LETTER FROM MY FAMILY 👪 Why I can’t Leave the Church Alone! (POSTMORMON)

I went to lunch today with a friend who
is active Mormon and believing Mormon and he basically said that nice guy
great guy I respect him and he basically said you know your your posts appear as
though you are you are angry and also for people who are believing Mormons
they are offensive posts and and so I thought that that was nice of him to say
that to be honest with me and and you know I’ve already had that feedback from
so many Mormons on on social media and you know you can see in my post you can
read the comments you’ll see that people are very outspoken people there’s
there’s some people who are very outspoken and they’re you know they find
what I have said distasteful or they’re very angry with me and I wanted to share
with everybody a couple things that that you might not know about my personal
story and why I feel as strongly as I do and when why I am keeping this up so
number well first of all let me I want to dedicate this video to a very sweet
person and she’s a friend of mine and I don’t want to say her name because I
just want to respect your privacy but she’s a very great person and she loves
other people and she’s a college-age girl and she is part of our support
group and she’s been helping support other people as they’re leaving
Mormonism and she’s not been posting anything publicly herself and she’s not
been doing anything of an aggressive nature
there was someone in our group who went and they basically gathered evidence
that she was in the group and that she was supporting others is all she was
doing and they went and they turned that over to her family and her family has
now aggressively gone after her and they have told her that they will no longer
support her financially in college and that her sole whole support system her
whole everything that she’s known and used to is gone and she’ll have to drop
out of school and and so forth just because she decided that Mormonism what
she was born into wasn’t right for her and she like me realized all the the
heartache and the struggle and the guilt and the shame and the pain that it had
caused her in her life and realizing that there’s many many more people out
there like us she wanted to support others as they transitioned out and she
wanted to make them feel safe and valued and because of that her world is turned
upside down and ripped ripped to smithereens right now and these are the
inner battles these are the silent battles that are happening in this war
and this is just one story that I heard today and I’m hearing all these stories
thousands of them thousands of stories where families if you don’t want to stay
in the religion that you were born into it is completely unacceptable and the
fallout is unbelievable you can’t imagine what what these people do in the
name of Jesus in the name of religion so and people then people wonder why why people like me are trying to bring
stuff like that garbage to light they wonder what there were a couple things
that happened to me when we decided to leave the Mormon Church there was a
couple very specific things that happened to me that lit this fire under
me and I want to share those things with you number one I asked my wife to please
keep it private that we left the church and let’s just go about this quietly
I knew the backlash that would come I knew I knew the judgment that I had cast
upon people who had left the Mormon Church not knowing their stories I made
up all kinds of things about them very bad things I assumed the worst about
them I didn’t do the Christian thing so to speak I didn’t just call them or go
see them and talk to them and and offer my love and support no matter what I was
afraid of them I was afraid of them I was afraid of what they heard or knew or
what they’d become I feared that they had become dark and evil and I did that
over and over and over and over again as an active believing Mormon and I so
sorry that I did that because that’s about the furthest thing you could do
from a Christian standpoint if we’re talking about Jesus is to not go and
love people unconditionally and offer them support no matter where they are
which is what everyone should do whether you’re Christian or not it’s just the
right thing to do I asked my wife to please keep it quiet and let’s give this
time in fact I specifically said let’s give it a year let’s not do anything or
say anything for a full year and my feeling about that was was that
we were too weak my wife is too she’s just too authentic
she just can’t fake things I’ve been faking the faith for probably about six
or seven years I’ve been mentally checked out I still believed it but I
didn’t like it I didn’t enjoy it there was so much about it I found distasteful
and and I was just going through the motions and I was mentally checked out
but my wife can’t fake things it’s just not in her to do it and so I was on a
business trip I remember I was at this this convention and while I was gone
unbeknownst to me my wife went and she publicly posted and my wife has a very
big following it’s predominantly a Mormon following because that’s how she
you know that’s what she focused on and she posted that she left the Mormon
Church and she did so in a unbelievable unbelievably gracious and respectful way
she basically said that this isn’t just isn’t for us now and we’ve we valued
