John B. on Sleep Apnea Treatment at Beckham Dental – Cave Creek, AZ Dental Office

Our family moved here in 1988, and it was time for me to get braces. I started with braces with Dr. Beckham. Moving my teeth around on my jaw, it really changed the way my face was. It changed the shape of my chin. I had braces for two and a half, almost three years. Since then, it’s been a colorful history with my teeth. I’ve had them knocked out a few times. He’s always fixed them and made them look good. I got a couple bridges and veneers and other items. Most recently is an apparatus that I wear to help me from snoring, so it makes my wife real happy. Last year, I went to the sleep study and test, and I had mild sleep apnea. In lieu of a CPAP machine, Dr. Beckham explained this process, that when I’m sleeping it moves my jaw forward, which opens my airway. I did my research and my diligence and come to find out a lot of people are having success with it. I tried it, and it’s been working great for me. 31 years of keeping my teeth straight and cleaned, and now actually my family is starting to come here too. Seems like Dr. Beckham and his team are part of my family I’ve grown up with them. I’ve always been comfortable coming here. Even when we didn’t live in the state of Arizona, when we came back to visit family, we’d come in to see Dr. Beckham. He’s always concerned that I’m comfortable in what he’s doing. He takes a lot of time explaining what’s going on and making me comfortable.

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