Jaws 2: A Portrait by Actor Keith Gordon (2001) – Subtítulos en Español – Documental Completo

‘I was in a school play. ‘Somebody asked me to read for
a professional play, I was in that.’ One of the casting people from Jaws 2
saw that play, brought me in to read
and I got the part. ‘When I was cast, I was 16 years old. ‘I was a sophomore
in high school, I think.’ And I was cast in March of one year and didn’t finish working on it
until the next February. So it was 10 months
that I was actually on the movie, which is remarkable
for only 20 lines. But between firing directors
and re—shooting and hurricanes, it was a massive chunk of time. ‘We first went through four weeks
of sailing training. ‘The script was very different. ‘I had one line and no character,
just one of the kids on the raft. ‘Then we started shooting with John,
and a couple of weeks in, ‘Universal wasn’t happy
and shut down the film. ‘They hired Carl Gottlieb
to rewrite the script. ‘He did a pretty massive overhaul. ‘And they brought in Jeannot Szwarc ‘and fired a lot of the cast.’ My part being so small in the
first script is why I survived. I was so under the radar,
nobody thought to fire me. ‘The other cool thing was
with Jeannot, they let us improvise. ‘Me and Tom Dunlop wrote
a couple of our scenes together.’ Nah, she wasn’t looking at me. What are you saying?
She was staring at you and drooling. You could add stuff and that was fun,
cos I was interested in filmmaking. ‘It was a very slow process,
getting the film made.’ But for me, 16 and on my own for
the first time, fascinated by film, it was great, what an adventure. ‘There was a whole squad
of sailing teachers, ‘including Olympic sailors, ‘and most of us were a bunch
of New York and LA kids. ‘We didn’t know sailing. ‘For four weeks, we just worked on
sailing every day.’ Which was great at times,
painfully boring at others. Because they’d tell us
to go out and sail. ‘Navarre Beach, there’s nothing
there. We’d just go back and forth. ‘They made us do that during
shooting, if the shark was broken.’ “Everybody practice sailing.” No! The other thing,
they had this crazy military guy, Frank Sparks, who’d worked on
the first Jaws, an ex—Navy Seal. They hired him to get us all
into good shape, none of us were. ‘It was like suddenly being
in the Navy.’ We all got in good shape, it’s remarkable nobody died
in the process. Hi. I’d like to go
to the lighthouse with you. ‘Anytime you get a bunch of teenagers
together, cliques form.’ There were groups
of two, three, four. There were no real enemies,
no terrible fights, although over the course of shooting,
there were romances that went awry, and this girl was with this guy
and she broke up and went over here and guys were pissed over that, but it never dissolved into fighting. When you get teenagers together
you’re gonna get sex and cliques. (Imitates Charles Laughton)
Mister Christian, pump up this boat. Shave off that dreadful moustache. England expects every man
to do his duty. Carl wrote that for me because of the idea of Doug being
this weird class clown guy. This will be our finest hour. I’d never worked with squibs before, so I was completely terrified
when this thing blew up. I didn’t realize how loud…
It was like a gunshot! No one warned me, I had this
jump reaction you see in the movie. Oh, shit. Hey, Bligh, someone pop your balloon? It’s no problem, no problem. (Kids screaming) It wasn’t scary cos it was a shark, but because it was a huge piece of
equipment that was hard to control. ‘That was the sled shark, ‘which they pulled behind a boat
at high speed, it was perfect. ‘When they hit my boat
with that thing, ‘I got knocked into the water,
tangled up and dragged along, ‘so there was
a certain feeling of danger there.’ They tried to be safe and had divers, but it was this thousand—pound
piece of equipment being dragged through the water
at high speed, aimed at you, and they’re going, “OK, we hope
this’ll look right when it hits you.” ‘There were scary moments.’ ‘What else was in the water
that you didn’t know about? ‘You’re thinking about sharks all the
time, so you’ve got that mindset.’ Forget the mechanical ones,
what about the real ones? — We’re almost there!
— It’s not gonna work. — Come on, Patrick, pull to port!
— Keep it going. We’ll make it! ‘That was not a real island. ‘They took a barge
and built plastic rocks on it. ‘It was a very impressive
piece of production design. ‘It cost a ton, too.’ They could tow it around. You’d look out and there’d be
this island being towed. ‘Some stuff was shot
very close to shore.’ With this island out there, 100 feet. (Screaming) ‘The hardest thing was
the plastic rocks were very slippery. ‘Climbing out of the water onto it
was difficult. ‘You couldn’t get a handhold on it.’ — Come on! Come on!
— Look out! Come on, open wide! Open wide! See ya! ‘I remember one of the camera
operators got singed. ‘The problem with pyrotechnics is
you never know how big it’s gonna be. ‘This was not the time people did
digital effects to create that stuff. ‘It was pretty exciting.’ That was the first time I’d been
on a shoot with five cameras going. They took a lot of hours to prepare
because they only had one shot. ‘Once it was charred, it was charred. ‘They didn’t have extra sharks
to go around burning.’ He did it! Are you sure he got it?
It’s dead? It’s dead! ‘As sequels go, it’s certainly more
successful than a good deal of them. ‘It captures a lot of what was good
about the first film.’ One interesting thing, looking back,
is how many people moved on. ‘Jeffrey Kramer, who played
Hendricks, is a huge TV producer. ‘Billy Van Zandt, who’s gone on to be
a successful TV writer. ‘I went on to a lot of acting work
in film and theater.’ I was in Christine, Dressed To Kill,
I was in Back To School, but now I’ve been a director
for about 12 years and making independent films. ‘And a lot of what I learned,
I learned on Jaws 2, ‘being on that set for months
and watching the dailies, ‘watching what worked
and what didn’t. ‘It was a great education ‘and what a great way to start
into a professional career.’

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