this chapter of our life and it’s taught us good morals and values and we’ve made
wonderful relationships but now we’re going to move on into the next chapter
of our life and that’s not going to include this this religion and you we
don’t want to say anything bad about you and we don’t want to be at odds we want
to maintain all these relationships and we can all be right is what she said we
can all be right and the backlash was unbelievable women all these women
professing to be Christian professing to be God’s chosen people attacking my wife
ripping her to smithereens publicly private messages just tearing
her to pieces and I couldn’t tolerate it I couldn’t
stand for it she’d know nothing wrong she didn’t deserve it and that’s what
started all of this even still I think I was in an okay place I felt the need to
come to the defense of my wife yes I did and we kind of agreed that you know hey
let’s be open about this you know this this climate this culture is not right
how people you know like for instance right after we left one of my daughter’s
little friends my daughter’s only seven and one of her
little friends said to her your mom and dad are evil now because they don’t go
to our church anymore and my daughter said that no that’s not true and then
she said well that’s what my mommy told me and so crystal and I thought well
maybe we can be public about this maybe we can help change things maybe we can
help change the perspective maybe we can make it safe for people to leave and
people should be allowed to leave if they want to if you’re born into a
religion and at some point you decide it’s not for you you should be allowed
to leave and there shouldn’t be any ill-will or any resentment or any
judgement now I want to show you something this letter this letter was
sent by one of my family members on August 26
2018 now keep in mind all I done has come to the defense of my wife up until
that point that’s all I had done and then I this letter was written and sent to
every member of my family all active believing Mormons now I’m gonna read it
to you it says honestly I would not read
Shawn’s emails or look at his posts I listen to his podcast I got sucked in
and felt so sorry for him but in the end I felt negativity and a dark feeling I
wept the seed of doubt was planted six years ago people of the church make
mistakes and are imperfect they say and do the stupidest things and we have to
constantly practice patience and forgiveness or we will all be offended
at some point and leave I can promise you the second you allow doubt and fear
to preside over faith and hope the second you look at or read anti crap you
are giving Satan some power and he will unleash legions on you don’t do it Shawn
is posting anti-mormon crap and he is crafty beware with three exclamation
points don’t read it I recognize the feeling of Darkness when
I read it and I have not read it again do not think for one minute he respects
your faith and believe at this point Shawn is lost and he does not respect
your beliefs he wants you to follow him and if you
don’t he is going to say on his next podcast that we all dislike him and do
not support him it’s all the work of Satan pray for his kids because they are
the ones that will bring him back three exclamation points this I know
exclamation point bottom line you will find exactly what
you are looking for if you want a reason to leave you will find one if you are
looking for a reason to stay you will find that let’s stay in this together
all exclamation points we need him to know we love him but unfortunately he is
pushing every one of us away from him we can still send messages of love but I’d
be very careful all capitals what you allow him to say and to show you to say
to you and to show you and he is dying all caps dying to show you what he
thinks he’s found I also promise you if you remember and obediently follow
President Monson’s dying testimony and last conference to read the book of
Mormon every day we will be okay we are gonna make it I tell my kids if they’re
reading the scriptures every day I’m not going to worry about them because every
time they open the book they are saying to Heavenly Father I am here I am ready
to hear what you want to tell me I’m obedient and take the sacrament every
week with three exclamation points no matter what that’s all I got but I have
to share and advise please even though you
have so much to say to Sean because he is wrong and you are right and he has
caused much division and pain in the family for many years do not respond I
strongly I feel strongly it is the best we can do I love you guys I God and his
son three exclamation points I love his church all caps it isn’t
perfect but I have felt the spirits so many times testify to me it is true
three exclamation points now one person responded thank you so much
why is inspired words I am so grateful we are all in this together and that we
have the spirit to lead guide comfort prompt protect and inspire his letter
felt evil to me his posts feel evil everything about this situation has
darkness and Satan written all over now keep in mind this was in August of last
year I hadn’t done much at all I did not read any of the anti-mormon literature
literature nor will I I am in complete agreement with your thoughts and
feelings I have no intention of responding to anything he sends me it is
a lose-lose situation nothing good will ever come of it this I
know thank you love you so at that point in time I hadn’t really
