Jennifer Hudson Belts Her Best in ‘Sing Out’

We’re back with the
lovely Jennifer Hudson. And since she’s here
today, we thought it would be fun to play a
musical version of our game Speak Out. But it’s now Sing Out. So she’s going to
sing a song lyric and I’ll have to guess what
the title of the song is. So you will put this in
your mouth, and then– OK. You know which way it goes? No, but I’m going
to figure it out. All right. Yeah, that’s on the outside. This way? Right. Like this? Nope. The other way? Oh, this way? [INAUDIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] Nope. Oh, yeah! Oh. No. No. No. I feel like I’m at the dentist. On the inside of your mouth. Flip that over. Flip it around. Oh, it goes like that? Sideways. No, not inside. No. Squeeze it together, Jennifer. Squeeze it like that. So one goes on one side. There you go, squeeze. Yeah! Put that on the– [AUDIENCE CHEERS] All right. And you’re going to sing– I don’t know what this is–
but you’re going to sing this. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] [SILLY SOUNDS] “Baby Got Back!” [SCREAMING] Oh my god. [TRYING TO TALK] You’ve got such pretty teeth. [TRYING TO ASK A QUESTION] OK. Yeah. You ready? [TRYING TO TALK] [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] [DRAMATIC SINGING] You sing very well with that in! Am I doing OK? Yeah, you’re doing it– You got me looking crazy. Not– no. You don’t look crazy at all. Oh girl, I’m ready
to take this out. Let me find my key. [SINGING TOGETHER]
Rolling on a river. [JAMMING] [TRYING TO TALK] Y’all going
to have to hear me out. What’s my key? Oh, god. [SINGING] Help me, help me. [AUDIENCE CLAPPING] (SINGING) If you believe
in life after love. If you believe in
love after life! After love! After– yeah. [SINGING TOGETHER] You know that song. “Believe” It’s Cher! Yeah, “Believe”! All right. The Voice is Monday and
Tuesday nights on NBC. We’ll be right back.

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