LED Teeth Whitener Demo – 100% natural way to whiten your teeth!

hey Trina here I’m so glad you’re
interested in the LED teeth whitener every purchase comes with the boost
whitening pace I’m going to show you how to use it so the first thing that you do
is brush your teeth with the dirty mouth tooth powder white or black formula
that’s going to get your teeth nice and clean research proves that the number
one reason people don’t smile is because they don’t feel that their teeth are
white enough and a brighter whiter smile builds confidence makes you more
productive and builds relationships so I’m going to show you how to use this
it’s really simple takes about ten to fifteen minutes we recommend three to
five times a week you’re gonna get your LED teeth whitener all you do it comes
in this handy-dandy tray or a traveling case when you open it up you’re gonna
have the ports on top and if you lift the tray your LED whitener is on the
bottom so you’re gonna take this out the whitener can be plugged directly into
your phone either an Android your iPhone or through and into any USB port and
once you plug it in that turns on the LED lights so what I do is I’ll plug it
into my phone I set my timer for 15 minutes once I put the paste in I’ll
insert it into my mouth I’d call this my blue light therapy I’d love to either
meditate read or do 15 minutes of stretching right before I go to bed
after you brush your teeth you just want to make sure that your teeth are dry to
prevent any moisture and to improve the power of the boost whitening paste and
then you’re gonna take approximately a pea-sized amount of the whitening paste
rub it on your teeth insert the whitener and bite down gently and whiten away for
15 minutes we recommend using the boost whitening paste with the LED whitener to
help break down stains on the tooth surface and accelerate the process of
whitening teeth and remineralizing once you’re done take it out of your
mouth you can rinse and spit and then just run your whitener under some water
to clean it off and your tray has holes in the bottom of it
so all you have to do is set the whitener right back into the slot and
you can close it back up and the holes will allow the moisture to come out
without building up the moisture inside and will keep it free from bacteria if
you’re traveling just keep your your LED whitener in the bottom and then just
wind the cord this whitener contains 16 bright LEDs and 3 adapters compatible
with most iPhone Android and USB ports the 480 nanometer wavelength has been
shown to prevent and treat gum disease and periodontal disease by Harvard and travel and whiten away

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