done much not much not really we were just on the podcast trying to explain
like you know we were just trying to be understood like here’s what you don’t
know when people leave the Mormon Church they will say some pretty darn horrible
things about you they make some horrible assumptions about you it’s really really
bad it’s crazy because it’s okay for someone else to be Catholic it’s okay
for someone else to be Baptist or Muslim dopey they’ll treat those people with
dignity and respect but if you were one of their own and you left the team
though no it’s unacceptable and as you can see by the email I am essentially
damned that’s what I gathered I don’t know about you guys but what I gathered
from my supposedly loving family is that I am damned I am forever I think the
word that was used was lost and I’m pretty sure they said that I’m satanic
is that what you gathered I mean that’s that’s what I read now here’s the crazy
thing I’m not a bad person I don’t go around hurting people I mean I’ve got
some character flaws I’ve got some personality traits like we all do you
know that that might be unsavory that might be you know things I need to work
on but by and large I’m not hurting people I’m a good person who loves
people I love my family I’m a good citizen I contribute this painted me out
to be a monster and I’m not okay with that and I don’t think my family realize
how bad this hurts because they know me and they’re
essentially choosing the religion over me which is fine I mean there’s been
conference talks by Mormon leaders that it basically said there may be a time
where you have to disassociate it was uh what’s-his-name Bednar Bednar gave a
talk where he basically said in the event that these people are not
believing you may have to disassociate yourself from them yes even your most
precious loved ones you may have to stop associating with them and I can provide
the talk though the link and the reference if you like um bottom line is
if you’re gonna go you have to go quietly you’re not allowed to go and
give the reasons why you’re not allowed to go and say you know what I’m gonna
support others too because this has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my
life and I’ve never felt so alone in my life I’ve never felt so misjudged in my
entire life I’ve never felt so misunderstood in my entire life and people say why can’t you just let it
go why can’t you just leave and Shh just be quiet let me ask members in fact if members
were to watch this I’m gonna ask you something if you found out let’s say
that President Nelson came to your house he knocked on your door and he said
hello brother so-and-so rather Escobar’s sister Smith whatever hey can I tell you
a little secret I’ve got to get this off my chest oh wow
so good to see you oh this is amazing thanks for being here like this is
unreal yeah yeah thanks but I got to tell you a little secret I got to get
this off my chest you see first of all let me say all religions can’t be true
as far as I’m concerned and there’s people out there that are very liberal
very progressive that’s fine you do you but I’m far too literal I’m far too
exact I’m a very pragmatic person and all of these religions can’t be true
they’re all competing they’re all they’ll contradict one another it’s just
not possible that said they’re not all true so which one is true and everybody
seems to think that there’s this you asked the Muslims and they’re right yes
to the Jewish in there right you asked the the Hindu in there right and the
Jehovah’s Witness or right and the Mormons of course – right
we’re all right in the Mormons claim they are the fullness of truth and
they’re the one and only true and if you deny that if you’re gonna sit there and
tell me that that’s not true we don’t believe that we respect all religions
that’s garbage I was Mormon for 20 consecutive adult
years I was raised in a Mormon culture and community they posture themselves as
the one and only true gospel the only way to get to the highest degree of the
celestial kingdom is through the Mormon Church and their ordinances and so forth
so president Nelson knocks on your door and he says I’ve got to tell you a
secret I’ve got to get something off my chest oh sure
anything yes it’s not literally true what yeah it’s it’s not literally true are you talking about and then he says but here’s the thing
you can’t tell anybody I just had to tell somebody I can’t tell my wife or my
wife sorry I can’t tell the Brethren I can’t tell anybody else but just this
secret between us it’s not literally true don’t tell anyone
and then he leaves you’re sitting there going what am I supposed to do with this you’re not gonna tell anybody you’re
just gonna keep that secret I’m gonna keep that quiet you’re gonna sit there
and witness all of this intolerance and all this bigotry racism you’re gonna sit
there and you’re gonna watch teens die and massive proportions
I mean church has the highest teen suicide rate in the country ages 11 to
17 why because of all the shame and guilt worthiness interviews and sexual
questions and you’re gonna just sit there and stand back and not say
anything you’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna watch women all the women’s
oppression there’s not a modern day organization in America that’s so hard
on women and women don’t even have a clue because they’re not used to
