Just 1 Ingredient To Remove Dental Plaque & Tooth Decay, Whiten Your Teeth Instantly

good morning friends welcome to my
simple remedies have you brushed your teeth not yet
better do it right now or they might get yellow what if they’re already yellow I
have a special remedy for you but first let me tell you how I found out about it
when we were at school a friend of mine had a medical condition that prevented
her from brushing her teeth every day she could only brush twice a month you
can imagine how yellow her teeth became she hated to talk and she hated to smile
she was a very nice girl and everyone loved her but she wasn’t very confident
because of the appearance of her teeth she is mouth freshener for the odor but
couldn’t brush our teacher wanted to help her and gave her a special remedy
for teeth whitening by the end of the week I observed that this friend had the
most beautiful smile I’d ever seen in my life when I asked her about the secret
of having such white teeth in that short time she told me that she used the one
ingredient remedy our teacher recommended twice a month this remedy is
the best teeth whitening remedy I’ve ever used
it makes teeth beautiful clean and pearly white this remedy contains just
one ingredient it’s readily available and very useful and effective grapefruit
protects against tooth decay and gingivitis fights germs kills harmful
bacteria and gets rid of dead cells because it contains malic acids an
enzyme that promotes the production of saliva it’s a major component to remove
discoloration and contributes to the maintenance of teeth please take a
moment to like this video and subscribe to this channel now let me tell you how
to clean your teeth at home with a grapefruit juice the grapefruit into a
clean Bowl that’s it so easy one ingredient and one step dip your
toothbrush into the juice and brush your teeth for one minute dip the toothbrush
in the juice again and continue brushing for three minutes four minutes maximum
do it gently to avoid causing injury to your gums you don’t want them to bleed
repeat this remedy twice a week for best results the longer you use it the
brighter your teeth will become and stay that way as take-home tips
try to brush your teeth twice everyday if you forget to brush in the morning
remember to do it before you go to sleep in general a fruit of any kind after a
raw vegetable cleans your tea naturally if you can’t brush after every
meal avoid putting sharp instruments in your mouth to avoid causing injury to
your gums thus making them inflamed and painful I hope you’ll follow these tips
and keep smiling remember to subscribe to my simple remedies and like this
video that’s all for now see you in the next video till then bye

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