Jaw Brew – Circular Economy Award

I’m Mark Hazell and with my wife Alison I
started Jaw Brew nearly four years ago We want to push ourselves as the
sustainable brewery and we feel we’re in the right environment to do it, with
Scotland being so far ahead of everybody in pushing forward the whole circular
economy. Aulds the Bakers contacted us following a circular economy summit that
was hosted by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce Hardtack is a beer we make, made still with malted barley like most beer, but
also using a good bit of morning rolls in the mash which we get from Aulds
Bakers. So it seems a sort of win-win for us and them, us finding a cool way to
make a pretty different style of beer and then finding a use for food that would
otherwise go to waste Hardtack itself is more profitable than
other beers largely because we pay less duty on it being lower alcohol and
because we get a lot of the ingredients for nothing. All our beers are named
after a nautical theme and Hardtack was the ship’s bread so it seemed appropriate. Respect of the environment does pervade in the company, it’s a big part of what we do When they announce Jaw Brew as a winner at the VIBES award we were absolutely
over the moon. We display it prominently and with great pride

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