Kid Dancer Tavaris Has High Expectations for the Tooth Fairy

Tavaris, you lost a tooth. When did that happen? Yesterday. Yesterday? Did you pull it out, or
did you knock it out? No, I twisted and it came out. Oh, you did that on your own? You twisted it? Is that so you’d get some
money from the tooth fairy? Yeah. I see. Don’t do that to any others
if they’re not loose, OK? OK. Did you get some money? No. No. The tooth fairy didn’t come? Maybe the tooth fairy
will come tonight. How much are you expecting? $12,000. [LAUGHTER] Maybe the tooth
fairy won’t come. You’re expecting $12,000? Yes. For one tooth? Yes. What would you do
with the $12,000? Buy some candy. [LAUGHTER] And then they’d all come out. All right, we gave you
a little Lamborghini car when you were here last time. Are you driving it around? It’s my summer car. I can’t drive it
because it’s the winter. Oh, because it’s a convertible. It’s your summer car. So we should get you
a winter car as well? Yes. [LAUGHTER] So you turned seven now, right? Yes. We’ve known you for three years. You’ve been coming on
here for a long time. What do you think is
different about you now that you’re seven? I’m getting smarter. Oh yeah. Well, that does
happen hopefully. That’s good. And anything else? My mind is mature now. Your mind is mature. Yes, I agree with you. Although I heard you got in
trouble being on Instagram live. So tell me about this
mature choice you made. I went live with a girl
that was older than me. Yeah, you went live
talking to a girl. How old was she? 14. [LAUGHTER] So you’re into older women? Yes. Yeah. OK, so seven years
older than you. Yeah. OK, what did your mother
do when she found out? It did not go too well. [LAUGHTER] I imagine not. When did she do? I don’t need to know. I heard somebody– [LAUGHTER] I’m sure it’s fine. I’m sure there’s no need
to ask what happened. What did you get– I heard there was a gift
that you got that you loved. Grills. You got some grills. And where are they? My teacher took them. You were wearing them at school? Yes. And the teacher
didn’t want you– [LAUGHTER] I was going to lunch, then my
classmate he saw them then he told my teacher. Oh, he told on you. That’s not nice. Are you mad at that person? No. Oh, that’s good. That’s sweet. You forgave them. And the teacher
didn’t give them back? Hm-hm. Nope. Well, hopefully at some point,
because they’re your grills. See your teacher walking around
town wearing your grills. [LAUGHTER] I heard you wanted
to tell me something. My mom told me that
you’re going to retire. No, I never said that. What about it? I don’t want to retire
until I graduate. Graduate what grade? [APPLAUSE] Graduate like– Probably second. Second grade, OK. [LAUGHTER] I can hold out. All right, you’re going
to dance for us, right? Yeah. I can’t wait. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Yes! That was amazing. That was great. You did a little flip in there. All right, Tavaris, I was
late on your birthday gift, but I got you a
birthday gift, OK? Because you wanted a big boy
hoop, is that what you wanted? All right, look what I got you. [APPLAUSE] Do you like it? Yes. OK, good. All right, we’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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that sort of thing. Ah! Ahh! [BLEEP] God [BLEEP].

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