need to, just like you’ve
been talking about closing the door to some things, also just resist it. – That’s true.
– And give no place to it. Go into your closet and
not even give a thought about the problem, but
give a thought towards God. Give some time to
just commune with him and say, you know what, I’m not gonna give no
thought to the problem. I’m gonna give thought
to the provision. I’m gonna give thought
to the one that provides and the one that every good and perfect gift comes from. When I get my mind on him, when I begin to talk to him, I believe in those
times of communion, not just prayer but communion where we talk and expect
a response from God, that God begins to give
the answer to the problems. I said one time, you
know, I was in a… One of the first
years of pastoring I got a call that this lady who had been to my
church a couple times, her daughter and
granddaughters were in Iraq. The daughter and one
of the granddaughters was killed instantly,
and one of them was on, they were keeping
her on life support. I get the call from some
people in my church about it. So, I went to the hospital. I had been mowing that day. I’m in jeans, tee shirt. I just dropped
everything I was doing and I just went
because I just felt like I wanted to be a support. I get there and there’s
some other pastors that were there, and they
come from bigger churches in my area than what I have. They were a little more
prepared to be there. They’re in their
suits, name tags. They’ve got
everything, you know, it seems like
everything is right. I’m sitting there
and I’m thinking I feel like I’m
like, what is it, a wiener at a steak buffet. – You just don’t feel
like you belong there. – There was a desperation
in the mother’s voice. She didn’t know what to
do about a situation. The transplant team was
coming and telling her there’s not gonna be
anything that happens here. If we don’t go in there, at least if we go in we
can save some other lives, but if we don’t
go in there soon, there’s not gonna be
any good come from this. The mother, she’s
believing for a miracle, that God wants to
do a miracle here. I’m setting in there, and
she comes into the room, and I’m with this pastor. Of course, he’s already
given me his credentials, made me feel even less
adequate to be there. I’m sitting there and
this mother comes in and she’s just distraught. She said I just don’t
know what to do. I just don’t know what to do. I just dropped my
head for a moment. I said, God, what would
you do in this situation? Of course, my first
response is like our religious response,
and that’s well, Jesus would walk into that room, and he’d get that
girl up from the dead. I gave a moment for
the Lord to respond, and the Lord responded to me. He said, no, the
first thing I would do is release this mother from
any guilt or condemnation that decision she makes
is the wrong decision. The Lord began speaking. I began to speak to this mother what the Lord was
speaking to me. I said, you know, God’s
able to do miracles. It doesn’t matter if you
tell the transplant team to go in there and
they take every organ out of her body,
God’s still able. He’s the one that created
those organs to begin with. If God wants to do a miracle, he can do a miracle, regardless
of what your decision is. It’s not going to shut down God from doing what he’s gonna
do, because he’s a good God. I just began to
encourage this mother that there was no decision
that she was gonna make was gonna shut down God. In doing that, it gave that
mother just the confidence to go in and make a decision and not feel like she was
shutting down her faith or not believing enough
for God to do something. It put her in another posture. I think sometimes, like I said, we go into the prayer, we go into our prayer life with preconceived ideas or
preconceived religious thoughts of this is what’s
gonna have to happen, or this is the way I’ve
got to bombard heaven. I’ve got to pray for
hours until, eventually, and cry and snot
until God moves. Hey, if that’s what you
feel like you need to do, then you do that as well, but sometimes I think
what we need to do is first resist the devil. Go in there to our prayer closet and decide we’re just gonna
have a conversation with God and allow him to respond back. Like I said, in those
times repentance comes, or mind changes come
that change our minds about how we need to
interact with situations or how we’re going to
respond to situations. One of the things he teaches
them, he says that you seek first his righteousness
and the kingdom. When we begin to seek
the kingdom and realize that the kingdom is
something we’re already in. – When he was saying
here, thy kingdom come, the kingdom did come. Acts chapter two, the
kingdom came in power when the Holy Ghost came because the kingdom’s in the Holy Ghost. So, he did answer their prayer. We are in the kingdom. – Jesus talks about
