Lies About God: “God Won’t Send People to Hell”

The logic goes: If God is loving, then the concept of eternal suffering is incompatible with his character. It seems logical but it’s not biblical. Nor is it really logical. I can understand why people would believe this lie. After all, the Bible describes hell as being real and horrible. It uses a number of pictures to describe what hell is. Isaiah the prophet describes it as fire, a fire that will never go out. Jesus ends his parable of the talents by saying “And throw that worthless servant outside where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Hell is described as fire because when you get burned, you forget every good thing. I think of how true that is just when I burn my finger. I can’t remember any blessings at that moment. All I can concentrate on is the pain. Hell is described as darkness because then you can’t see beauty. It’s described as outside. Because then you don’t belong. Hell is real, and it is horrible. You see, God is love but God is also just. Sin must be punished. And that’s logical. If, if, God forbids, someone were to murder a family member, and he was convicted. And at his sentencing, the judge said, “Well, now, are you sorry for that?” And the man said, “Yes.” And the judge said, “Are you really sorry?” And the man said, “Yes, I’m really sorry.” And then the judge said, “Well, then you’re free to go” Would you be OK with that? No! We, we’d scream out, “That’s unfair! That’s unjust!” God is love but he is also just. So, how does he satisfy both? Well, to use maybe a crude analogy, imagine that there is a kingdom where a king makes a decree that there will be no baked goods that can be sold on Tuesdays. And if anybody sells baked goods on Tuesdays, then they’ll go into the stockades for the day. Well, the king’s mother was up on Monday night. She was baking some tasty cookies. And she thought, “These are just way too good to keep to myself.” So she decided that she was going to go out and sell the cookies the next day. Well, she got busted. And she got dragged before the king. And so now the king has a dilemma. The king loves his mom. He doesn’t want to put her in the stockades. And yet, there was a crime committed. It needs to be punished. So if you’re king, how do you satisfy both your justice and your love? Well, you go into the stockades for her. Your justice is satisfied because the crime is punished. Your love is satisfied because you didn’t punish your mother. That’s what Jesus did for us. Jesus saw that we deserved hell for our sins. Because of his justice, he knew that needed to take place. But because of his love, he didn’t want us to have to suffer that hell. So what did he do? Jesus suffered hell in our place. Yeah, hell is real. But because of Jesus suffering for us on the cross, so is heaven. Let’s pray. Lord Jesus, thank you for suffering the hell I deserve. Let me show my thanks in my life for you today. Amen. Just click on the link in this post. And we’d be thrilled to send them over to you so you gain more peace in Jesus. And we’ll make sure that you don’t miss out on an ounce or day of God’s grace. And we’ll see you tomorrow.

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  • Is it logical for God to send a person to hell for their sin when He predestined them to be born into sin and never feel sorry for their sin, eradicating any hope of salvation for them?

  • What a blessing you all are thanks for the great story you really explained that so well, even a child would understand that Jesus is Amazing! we really don't have anything here on earth that truly show how wide how deep and strong His love is for us, but we do have His Word the (Bible) His Words to us, I'm grateful for you all at ToG ty ever so much God Bless all you do for His kingdom and Glory <3

  • Best explanation ever for JUSTICE and LOVE. WOW! Thank you!

  • wh-w what the FUCK if god sends people to hell just i can't even explan this BULL SHIT

  • Yeah god won’t send you to hell but yourself will send you to hell.

  • Actually if the killer was truly repentant I would be just fine with him being “free to go.” An eternal punishment for crimes committed which only have temporary effects cannot be anything BUT unjust. Also God is Spirit, and as such cannot have two contradictory natures: he cannot deny himself. Now if justice is what you are saying it is, it would contradict with or limit mercy, and God would be denying himself. However justice has nothing to do with the way you are using it.

  • So then we don't even need to pray for our sins

    He already went for us

    So free pass whoop

  • Justice is not retribution, you say does the judge let the man go for saying he is sorry? What about if he is genuinely sorry? If we could deter that someone genuinely saw the error of his ways and was genuinely in his heart redeemed after taking on to his shoulders the full weight of his crime then his punishment is not out of justice it is out of revenge, it is needles suffering which can only be justified by malevolence "evil" we lock people up to remove a threat of suffering not to cause it to settle the score, even tho we all feel it, and can understand the desire to see someone who has hurt getting hurt it is none the less evil and we can only resist its calls by a matter of degree but it is the temptation of evil not justice.

  • God doesn't help people who have miseries that they've prayed to him about removing from their lives. In such cases there are times when people grow so frustrated from these miserable circumstances that they feel compelled to commt sin. Why then doesnt god intervene in their lives before they commit planned acts of sin?

  • Yea but god doesn't need to send people to hell he could punish us in a different wayy..why pain?

  • God does not send people to hell they send them selves there by their own choices and actions yeah a lot of evil people would say a lot of peopleAnd a lot of people say oh I’m just a feather I have no free will you do you have free will

  • I understand but God can bring people to hell, for example: if a person didn’t die yet and the person is sleeping God can come in the night and take that person and take their soul out of their bodies and bring them to hell to see how it’s like and how hot is the fire and reveal the person all the people that were there and why they are there. God can also show them that to teach them about hell. God is powerful and he can bring and drag People to hell.

    But if you mean it in a different way like for example: a person dies but haven’t repent on time then God says you are going to hell, and the person says I’m very sorry and Hod forgives them then Yes that is a lie.

  • You don't know if hell is real.

  • Well, I guess we should start putting people to Death for working on the Sabbath….God's Word never changes right?

  • Hell is a mistranslation of the words sheol, hades, tartarus, and gehenna in the bible. There is no hell.

  • The pastor is a lying moron.

  • Visit Tentmaker . And unlearn the lies hell is a pagan doctrine and is used to make money. Seek truth seek god

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