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you’re giving a wheel which ones one it’s a face Smasher we’re back back on the jawbreaker we’re back for episode two of the Jaw Breaker hashtag “jaw breaker” since the last time you were here we’ve gotten quite a bit done so lets go down the list all the breaks the fire wall panel the suspensions been finished how the rear ends and finished out I’ve got the brakes hanging with brake lines on the rear and the steering column master cylinder I decided to go with the Wilwood pedal box because it was cost-effective it was easier and cheaper for me to buy the pedal box and I was to make it I I couldn’t justify making it for the amount that i could pay for having it done another reason why i decided to do their pedal box was I called Wilwood and talk to them about the master cylinder bore for my brake setup on the thing and in the front I have the FC or RX7 calipers and Mini Cooper rotor rotors and and based on the cylinder bores for the Pistons and those they were saying I need to use a 5/8 so they don’t make a dual output 5/8 so I needed to run a 5/8 for dual master cylinder it I wasn’t me to make a pedal assembly that used both or one to the rear and one to the front so I just went ahead and made more sense to buy theirs so basically technically you could say the brakes set up on this cars Mazda because the rear brake calipers are mazda protege or ford escort their front calipers not rear and this is a design of my own based on availability and I’ve used it before on my other te72 it has I definitely wanted to keep the four lug pattern on this card and one switch to a five it’s just I don’t know it’s kind of guesses for maybe the same reason NASCAR still uses lug nuts but I see I don’t know why they do but anyway I decided to leave the four lug wanted to keep that so it is 240sx s13 front rotors the rotors had to be modified to sit on the 8.8 the axles had to be modified to fit inside the rotors then ford escort or mazda protege front calipers dual calipers one on the front one on the back ones designated for the break someone’s designated for the handbrake since you were here last we’ve got I got the exhaust pretty much made up I just have to finish welding it doing the headers and downpipes I guess you could say they don’t really go down but they go around and then the whole mid pipe and back section or side section of the exhaust it’s all felt done just have to finish weld it and then reinstall it all the front suspension in front end got finished welded headlights got mounted their kind of top secret if you’re you’re clever you can figure out what’s happening there but the headlights are done the grill and everything the radiator got put in is not totally mounted but it’s it’s not going to be mounted by much you know if I have any issues where I’m going to miss your corner into something it’s probably going to be released in my trouble the intakes pretty much done I don’t want to bolt it down yet because i need to do wiring and the starters underneath it so the other thing that is done is the fuel lines run I don’t have to fuel cell made yet but I’m still trying to figure out the fuel sending unit for Gage and and then i’ll make the fuel cell a few lines run few lines are made for the engine bay that’s done got to get some wiring be some wiring soon made the steering wheel maybe steering column and I kind of I think I’ve said that in the previous video we were going to make that stuff definitely said I was going to make a seat I started those I got those going still got a little work to do them to get them to where I could actually see where I’m going to put them in how am I mountain in the car I made them to where I wants it really low as low as i can in the car and and then I got to work on the back seat but obviously I can’t drive the car without a driver’s seat so that has to be made first passing your seat and rear seat is going to be you know it’s not as important but it’s definitely going in I probably going to leave a lot of the work that’s been done exposed so people can enjoy looking at it and enjoy riding in the car with me and the there’s going to be accent pieces that I make to personalize this car not that it’s not very personalized as it is but you know to trim it out and I’m going to probably leave all this under underneath the dash exposed but i may do like a like a dash cap or a kind of a visor to what was the dash where the dash used to go and i don’t want to keep it real simple i want i want you to be able to see how this car functions and everything about it when you ride in it or you look at it a show or an event or whatever or you catch it at gas station so if you all want to check this thing out in person I can give you a good idea where I’m going to be as far as events go this season or this year in 2017 formula d is is that’s probably probably going to be a formula d with this car hopefully it formula d with this car the definitely the first event I will definitely be at we can do like probably like a meet and greet is the final fitment show it’s going to be in hiwassee Georgia at fairgrounds it comes jun 3rd and 4th weekend you guys check those guys out on Instagram and Facebook that’s final fitment I’m going to be hitting the southern press show this year with all the guys from Southern fresh and I want to hit I don’t know we’ll see how the year goes I’d like to be I’d like to think that somebody would want this thing at SEMA this year but we’ll see yeah I don’t know it’s hard when you make everything you know the vendors like well you don’t have any other stuff on your car so this is the first time you see in this car or any of the builds that I’ve gotten today then you want to see more go check me out on facebook at cutwormspecialties or instagram at cutworm specialties inc and snapchat that j green stone? underscore greenstone? I don’t even know what it is j_greenstone yeah that one so there and then I don’t know probably probably mostly on Instagram that’s that’s probably like my choice as far as social media I do my most the most content on there if you want to check out products in apparel or whatever you want to rep the shop go check me out at I got spike lug nuts and hats and shoes and clothes and and food and groceries and gloves you nuts the isotoner gloves and go get you know yo that’s what I’m missing I need to put a glove box over here from my isotoner gloves you

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