[INT] THE WITCH is Having Two Jaw Surgery Korea [ENG SUBBED][CC]

Witch Face, Hong Ji Yoon I’m Hong Ji Yoon, 22 years old Now I’m currently taking a break from university My jutting chin and square jaw is kind of terrible So I’m stressed a lot I want to tie my hair up Also I want to take picture with confidence without have to cover my face Also I don’t have to cover it when laughing Q: Do you shop a lot usually? I like styling and modifying so I shop a lot I like it when the worker said it looks nice on me Actually my style is kind of youth, but seems like it suits me more now than before It hurted a lot because of my appearance but I’m happy now that I can act more confident I never imagined of having a short hair style and showing my jaw line I used to upload my pictures after covering my jaw or editing it first Now I can upload the original one and my friends comment that I’m pretty So I feel good Most of all, the thing that makes me happy the most is that it looks so natural I’m so happy now that I can’t even compare it with what I felt before I like it Start your new life, with Wonjin

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