in one scripture, he says outside the
kingdom is weeping and wailing and
gnashing of teeth. Sometimes the
weeping and wailing is because we don’t realize that we’re able to
enter into the kingdom. – Yep, we’re living in darkness. That’s not hell,
that’s darkness. That’s no revelation. – That’s living in
a place of despair because we don’t believe
God wants to give us something good when we’re
living in the kingdom. Everything that
God wants to give and all things
we’re praying for, God has already provided for us. Like you said, even
in the scripture where Jesus is
teaching them to pray, everything that Jesus
prays is something that God has already given him. The kingdom’s come. His will is done. The trespasses
have been forgiven. His name has been hallowed. All of those things
have been provided and already accomplished, because when a son
asks for something there’s a difference
than when a son asks than somebody that’s still
believing they’re in darkness, that’s trying to
produce something from their own righteousness, is that we enter into
a different posture through our identity. In entering into that
posture of identity and realizing we’re
in the kingdom, we’re not outside the kingdom. There’s no weeping
and wailing here. We don’t even have to go into our prayer closet
and weep and wail to try to get God to
produce something. We enter into the kingdom and realize it’s
already available. All these things, when you
enter into the right posture, the response is all these
things shall be added unto you. You don’t even have to worry
about asking your father. He knows that you have
need of these things before you even ask him. We go into the prayer closet
to have communion with God so he can begin
to change our mind about how to respond
to the situation. – Absolutely, and that’s
the whole context here is he’s teaching
them how to pray. He’s telling them,
if a son asks, so he’s trying to shift
their thinking again. That’s what all four of
these programs have been, that you are a son. You are righteous. You are qualified. The kingdom has come. His name has been hallowed. His is the power. His is the glory. His is the dominion forever. He goes to on to say that he
has forgiven us our trespasses. Paul said we forgive, even
as God for Christ’s sake has already forgiven us. Everything Jesus prayed for in the Lord’s Prayer was
absolutely answered. Give us this day
our daily bread. That’s an on-going thing, and we shared last week how the daily bread is
more than a sandwich. Jesus is our daily bread. Your father’s ate manna in the wilderness and they’re dead. He said, if a son
will ask for bread would you give him a stone? The stone, again,
the contrast here is everything that he responds if a son will ask for bread, would you give him a stone? The stone speaks of the law. In other words,
would you resort back to an old covenant paradigm and think no, God is going
to give you the pat answer of what you get unto the law, because what get under the law is what you earn under the law. What you earn under
the law, zero. That’s why you
said we don’t pray based on how good we are. We pray based on how good he is. – Yep. – We don’t pray
based on the fact that we’re servants or slaves. We pray on the basis of the fact that we’re sons and
if a son will ask. It’s like I said,
if Jesus himself walked in one of our
services and said I’m going to prayer
line tonight, everybody in the
place would be there. That same sonship has
been conveyed to us that a son is there. We’re game changers
when we walk in a room. – Christ in you,
the hope of glory. – That’s exactly right, and
that’s one of the things even when he’s talking
about if you ask for bread, will you give him a stone, because he’s talking
about he’s the true bread that came down from heaven. He said if you’d ask for a fish, would you give him a serpent? Again, the fish, I
shared last week, to me, first of all was
a symbol of Christianity in the early days, but the fish, the thing that really
hit me about this fish is the story of Jonah. The story of Jonah is
the revelation of Jesus. Jesus described this
himself and said even as Jonah was three
days and three nights in the belly of the fish, so must the son of man be
three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. He said that’s the only
sign going to be given to this wicked and
adulterous generation. The picture of Jonah being
swallowed by the fish is a picture of the
death, the burial, and resurrection of Jesus. What he hands us is
not disqualification. He offers us the death, burial, and resurrection of
Jesus to feed on. Again, I shared this last week, but the moment after
his resurrection he appears to his disciples
on the sea of Tiberias and he’s got bread
