Jessica’s Jaw Surgery Stupor

okay so I’m about to go in for my TMJ surgery on my jaw and for them to remove my wisdom teeth I’m kind of terrified because i haven’t been drugged since i was a little baby and they did something on the thumbs so i guess this is gonna be exciting or scary you’re all of the above nice can’t wait for the jaw pain to go away hey Jessica how you feeling Oh a little confused you let go let go for title out of the way oh sorry she made me promise I’d videotape oh what oh yeah in spirit disagree Danny DeVito was there in spirit that’s awesome I got your purse yeah I have all your stuff don’t worry come on back oh man my back yeah you’re wearing it yep penny so pretty pretty come on in oh wait / clap those hips over there you go 01 you’re wrong mission complete okay and hold up here no no it’s just called in the medicine I’m positive I see a tall child there you go it’ll be okay put your hands down in your life you’re fine thank you so much for taking care of her I give that all the instructions next week okay Jessica all right bye thank you Danny DeVito did you tell him hi just go home boy huh did you tell danny devito hi okay good all right thank you okay hey Jessica how you feeling I love a good bedtime you look like adventure time oh yeah here I’m gonna give you a mirror you gotta see this crazy thing they have around you Oh oh you feel that a little bit okay don’t poke it cuz we don’t be sore Oh 10 fee look crazy fool you feel crazy whoa hmm what you what they do they did your jaw surgery and took your wisdom teeth out remember that it’s okay just looks funny now but it’ll go away you have gauze in your mouth okay yeah mm-hmm uh-huh what did Danny DeVito tell you did he tell you any any words of wisdom while you in there you don’t remember what Danny DeVito said it’s okay I bet it’ll come to you later oh don’t don’t be upset oh I don’t know where Charlie was hey Jessica it’s okay it’s okay because Charlie day um he sent you his love uh-huh did he said um tell Jessica I love her so much and I’m so happy that she’s getting this the surgery done because she’s gonna feel so much better soon yeah he doesn’t have twitter hey Dana yeah well you know how he communicates Oh through a carrier pigeon oh yeah I’m gonna spin oh yeah he sent us a note through a pigeon love pinion me too oh wow wow from the air pen you want a pigeon is a nail it oh so you can mail them a response back and johnny depp and johnny depp is that in deep that it needs it why make a box I’m all right eat that font and I said to him okay um I’m gonna have to move up here why don’t you put the camera in your face and video yourself for a second because I have to move the car up there two cameras now do cameras heavily both of my home painting okay flipping yellow or painting yeah painting of you slay me okay guys before flipping back and forth I’m waiting in the waiting room and the surgery room a painting was flipping back and forth in the surgery I’ve choking no you just have some gauze in your mouth we’re football ah we have to wait about an hour and then we can take it out okay so just leave it in there for now hmm where’s Danny DeVito oh I want one he was there during your surgery watching over you wha yep that’s what you told me when you came out yeah isn’t that wonderful so small them all fit over to all the feet of a troll yeah mm-hmm I think it’s there to keep the swelling down yeah it’s good it’s good it’s gonna help keep the swelling down I’m off writing so pretty yeah look what you say honey oh ha move my song can’t move your tongue but I made it yeah it’s fine you’re moving it just fine mm-hmm about what the FFF oh what was that oh about my papa oh is that what they did to you in there in the surgery oh cool oh ho your hands are cold ah I’m going on in here you have gloves i’ll look at that only jessica brings gloves to surgery okay right 101 you’re crying i’m away because of your love for danny devito charlie day long no remember Charlie couldn’t make it but he sent his love remember that huh what oh no far we’re in the car cuz we got to go home now why not funny why not why I’m friends yeah what yeah yeah yeah I’ll adventure you’re on an adventure oh I’m a little more you want to go through shopping with Macklemore oh ok you look a little crazy though I don’t know if we should go to a thrift store like this I love them they would love you at the turf store on one side right um let’s read the instructions first let’s wait till we get home and we can um take the gauze out when get home and everything okay oh my god what yeah they fixed your jaw they said they got really good movement in your jaw now so it should I feel better very soon once all this what you thought you heard it click yeah he said that they got really good movement from it and so they think that it’s that it’s fixed oh look great my phone you ready to head home honey want to go home and get in your nice warm bed I think we should go home okay I’ll buy don’t you take a little nap on the drive home hey Pat it okay competitive all right say goodnight oh love you too hi Jessica hey we had to stop for gas so I thought I would just continue our video diary of your day how’s it going nice to me everybody’s nice to you that’s good why is that making you sad wife I’m not what if you’re not you’re nice to people hey yes oh yes you do so hard nice oh god you put a note in my lunch box I love you have poteryal y ou who play like nut in your lunchbox daddy daddy did I didn’t know that is so sweet oh oh oh that is so sweet you have a sweet daddy all of you jiving me we love you too let’s go home let’s go see daddy you wanna see daddy yeah okay let’s go home oh yeah he is alright we’ll go home now oh hey she wants a hug from you Oh y-yeah real helmet what Danny DeVito did hug me you told you told me he had you yep leave your saying every day everybody loves you just love you yes really we won’t be Louis boss oh but for you oh yeah what four years ago you’re on one spot no why Oh an icebox know my father a lunchbox note she’s talking about some lunch box oh Jessica why don’t we come home and take a nap when I go home and rest oh I’ll go home and cuddle no no we’re not going to target when you feel better we’ll go to charge up at that wall Ed’s threat world that would be crazy wouldn’t it I love all filled some bunnies and birds and reptiles reptiles I’m Sofia why L feel snake you know taking every Jessica you have reptiles at home we’ll go see our own reptiles yeah oh don’t worry i gesture huh okay all right you ready to go home ok just pulled out here it’s like it’s like I

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