Kitty Is Fed Up w/ Ceaser’s Baby Mama! | Black Ink Crew

– [Young Bae] Did you
see Crystal’s new jaw? – What– – [Young Bae] No like, ’cause you know, – I heard Crystal is talking
mad (beep) about you. Q told me that Crystal has been talking so much (beep) about Kitty, and I’m still in shock about
what she’s been saying. – Imma just give to y’all raw. She told me that she a (beep) slut and she’s trying to sleep
her way to the (beep) top. (dramatic music) – What I heard is really harsh. I don’t know how to
break that down to her. I’m gonna have to find the
right words to soften the blow. She think you a slut, right? And then she thinks that
you’re (beep) your way up to the top, or you’re trying to. – Wow! – And she thinks that you are trying to force your way into Ceaser’s life. And she want you out of his life. – [Producer] Damn, she called
you a “tramp assistant”? – That’s what she called
me, “a tramp assistant”? First of all, who is Crystal? Like? – Ceaser’s baby mama. – And that’s all she’ll ever be. And that’s probably why she mad. You just mad ’cause your
baby father want me! I don’t have time for any of this. – I feel like she got a
thing for Cease again. And now she feels like she
can get him back or something. I don’t know. – [Kitty] But she’s always
had a thing for Cease. I don’t think it ever left. – I thought we were all
cool, so I don’t know. Maybe there’s more to the story. You know, I feel like
you should talk to her. – [Kitty] For (beep) what? For what? If she got all this
(beep) to say about me, and she feels so strongly about me, about a man that done
said on numerous occasions that he don’t want her, which has nothing to
do with me, by the way, like, that’s her own insecurity she got to work out for herself. She don’t got to say (beep) to me. I’ve worked damn hard for
everything that I have, and for Crystal just to dismiss that and call me some type of tramp assistant, shows me what kind of
person she really is. I don’t give a (beep) about that woman. I’m not trying to get sued for rearranging somebody’s new jaw. – [Young Bae] Okay. – [Kitty] I don’t got
time for this bull (beep). – [Crystal] I see Kitty
sulking in a corner and she’s been acting like that ever since I made my appearance. I feel like she’s
bothered from my presence. So I think it’s time that I
find out what is her real deal and tell her how I really feel about how she’s trying to sneak in
Ceasar’s life and in our family. Why you over here by yourself? What’s going on? – [Kitty] Hmm? Oh, nothing. Are you (beep) kidding me? I’m not talking to this bitch after all the (beep) she’s
been talking about me. – [Crystal] I wanna clear
some (beep) up with you. – I gotta go to the bathroom. But I’ll be back, darling. – [Crystal] You going to the bathroom” – Yeah, I’m going to the bathroom. – [Crystal] Okay, but the
bathroom is right there. She pressed or something? What’s wrong with her? – I’m not getting sucked into
this little petty bull (beep). I mean I have nothing to prove to Crystal. No matter what happens she
still has a Pomeranian face. Looking like Smokey’s sister. Ain’t that right? No, you’re way cuter. You’re way cuter. So I see why she’s mad. – You walking away? – You gonna fight Kitty, Crystal? – [Crystal] I wasn’t done speaking. – Yo! – This is crazy. – [Woman] Kitty!

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