Jaw Surgery in Oklahoma City, OK: Steven | Oral Surgery Specialists of Oklahoma

The reason why I came to Dr. Bryan was, I
was doing some janitorial for him in this exact building, and he just got a look at
me, and he was like, “I want to do the surgery on you.” Before I realized that I needed it, there
was discomfort. When it comes to biting my burgers, the bottom
of my jaw wouldn’t let me actually take a bite. Other than that, I guess it affected my breathing
a little bit as well. I was feeling definitely excited because I
knew that I needed it. Dr. Bryan did ease my nerves a little bit. Great doctor – definitely makes you feel
comfortable. Now that I’ve gone through this whole procedure,
I feel great. Definitely confident boosted. Just overall, it’s a great feeling to finally
see that change happen.

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