anything else they don’t even know what women’s empowerment is they hold no
meaningful colleagues they can’t make any meaningful decisions they have very
little influence whatsoever they stand on no big boards or anything nothing
it’s it’s all men and you’re gonna sit there with that knowledge that it’s not
literally true and you’re just gonna sit there and you’re not gonna say anything
about it you’re not you’re gonna watch other people that try to leave with
their dignity intact in there they’re damned I’m gonna crucify it they’re
alienated they’re cast off you know sit there and watch people disown their own
loved ones and and remove the inheritance and stop helping with
college support why because you don’t believe as I do
religiously one of my best friends growing up his dad was a very successful
businessman prominent businessman and he told my best friend if you ever leave
the church you forfeit your inheritance and I give it to the church told them
that as a teenager I’m supposed to be quiet I’m supposed to
let that garbage happen I could go on and on and on why because ever since
I’ve been public with this I’ve been contacted by thousands of people with
thousands of different stories people that have been abused traumatized all in
the name of religion and I’m supposed to just shut up and be quiet I’m supposed
to just slip away go live my life these are people I care about I care about
Mormon people that’s my tribe that’s my that’s where I was raised I mean I’m not
gonna sit back and let that garbage happen gays you think I’m gonna sit
there and let gays be abused like that all the suicides because gay people
don’t understand why the Mormon Church can’t just embrace them and appreciate
them and these progressive liberal Mormons are gonna say well the church
has come a long ways with the gays really I’d love to know people who are
gay I’d love to hear your perspective on that because what I hear is that you
still feel unwanted you still feel unloved you still feel like misfits you
still don’t know why God made you the way you made you doesn’t make any sense
and I got to sit there and just it’s the weirdest thing you know and then like
the polygamists the FLDS watch how active Mormons treat them watch how they
talk about it they belittle them they look down on them they think that
they’re the scum of the earth I’ve seen it I’ve heard it and yet they don’t know
that they’re more fundamental to what Joseph Smith started then we ever were
section 132 is staring you right in the face it’s still right there in your quad
it’s right there and your doctrine of covenants go read it it says that
polygamy is still in effect it’s still a doctrine Dallin a jokes is married to
more than one woman woman sealed to more than one woman so as president Nilson
it’s in effect the law of polygamy that the
new and everlasting covenant it’s right there staring you in the face it’s not
changed just because the government shut down polygamy in the Mormons you know
the Mormon Church as we know it they conformed but that spiritual doctrine is
still in place and women don’t believe that and they don’t know their own
doctrine and I’m supposed to just shut up and be quiet but most importantly
look at this this letter from my family damming me and guess why they damned me
because the Mormon Church teaches that there isn’t a hell so to speak there’s
this place you got the celestial kingdom the terrestrial Kingdom the Telestial
Kingdom and you know you’ve got the spirit world and then you’ve got this
place this dark place with all the knowing and the gnashing of teeth and
and the weeping and the wailing and it’s called outer darkness and guess what
this is sad the murderers don’t go there my sexual predator the guy that abused
me he won’t be there even people like that the most evil of them all they
still make it to the Telestial Kingdom guess who gets to go to outer darkness
the sons of perdition look it up study your scriptures me that’s why I’m damned
how would you think it would feel if your loving family that raised you if
all of them believed you were damned and you were the only one who was damned then they say they love you you know
they say they love you unconditionally but you’re damned so what’s gonna happen
here’s what I foresee brave people brave people your kids are gonna lead the
church if you’re in your 50s and 60s you probably have a kid that’s left the
church if you haven’t they will if they have less than you because it’s not
literally true and when they leave you’re gonna have to make a choice and
the choice is gonna be my like am I going to damn them where am I gonna fake
it some of my family have just faked it they believe I’m damned but they’re
trying their darndest and I love them for it they’re trying so hard to love me
anyway but they don’t believe I have the spirit they don’t believe I have the
Holy Ghost they don’t believe I’m they believe I’m lost and I’m evil I mean
that’s what the doctrine says you guys study that the talk study the doctrine
with that in mind you’re gonna have some brave parents out there in their 50s and
60s there’s going to be some brave pioneers that come forward and they’re
gonna say no no you’re not gonna don’t damn my kids
they’re good people don’t damn my grandchildren I won’t allow it the
Mormon Church is gonna have to frame itself differently it’s gonna have a
frame itself as an option it’s gonna have to frame itself it’s gonna have to
