Jaw Surgery in Granger IN: Jeanne | Granger Oral Surgery & Dental Implants

I fell in a parking lot. I fell over a car bump, and I fractured my
jaw. By the time I got out of the ER, I saw Dr.
Anderson. The first time I came in to the office, it
just had a calming effect. The staff is so friendly and very, very interested
in your wellbeing. The surgery went very well. Dr. Anderson came in to see me as soon as
he could. I am a praying person, and I did ask him to
pray for me, and he did just exactly that, and I just really appreciated that. Dr. Anderson was wonderful. His staff is just so cooperative and so caring. I would highly recommend Granger Oral Surgery.

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  • Hi appreciate the content, I wanted to ask if it's possible, About 4 years ago, 4 guys attacked me and one of punched on my jaw, back then I couldn't bite or eat food for few days, the problem is I didn't go to a docteur and now sometimes it hurts and my face is one side bigger than the other, its soo depressed, please i would be much thankful if u answered. I'm 20years old by the way 😢

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