and fish on the fire. He don’t have a fishing pole, but he’s got bread
and fish on the fire. He tells them come and dine. Come and feed on this. Come and feed on the true bread
that came down from heaven. Come feed on the power of my death, burial,
and resurrection. Then he calls them to the
beach and he looks at Peter, and he says, Simon,
son of Jonah. Jonah, that’s not an accident. To me that’s powerful that he even uses the name Jonah. You’re the son of
the resurrection. You’re sons of the resurrection. There’s bread and
fish here on the fire. Everything you need,
is divinely supplied because you’re a son. What he’s saying is if a
son will ask for bread, give him a stone,
the alternative is he’s showing you
here’s what you get under the new covenant. Here’s what you
probably would’ve got under the old covenant. You would’ve got a stone. Under the old covenant,
you would’ve asked for fish and you got a serpent. Even where it talks
about the serpent in the new covenant, Paul says I am worried, lest you be beguiled like the
serpent beguiled Eve to move away from the
simplicity that’s in Christ. One of the things that we
put a great emphasis on is preaching the simplicity
that is in Christ. We’re not offering a
serpent or beguiling stuff. We want to show them
the serpent on the pole. That is Jesus lifted up
to deal with everything that the serpent had
that could stop you, so that even what the
devil throws in your way Jesus has already defeated. When the snakes came among
them in the wilderness journey, he said, take a serpent. Put it on the pole,
and tell the people if they’ll look, they’ll live. When I’m asking for a fish, I’m not asking for a
serpent on the ground. I want you to show me the
serpent’s already been dealt with on the tree,
and feed from the death, burial, and resurrection
of Jesus that dealt with my rebellion, just like
it dealt with Jonah’s. When he asked for an egg, he wouldn’t give you a serpent, or he wouldn’t give
you a scorpion. A scorpion, to me, reminded
me of where he said the strength of sin is the law, and what gives death
a sting is the law. We don’t give them law. All that stuff that
he’s talking about- bread, fish, and eggs- are all powerful symbols
of new covenant stuff that we have a
right to and access as sons in the new covenant. The other things that he says that you’re not gonna receive- stones, snakes, and scorpions- you’ve got the power to
tread on serpents, scorpions. You’ve got authority as sons. What he’s doing is teaching the authority of
the believer here. The dominion that you
ought to have as a son. He comes back and says
if a son will ask… When I looked at that, I thought everything
Jesus prayed for, hallowed be thy name. John 17:4, he hallowed it. Thy kingdom come. The Holy Ghost came in power
on the Day of Pentecost, or the kingdom came,
because the kingdom is located in the Holy Spirit. His will being done, Gethsemane, he
prayed not my will but your will be done in earth as it is in heaven, and he did the
will of the father. Give us this day
our daily bread, we have a daily relationship now with the true bread that
came down from heaven. Forgive us our debts. We have been forgiven,
and we forgive in the new covenant,
beyond the resurrection. Paul said we forgive even
as God for Christ’s sake has already forgiven us. We’re not forgiving
anymore to be forgiven. We are forgiving because we
have been forgiven of much. Lead us not into temptation. God does not tempt any man
with evil in the new covenant. Deliver us from evil
and from temptation. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for thine is the
kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever
and ever, amen. All of those things,
that son asked. That first son asked
and he received. We’re sons. We stand in a day now
with a better covenant, based on better promises. We can enter our closet. We can shut the door
and say I’m a son. I believe there are
people listening right now that need to understand
they’re sons. They can lay hands
on themselves. They can lay hands
on their children, their spouse, not
feeling condemnation. We’ve got a few more moments. Have you got a few things… – Even that, Jesus teaches them in everything that,
like you just said, everything that Jesus asked
for as a son is given to him. On the Day of Pentecost
when the Holy Ghost came upon the disciples
in the upper room, their mindsets began
to really change then from servants to sons. They realize, hey,
we’ve been given the same power Jesus had. They’re walking to
the temple one day and they encounter
a man who’s lame. When they look upon him, they tell that man that’s lame, and he’s laying there at
the gate called Beautiful, they say, put your eyes upon us. What they’re wanting him to do is see something
that’s different. I want you to see what – a son looks like.