become very very much Liberal socialistic progressive and they’re
gonna have to say this is an option it’s a way to raise a family we teach good
morals and values we no longer gonna say we’re the one and only true church which
is offensive to all of the religions by the way and we’re no longer going to dam
people for leaving and that’s what’s coming that’s what will happen I don’t
know how soon but it’s probably going to be sooner rather than later because it’s
not trendy to leave the Mormon Church you guys you guys have no idea you think
that this is some popular thing to do some trendy thing to do you have no idea
what you want you deal with on a daily basis when you leave the Mormon Church I
walked by my house on the lane here the other night and the guy wouldn’t even
make eye contact with me I’m not even a human being anymore okay why because in
his mind he’s thinking I choose God over him
he is evil he is Satan I choose God and they don’t realize what we’re trying to
accomplish here we want good people to be able to leave their life they’re born
into a religion they’re born into it they didn’t choose that guys stop
telling me I chose it that’s not fair they’re born into a religion and when
they choose to leave that are belittled they’re shamed they’re ostracized and
they’re damned change it let’s change that okay Donal don’t accept it anymore
you parents out there you parents and grandparents
say no no more we won’t allow it anymore okay the women just got the women just
became able to wear pants on their mission like welcome to the 21st century
the women can wear pants on their mission the women’s don’t have to Veil
their faces in the temple the women no longer have to go through their husbands
to get to the Lord now it took until 2019 January 2019 for women to be able
to go direct to the Lord and not have to go through their husbands to get to the
Lord and all of you that are active you know that’s true I’m not a liar I am NOT
a dishonest person I have integrity and that’s the absolute truth that took
until 2019 Wow Mormon Church you’re about 200 years late
okay that’s ridiculous so how did that change happen you have lots of different
people to thank for that but probably the women’s lives that are always
petitioning and and fighting for women’s rights in the church okay and then
change happens because women fight for it just recently they changed something
Sam Young did a hunger strike downtown he says this all coincided with my
sexual abuse case that was featured on the cover of The New York Times Sam
Young says I was a bishop I disagree that men should be allowed to be alone
with children in a closed room I would add that they shouldn’t be alone with
women either he says I disagree with this concept it never felt right I don’t
like it and they certainly should not be talking about sexually explicit things
with little young children asking young teenagers if they masturbate prying and
poking into their sexual stuff it’s it’s despicable it should be illegal and it’s
causing all kinds of sexual abuse and problems and guess what the church
responds and they and they say okay okay we’re gonna excommunicate the bishop for
even bringing it to light your xed you’re no longer even a member
you’re damned but now what we’re going to do is we’re going to say it’s
optional parents can come into the interview room with the children if they
want to they don’t have to but if they want to and they’re still asking
children to this day sexually explicit questions sexually intimate things
details it goes so far as to say bishops asks
young girls about their orgasms and how it feels and this is not once or twice
this is prevalent don’t even put men in that position
don’t put men in a position where they’ll fall don’t put men in a position
where they’ll be turned on by gross things and men are just that they’re men
I could go on and on and on all day long with all manner of issues there’s so
many things that needed to change about the Mormon Church and it hits home for
me why because of this this see this me my wife my children dams strike me down
bellow him I’m waiting Jehovah come after me it ain’t gonna
happen guys dams I think not and people like me are gonna keep speaking up
because we know that Mormons are listening I know you’re listening to me
I know you are thank you for listening now we either change things and what
brings about change a voice we have to open our mouths we can’t let families do
that too little act a little the friend of mine the college-age girl I’m not
gonna say her name but we can’t let that happen we all have to BAM together and
say that that Christian principle know if anything satanic and evil if there is
a Satan that’s satanic and evil to do that to a girl because she says this
religion doesn’t really fit me I don’t really like it I don’t feel good in it
I’m more of a free spirit and you’re gonna do that to her that’s evil that’s
satanic whoa I gotta clean all this up now
anyway I hope my family watches this if you watch this don’t ever call me a liar
again you know I’m probably the most honest person in the entire family I’m
brutally honest I have integrity that’s probably what’s wrong with me
as I call it like I see it and if I see something not right I’m gonna call it
out and if I see people hurting other people I’m gonna do something about it
that’s not gonna change it’s just what God made me to be all
right thanks for joining me

