Jaw Dropping Veteran Makeover

– Earlier in the show we introduced you to Debra, a military veteran
fighting to rebuild her life after serving our country for many years. We wanted to pamper Debra
today in Makeovers that Matter, glammed her up so that she
can feel more confident. Are you all ready to see Debra? I know I am! (crowd cheers) Let’s bring Debra on out here. (crowd cheers) Have you seen yourself? – I had no clue what I
was going to look like. (crowd cheers) – So let’s get Debra up on the screen. – Oh wow! Wow, that’s amazing. I mean, I’m just speechless, like really? (crowd cheers) – How did it feel to just get pampered? – It felt incredible. – You look absolutely stunning. You look so good, I must
say, MJ and Natasha, just truly outstanding. – Well Debra’s glam look today that Natasha and I were able to give her was really highlighted
by that gorgeous dress donated by Adrianna Papell,
and she gets to take home any of the dresses that she tried on. We couldn’t be happier. (crowd cheers) – I think all of you
should go out to dinner. (crowd cheers) Doctors, we want to, because you need to be out on
the town looking like that. We’re just so honored that
you could be here today to share your story. But, we feel like you need
maybe a little more pampering after today so, we’re going
to send you to Hawaii. (crowd cheers) The Kaanapali Beach Hotel is
located on the shores of Maui, seven nights stay and
1,000 dollars towards meals and any activities you
want to participate in. (crowd cheers) – It’s my favorite place in Hawaii, you’re going to love it. – Wow! Incredible, thank you so much. – Thank you. TJ and Natasha,
thank you so very much. – Thank you for what
you did for our country. – Thank you. – Debra everyone!

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