Jaw Dropping Reaction to IQbuds

OK. I want to be perfectly
honest with you. I’m usually skeptical of
very expensive headphones. I came by yesterday. I tried these on. My jaw literally dropped. I freaked out. I did the face-covering,
like, “Oh, my god. What is happening?” Because I didn’t think
technology like this could even exist. I was talking to
the demonstrator and I could only hear him. I couldn’t hear
anything else around and I could hear the music. But it just selected
his voice out. And the applications
are amazing. The technology is fantastic. It legitimately blew my mind. I love these things. I can’t wait to own this.

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  • Still needs the ability to update software and translate languages.

  • I expected to see his reactions! Not to hear he telling about them.. =/

    Anyway, amazing product there!!

  • Can music be stored on the ear buds?

  • Do you plan on creating a wired version of this type of headphone?

  • I've had my IQBuds for three days so far, and the jury is still out. I'm still playing with the settings available. I don't want to say these are a gimmick just yet. The only thing I can say for certain is that if these are the real deal, it's not easy to get them to work the way they're promoted to work. Speech enhancement is like listening to a shitty quality lossy format recording of a voice at low volume mixed with other random noises. The few times I've tried to use them in a real life situation I've had to take them out to be able to converse with another person.

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