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  • Do any of you feel angry for knowing the truth? Or wish they would’ve stayed in the cloud; not knowing the truth? I feel angry sometimes, but at the same time I feel amazing for knowing the truth. I wish my family would just realize they were being lied to. I’m the only one out, but my parents and siblings just think I’m crazy for leaving. I think they just feel in going through a “phase” and well, I’m lost as well. The thing that has to change is for the church to tell the truth. Sean… BRAVO!!!

  • Let's hear YOUR reasons? Why do you feel you can't leave the church alone?

  • Sean, I am so so sorry. This is so painful. It is amazing to see the full clutches the church has on our family, in real time. Sending you lots of love.

  • Listening to that letter sounded so “cultish.” It’s so crazy that they are so afraid of being deceived by Satan. Even when I was TBM, it didn’t make sense to me how Satan got so much credit for our thoughts. I’m sorry that happened to you. 😢

  • The gaslighting, manipulation, finger pointing and overall baseless accusations are similar to what my own mother used against me when I left.

    I had to stop associating with her recently, and it has been hard… but the best decision of my life. She was a religious groomer, even though she doesn't see it that way.
    Thank you for this video. It was probably hard to record, but very much needed.

    Namaste, and may you find your path out of Mormonism.

  • Truth! Thank you!

  • I want to add, my father was sealed to her sister. It was then that I knew I had to leave.
    Also, I am marrying the son whose UNCLE was Warren Jeffs. Polygamy is real in the FLDS religion, and they followed more of JS' teachings. I used to judge them, but now realize they are just as sheltered and confused.

  • Ok first off I just have to say that outer darkness will be LIT🔥… But there have been many factors in my decision to leave the institution (I refuse to call it "the church" as I feel that gives them too much power and authority). For one thing, I am gay. Being gay and a believing Mormon is literal hell. You cannot even comprehend the pain and shame behind that existence. That is all you do as a gay member. You exist to represent the most reprehensible aspects of Mormonism. You exist to indirectly appropriate the harm caused by the institution. I do not appreciate being/feeling chained down by anything, and do not believe it is truly Christlike to expect people to obey without justifiable reasoning. I had many experiences in which I was thoroughly chastised by church leaders and peers for refusing to follow them in taking a girl in the ward to prom. I have nothing against her and have always considered her my friend, but I could not mentally handle that any longer. It was always intended that I be something I wasn't. I remember my early teen years struggling to feel something for the opposite sex. I wanted, more than anything, to be respected and valued. I think what ultimately lead me to my freedom was the realization that I didn't know who I was. I was always shielded most from my own identity. I have more to offer elsewhere. I can never allow Mormonism to continue as it is. I have to protect others who exist as I did. I understand full well why there is such an intensive suicide epidemic within the institution.

  • The church turns normally good people into sociopaths! Who HATE their enemies!

  • Wow, that letter hit home. This is our reality with family. Thanks for your words. Preach it!

  • THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for being outspoken, for caring, for supporting those of us who need to leave. So many of us have and are going through situations so similar and it is HARD. It is PAINFUL. We live in this bubble that looks one way, but in reality is another completely.
    I can't leave the church alone because of religious trauma, indoctrination, hate, the toxic culture it causes, abuse, racism, the separation of families, the motivation being money and power, and the list goes on.

  • I stand in my own authority and sovereignty of my spiritual expansion. I am so grateful I left. It is a new day.

  • Start a good fund me account for this sweet girl id contribute

  • I used to be terrified of Outer Darkness; it kept me from doing research on Mormonism for many years. I went to apologetic (rationalization) sites instead so I could find ways to keep believing in the Church. Finally, it ll collapsed. My husband agreed with me and left the church too, and our grown children were inactive anyway. We were converts and have no other Mormon family. Converts are much more fortunate than BICs when it comes to getting out of Mormonism.

  • That, my friends, is passion !

  • I am so sorry. I left at 16 and luckily was just written off at being rebellious. But I have heard people say that me and my husband are evil as soon as we removed our records.

  • The pain in this letter sounds so familiar. I recieved the same output from my own father. So much pain and hurt this church has caused… Thank you for speaking out Sean.

  • Sean, not only are you not hurting people, you actually help so many. I’m sorry to hear that letter between your family members. That doesn’t make sense to me. I wasn’t able to have children, but I’ve had plenty of dogs and now kittens. I know how much I love those amazing animals. I couldn’t fathom a father in heaven who couldn’t love his children at least as much as I love my dogs. Why don’t I leave it alone? Because the religion instills shame and fear in people. The organization is insanely wealthy yet it takes money from the impoverished. The religion was built on lies and manipulation. Joseph Smith was no different from all those other self proclaimed prophets and messiahs who use intimidation to gain power over others. They marginalize women. They deny LGBTQ+ the right to love and be loved, to be married, to be equal. People kill themselves because they think they will never be accepted by god because their families and their religion doesn’t accept them. I don’t go to my lds family and friends and try to change their minds. I’m fortunate in that most of them don’t try to change my mind. I feel very strongly that I want to be there for others who have left, the way that some truly amazing people were there for me. I believe in loving people as they are, not as I think they should be. You and your wonderful wife do so much good and have created a community of people who love each other and who support each other and there’s no judgement. Thank you.