– Look on us. – See what a son looks like, because we’re gonna show you your identity
through this as well. Silver and gold have we none. In other words,
the tangible stuff that you take to this temple to try to buy your healing, or try to buy
forgiveness for your sin, because that’s a lot
of what they were doing even when they would
beg for those things is so they could buy
a better sacrifice. So, John and them
said, silver and gold have we none, but what we
have we’re gonna give to you. In the name of Jesus,
rise up and walk. Take up your bed and walk. They go into the temple running and leaping and praising God. In other words, what they
did in their understanding of their identity. Their mindset changed
to not just be that this is just for me, but this, again,
this is an export. We’re gonna give it
to the world as well. That is freely given, just like he would say we’re
gonna forgive our debtors, even as we’ve been
forgiven of our debts. Just as Christ has
given us his goodness, we’re gonna give goodness
to the world too. It’s the goodness of God
that leads men to repentance, brings them into a place
of receiving the kingdom. Outside, again, even
if you look at it from this perspective
of this man who was lame he’s laying there at a
gate called Beautiful and outside the
kingdom is weeping and wailing and
gnashing of teeth. You’re setting
there everyday lame, hoping just for
some alms to get by, but inside the kingdom every
tear is wiped from your eye. In other words, when you
encounter the sonship, when you encounter
an identity of sons and you understand that
it’s not your righteousness, but you’re seeking
first his righteousness and the kingdom,
it will bring you from a place where you’re
laying outside a beautiful gate wishing to come in
and be made whole to a place where you get up and you’re able to
enter into the kingdom walking and leaping
and praising God, because something has changed. You’ve looked upon
something that’s completely changed your mindset. We’re no longer servants. We are made sons, and what we ask
for is given to us because if a son will
ask, it’s given to him. – I think the reason
that man probably was laying at the temple, he
was outside begging for alms, was he probably a priest
who had been disqualified because of his crippledness. Under the old covenant,
you are disqualified. In the new covenant,
you’ve been set up for the miraculous, so
look on us, Peter said. They went in then, once
he realized who he was. One other thing I
was thinking about while you were
saying that was that I was thinking about how when
they brought them out of Egypt and they fed them, or
even not just Egypt, but when Jesus did the miracles, five loaves and fish and
there was 5,000 people, he said have them
sit down and recline. The people sat
down and reclined. He said, how many
loaves do you have? He said you feed them. He’s basically telling
them you go feed them, and they’re like, man, there’s
a lot of people here to feed. We don’t got a lot. What he’s doing is he’s
trying to show them that they’ve got the same… But the thing that
I was after was they reclined,
and they sat down. Reclining was the
posture of kings. I think of it laying
back in a place of rest and somebody fanning them. When they ate the Lord’s supper, they reclined at meat, because the reason they reclined when they had the Passover was to get them to lose
their slave mentality and get a royalty mentality. The moment they sat
down and reclined is the moment they were
set up for the miracle. The moment they got in
the posture of identity as kings and priests, they
started breaking bread. Give us this day
our daily bread. They started breaking bread and the miracles
started to break out. We’re just about
to run out of time. I think this has been
a powerful series, but I just want to pray and then I believe God is going
to release something in the lives of
his people today. First of all, I believe that God wants to release your identity, and he wants to heal,
deliver, and set free. We just release that
in the name of Jesus. We pray for people right
now who’ve struggled with guilt, condemnation,
fear, bad reports. Lord, right now, shut the door. Shut the door and receive
your healing in Jesus’s name. We’re just about out of time. Take a moment to call
that number on the screen. It’s really encouraging to us if we find out
somebody did receive, somebody got healed,
somebody got delivered. Even if you don’t sow a seed, that’s not the point to us, but if you want to call
and sow into the ministry and help us take
the gospel of grace and the gospel of the
kingdom around the world, we truly need your help. Without you, it’s
impossible to do this. If the Lord lays
that on your heart, please be faithful to
respond to his voice. There’s somebody’s standing by
right now to take your call. God bless you. – The word repentance
means to change your mind. The message of John the
Baptist and of Jesus was to repent for the
kingdom of God is at hand. The kingdom of God is accessed
by a change in our thinking. If you are in outer
darkness, there is weeping and wailing and
gnashing of teeth. That reality is not always
out in the distant future. It is in people’s
lives right now. One simple mind shift
can move you out of darkness and weeping and
into light and rejoicing. God wants to wipe all
tears from our eyes and replace our
weeping with joy.

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