Jaw Surgery in Oklahoma City, OK: Lori | Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

Well, my orthodontist had told me that, one,
in order for my braces to be effective, I was in need of some jaw work. But I also had sleep apnea, ad through Dr.
Bryan actually, I learned that my airway was less than a quarter of the size what it should
be. It was quite extensive what they did to my
jaw and my tongue and everything, so that was anxiety causing. However, Dr. Brian made it so, so easy. There’s just something about him that makes
you feel — I felt real confident. He easily makes you feel really, really comfortable
and that you’re safe. Pleased to say that — I haven’t gone back
to a sleep specialist but all of the symptoms that I had before of sleep apnea — they’re
gone. If I knew somebody who needed oral surgery,
I would recommend Dr. Bryan just immediately. I have no regrets at all and cam wholeheartedly
recommend him to anyone.

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