  • The girl who's family kicked her out and won't help her in school…..could we set up a go fund me? I'd donate.

  • Darkness = cognitive dissonance

  • Way to go brother!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Looking forward to many more testimonials to come. Much love to you and your beautiful family. They’re lucky to have you.

  • That was so powerful!

  • Sean, you've saved lifes brother. David Ostler has released a book called "Bridges" that I'm dying to read. A brave active member who wrote a book explaining to TBMs why people leave the church.

  • Sean, my heart went out to you as I listened. I realize how much the church relies on feel good feelings to survive. If it doesn’t make you feel good it must be bad. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this. I wish we could get together and talk sometime. I’m 77 years old, I’m a widow and I’m also handicapped. I live alone and I am judged by family and local members.
    I was very devoted as a member. I can’t unsee what I’ve learned.

  • Wow! I love this! Everything you said… The emotion and the facts… So spot on! So many of us feel the exact same way. Thank you for speaking the truth and being brave enough to tell your story! And thank you for sharing that letter… Whoever wrote that… Wow! However, sadly I know so many Mormons who feel the exact same way. It really is so sad. Makes me cringe to think I used to be the same way…

  • Thanks for not shutting up bro ditto on all this!

  • As a openly gay person. My gf and I can go to church mtg. But we cannot take sacrament and all the restrictions that come with that. We dont talk much in Sunday school….i dont know if they will be okay with it. So we can go, but not get baptized. Missionaries stayed away from us…i get it. I used to be a missionary. So….its like when black people went to church back in 1950's and 1960's. Except they could get baptized….but mormon culture didn't like black people coming to church back then. I am waiting so I go to church for now….faithfully waiting like some black people waited for equality back in the day.

  • I have to be honest, I am not familiar with Mormon tradition/practice/culture. I know a lot of LDS where I live, and many are my friends. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I don't observe LDS to be pernicious. Pernicious in the sense that no one is encouraging you to strap a bomb on yourself and kill infidels. If a religion was THAT bad, then I would suggest leaving it. But in the case of this girl, why not just fake it (as you stated) until she was done with school. I am an agnostic and consider all religions synthetic. My family is devoutly catholic, and I still participate in all functions/holidays/practices. It's no skin off my back. I fully admit, this retribution on apostates of religion is really a foreign and bizarre concept to me. I would never castigate people who chose otherwise.

  • I support and admire you. Its shocking that your family member wrote that hateful letter to your other family members. Bednar and his ilk promote and encourage that shameful practice of shunning and abuse. Shame on him. I'm still a member of record, but inactive for eight years. I've also been on the receiving end of really bad behavior from a TBM zealot regarding my loss of faith.

  • Great video!

  • I’m so so sorry about how your family is treating you. This breaks my heart. Thank you for your strength, courage and wisdom. Thanks for keepin it real! So proud of you!

