Jaw Surgery (Orthognathic) in Modesto CA:Kara | Greater Modesto Dental Implant & Oral Surgery Center

My name is Kara, and I’m from Modesto, CA.
I came to see Dr. Cadra because my dentist actually referred him. I had an underbite,
and you can only fix that once your jaw is done growing, and so Dr. Cadra was able to
fix that. I was nervous, but everyone at the staff was so nice when I came in, and they
love seeing your progress and everything that goes on; they’re so sweet. It’s a lot different
because I can finally bite, and that’s really fun because I can finally tear food, and it’s
not as hard chewing. I can actually eat a carrot a lot differently now; I can actually
bite it. I used to kind of shove it to the back of my mouth because I could only bite
on my back molars, and now I can bite pretty much everywhere. Actually, when I first met
Dr. Cadra, I thought he was kind of just really professional, and he really loves what he
does. And actually, after I got to know him, he’s like a giant teddy bear. I would recommend
Dr. Cadra because he’s great at what he does; I actually think he’s the best at what he
does. Greater Modesto Oral Surgery is the best!

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  • I am a single parent who is in need of oral surgery due to the infection that is spreading from my teeth. I promise this is absolutely no gimmic or scam. I'm really in need of help. Even if it's just $3.00 would help. Thank you for your time!

  • Hello i need jaw surgery ive used braces on my 20's lately its feeling allot worsen the pain the way i talk and ofcorse the way i look ,i don't have insurance i need braces right away again what would be my first step?thank you

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