Kim JooWon’s 20th anniversary concert is jaw-dropping! [The Swan Club/2018.01.10]

(Seoul Arts Center) – Hello. / – Hi. Look at your flowers. – Aren’t they adorable? / – They are. – They’re so sweet. / – They’re just like Cheng Xiao. Your flowers match you perfectly too. – Come on. / – They do. We’ve mostly seen each other in ballet skirts, but we’re all dolled up today. (What they’re wearing today do seem different.) (They’re all dolled up today.) Jiwon! – She’s here. / – Sorry. I’m late again. No, it’s fine. (With both their hands full,) (they enter somewhere with huge smiles on their faces.) (Joowon commemorates her 20 years as a dancer.) (What does today mean) (to someone who has danced her whole life?) 20 years for a ballerina is quite a long time. Most retire at this age. As a 40-year-old ballerina, I wanted to show everyone the kind of dancing I have to offer as a seasoned performer. I’m reflecting back on my 20 years and tell the audience the story my body can tell. That’s about it. (The 20-year mark as a ballerina) (is a new beginning for her, not the end.) To have one career in your life and to live a life while leading it for a long time must mean something special. Just watching her dance moved me and all I can say is that she’s awesome. (We’re in awe just to be able to watch her dance.) You shouldn’t feel sorry or break down after failing. Watching her dance gave me the strength to push forward the next day and keep going. I love to dance, and I’ve always wanted to learn different genres. Director Kim is my role model. (After the show…) Director! Hello. (The swans ambush her in her dressing room.) – Director. / – Hello! – You were amazing. / – You truly were. I cried at the end. – Your 20 years. / – We’re celebrating that. – Congratulations. / – Happy 20-year anniversary! Congratulations. (Happy 20-year anniversary as a ballerina!) I wish it would help you perform as well. Yes, of course. – I was inspired. / – Me too. – That much? / – It really was. I could feel your energy and emotions. – Isn’t it just like acting? / – Yes, it is. Only the way we do it is different. – Thank you so much. / – Thank you. Don’t forget that you need to practice though. (Director Kim doesn’t miss a beat.) – Gosh. / – I have a lot of free time now. – Thank you. / – Congratulations. Congratulations. (Thank you all for coming.)

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