Jaw Surgery part 9 – “Eating with mouth wired shut!!”

hello, how are you. Thank you for watching and thanks for clicking today Is Friday and I am going to show you how I make one of my smoothies and hope you like. and there is a million ways actually maybe there is a billion way to do this so all kinds of different ways to do it I just gonna try to keep it healthy healthier, healthier… is what I want I figured I just lay the camera here instead of hold it seems like that possible right, ready. here I go. so you can use a vitamix or you can use a Nutribullet, real nice or you can use a regular blender, but I got a bullet and I really like it. its pretty cool, works really well. hope you enjoy it I’m not gonna go into instructions on how to do all this all I already know. you have to follow the rules on how to use this thing blah blah blah blah I did not get the cheapest one or did I not get the expensive one. its a pretty good one its kinda weird look at me sideways right. here I go I am going to start with what to add always the greens first how bout little Kale or spinach. little bit of that in there I really hate the taste of it but its good for you it really goes long way fast that’s pretty good. alright my favorite, strawberries, u like strawberries. Thumbs up blah blah take bananas, and freeze em slice em into little ready made pieces goes really well and good flavor and almost done with that one ok uh peanut butter, the key to peanut butter is. a little goes a long way so if you do not want to drown in peanut butter flavor, don’t put to much I use natural peanut butter so I am going to put like a teaspoon because I do not want it to be overwhelming with peanut butter flavor. I do make a really good peanut butter and jelly smoothie oh god that’s good, maybe I make a video on that ok there you go. like a teaspoon little flavor i dont want too much too strong, too strong. you know but I love peanut butter omg I could eat it everyday. terrible right I gonna add some protein powder. this one I use I like vanilla little bit in there about a whole scoop and I want to live on the edge today I am going to put a little dark chocolate in here little extra something cocoa not too much you can always experiment with it experiment and try what else… that’s it I usually use almond milk but I want to use some coconut water I have not used it for a few days and just wanna try it again adding kinda alot gonna be a lot flavor, really good the protein powder is going to expand bigtime Can you see everything, Cool its really thick, I gotta a lot in there sometimes I take it off give it a little shake, you don’t have to. whole point, you not supposed to have to do that Ta da!! really runny, I like that ring came off. does that when lotta of suction. I got too much in there ok, I can already smell it smells like a chocolate, peanut buttery strawberry mmm smells good so I took a tip of one of the other ones. see I use one for my water so I took it off and made a hole in it and made it bigger I took scissors and cut it helps drink smoothie lot better you can watch me eat. here I go gonna sit down I like to lean back its a lot easier cheers to you. thank you for watching I hope you enjoy the videos this Is just one of the different smoothies I make I telling you right now. its not even 2 weeks and I getting kinda tired of smoothies, but I gotta do a liquid diet for 6 weeks so this just one of things I do. Thank you mmm just enough peanut butter too. just a taste. not too much I cant taste the chocolate and the strawberries these things are awesome omg these things are the best, you can eat really well and really fast ok enough watch me eat I not gonna let you watch me eat and show you all that sometimes like I said before. I use almond milk I do use it alot but today I just wanted to use coconut water just to mix it up a little and honest to god I cannot tell I did not put almond milk in this just to give you idea right I added the chocolate in there because of the Kale sometimes the Kale can be overpowering and I just didn’t want to taste it but I need the greens. not had for couple days I’m a bad boy ok seeya later, take care Thank you so much for watching. God bless everyone stop video I cant stop it ok here we go I outta here

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