Is it a headache or is it a jaw ache? 🤔

so a lot of people get really confused
as to whether pain they’re experiencing in this area is caused by their actual
jaw their TMJ or whether it’s preferred pain from a headache so that’s what
we’re exploring today hi I’m dr. Beth and I’ll see you back here at moment
headache solutions and I’m joined by dr. Brendon an osteopath at Melbourne TMJ
solutions located within premier sports in spinal Medicine thanks for joining me
today Brendon so when it comes time for actual jaw pain associated with the TMJ
what are the signs and symptoms that you’re looking for. there’s a few different things we’ll be looking for so obviously the first thing is having pain
around the area a few other things you’ll find is some restricting it to
draw motion typically that opening and then also if you get any pain with
activities of your jaw things like biting chewing and then finally you
might find an audible click when you’re doing any of these motions as well which
can be quite annoying for some clients as well okay beautiful I give a
lot of patients they get really confused with that pain and so they’re coming to
me the feature all of the TMJ the jaw
treatments that I still haven’t gotten any results and that’s because they
don’t actually get any of those signs or symptoms they’re just getting this
really vague pain over their jaw but yeah they don’t have any trouble with
biting and chewing swallowing so it’s that really vague pain over here and
sometimes it goes up and over the ear adult ache in the year or like a block
sensation turns nose in the back so that’s the biggest difference between
the two so that’s what you’re looking for between them
yes correct yeah so I suppose a lot of people don’t know that I’ll see you have
some physiotherapists can actually treat jaw pain
so as most osteopaths what do you do to treat your pain depends on what’s
causing it there are a few different structures through the area that because
that could actually cause the pain so if you have more of a muscular type cause
of the pain you might be doing some more things like dry needling to release
the muscles some more massage work as well or if there’s more
of a joint cause we trying to increase some of the range of motion through the
joint to stretch out the ligaments if they are the problem as well
so as far as that’s one of the biggest differences between actual jaw
pain and that referred pain that I was talking about in regards to a headache
because while you’re treating really specifically to the jaw for myself when
it comes to that referred pain I’m looking at those top three joints in the
neck which are the headache and migraine producing joint so I’m treating them really specifically and locally so that we can actually get rid of that pain
another sense that really vague achy pain over here there’s not
associated with opening and closing the jaw so really different in that aspect
so hopefully we’ve made it really clear as to whether it’s the pain is coming
from your actual jaw or referred pain on thats caused from a headache or migraine
but if he’s still unsure and you want us to tell you whether it’s actual jaw pain
or a referred pain we’ve made it super simple so we’ve got a survey that you
can fill out so just comment below survey will send it through to you it’s really short it takes less than a minute and will email you the result so as i said
comment survey below so you can figure out whether you’re getting actual jaw
pain or headache referred pain thanks guys and thank you so much for joining
me today Brendon that’s been great beautiful and we’ll catch you next time
thanks guys

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