  • Women still have to go through men in the temple. Men are priests to god and women get to be priests to the new and everlasting covenant. Even if someone thinks this is monogamy – it’s still just a priestess TO THE marriage and they still have to be pulled through by their priesthood holder. Can someone correct me if I am wrong? This was one of the big things for me.
    Sean love you and your sweet wife. Your letter was such a rollercoaster of emotions. First I wanted to hug you then I felt like I was being wrapped in a hug then I started thinking about my family. I have six perfect temple worthy LDS siblings. Both my parents are converts and when we were little (prepping, gardening, canning was more of a commandment. Were we the only family who spent fhe practicing going down the roll out fire escape from the second floor?) My parents raised us knowing that if they both died we were going to be taken in by good LDS strangers-to-us in Wisconsin from their first family ward. Doubtable these good people knew they were agreeing to seven kids. The last time my parents came to visit they sat smiling excited to tell me (they brought it up) that they couldn’t/wouldn’t take my non-LDS children if we both died. I wouldn’t ever want my kids raised by them but I certainly wouldn’t say that to them. But they are leaving me with siblings who were taught by their example to look down on non-member siblings. Their good welcoming catholic siblings wouldn’t ever be worthy of raising us kids if they died. Shouldn’t they want my non LDS kids for no other reason but to “save them.” I hope my parents never know how much they’ve hurt me in my life – I think it would either kill them or their indifference would kill me. The LDS culture – it is really good at breaking down anyone who doesn’t belong – and teaches them how to do it smiling excitedly.
    Sorry so long. I only share this because I hear a lot about tuition etc. I didn’t go to a church school and all my siblings did for free so I adjusted my life and it took a long time but I paid my way through. Your friend will too. She will be stronger for it. I also hear a lot about wills meaning $$$ being taken away if you leave the church. But what kind of church would encourage parents to turn away grandchildren and it would be just a “well then come back to church.” Was I ever that heartless as a believer? I certainly don’t think so but I used to be sure of a lot more than I am right now. I know that I will raise my kids knowing that they belong and are wanted and loved and my parents continue to teach me how important that is – by their lack of it.
    Thanks for all the work you do. My husband joined the church two years ago – opening up the doors to so much conditional familial love – my two kids suddenly had 27 cousins that wouldn’t be raised to look down on my kids. I knew the love was conditional but when my husband left the church it nearly broke me completely for what it took back – your wife’s podcast helped me a lot. ❤️❤️❤️you both!

  • Please link talk by Bednar.
    And God bless you, your wife and family. Leave religion behind and come to know the real Jesus.
    A true relationship will blow your mind as you finally seek Him and read His Word without a mormon lense distorting everything.
    I was active faithful lds for 35 yrs till I came to know the Lord.
    You have a beautiful family and a lot of courage. You are loved, you're not alone.

  • You are not damned at all! I view mormonism as a cult and it's great that you left it.

  • Sean I am visiting Utah for a couple of weeks and came across your interview with Bob Evans at Fox 13 after watching your Mormon after video.

    I would love to talk to you personally (by phone) if that is possible. My commenting here would be too lengthy and too personal. I also don't do FB or Twitter.

  • Don’t like it? Don’t watch. It only offends those that allow it to offend. Love your posts, keep on going cause your story and insight are amazing. OMG, and the young girl? If she has a go fund me I’ll help where I can.

  • Sean, I became interested in learning about the LDS church after talking with a friend who resigned. The church’s online PR presence is remarkable, and some of the inspirational videos and “The District” are impressive. I saw your and Chrystal’s interview on Mormon Stories, and some other online stuff you have done. I’ve seen lot of ex-Mormon stuff too , including MoHos and FarBetween. The level of anger toward the institution is astonishing from those for whom it was impossible to remain. There is good in the church – you yourself were raised in the church, have a good family, a successful business, and a strong moral compass. Personally I think the theology is wacky, and abuses and mind-control are rampant. And the church thrives on the words “feel,” “feeling,” and “felt.”

  • Oaks encourages members to shun people who leave. http://mormoncurtain.infymus.com/topic_dallinhoaks.html

  • Keep speaking the truth!

  • I'm so sorry you are being treated this way in the name of a "church". How is this not a huge red flag to everyone?!
    You know what matters, your personal relationship with God, not a religion. You are clearly a truth seeker and that is admirable! You have changed the path for your family to be able to be free in God and not burdened down by mormon rules and deceptive way of life and thinking. Your courage is amazing and if every mormon would have the courage to read and study the LDS church essays, the CES letter, study the church history just for starters without their mormon blinders on and also truly be truth seekers, it would be freeing.
    It's sad because most LDS are kind sweet people (until you challenge their church or leave)😉 but they are blinded and afraid to research because of the fear that the "church" has instilled in them.
    Keep searching for God, the real God, He loves you so much and now you have no barriers to keep you from reaching Him. Please know the Bible is the Word of God as it is, the Dead Sea Scrolls and thousands of original fragments have been found over time and confirm this.
    I know it will be hard for you to know what to trust for quite a while but be patient with yourself. Lynn Wilder has good videos (she was a BYU professor) to help and I'm sure she has many resources that aid in transition. If you reach out to her she's so kind and I know would help you.
    Please don't leave God as you leave Mormonism. Much love and respect for you.

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