Life Hack: Kid gets cavities filled at the dentist with no shot or needle

Hi, I’m Genesis Denis My mom is gonna do some fillings on my teeth because they have cavities So let’s get started and Send your kids to Modern Smile and implant center. It won’t hurt a bit Hi, my name is Dr.Tamisha Denis modern Smile and implant center and welcome to our [YouTube] channel today I’m going to be showing you [how i did a filling on my daughter genesis and as you can see from this x-Ray She has cavities between your teeth. Yes daughter of a dentist get cavities, too so if you can look right between that tooth right in the center this small cavity right in between her teeth and We’re going to fill that today. I did not give her any Anesthesia no shots no needles because I do not believe in giving kids anesthesia, and I’ll explain why [in] just a second So we’re going to jump right in we actually started this video mid Treatment I’ve already drilled out the cavities. I did not give her any shop or anything like that you would be surprised at [how] much a Child can take in terms of discomfort when it comes to dental work without any anesthesia The reason that I still feel strongly about not giving a child needle Unless I absolutely have to is because it traumatizes them once they have gotten a shot And they’re in pain. It’s very difficult for me to convince them after that that it will not hurt even though They’re none so what we do is we tell them listen we’re not going to do any shop your needle if Anything hurts you all you have to do is raise your hand stop and I’ll be honest with you I can get away with so much the majority of stay that bother them the most is the tape of the Bonding agent which you saw its place a little while ago, and that’s what the only thing they don’t like some kids We’ve a crime is it tastes so bitter, but that’s really the worst part of it if you can see right now We’re lighting the material when we put the material again It’s like a soft very a moldable material and when we play some light on it What it does it allows the material secure and to get hard? The next thing you’re going to see me doing is placing the white filling inside of the tooth. Yes I do place white filling bunches a lot of them supplied to place over but that’s the old school way of doing it the white fur is that we have are very strong and Able to Withstand a [lot] so we played that in Side of the Tube, so you’ll see it kind of filling up the material if you look at that silver thing that’s around the tooth all it does is it’s called a matrix and all it does is makes the shape of the tooth so that We can have like a nice round shape The next thing you’re going to see me doing is smoothing out the feeling that I just did After the stones are done They kind of chunky and abrasive so we flew them down And you can see me kind of smoothing and none of this hurts absolutely none We smooth we [checked] their bike We make sure they’re comfortable and because there’s no anesthesia involved We are fully aware of how the fight is going to feel as soon as they need So you can see me having her pipe down and what we call articulating paper And what it does it forms these small little blue or red marks on to the teeth? And then I can know where the bite might be high and where we might need to adjust I always tell my parents pay attention [to] [your] kid if you see them doing a lot of chopping at home the day after Filling that might mean that you have to bring the back up there just so kids don’t really understand What it feels like to have their bite off? So if you pay attention to how they’re acting will kind of know okay? We need to go back and adjust it and it’s very I mean when we’re talking about painless This is my own daughter believe me. If she’s pretty dramatic if she was in pain, I would know so you [Justin] [seen] me smoothing out the filming so I just continue to do that until there are no more blue marks that are not supposed to be there and Just you know you go home you brush your teeth And this is true of any filling child or adult you go home And you brush your teeth and then any residue that’s on the tooth typically goes away So thank you for watching this video of me doing a filling on my daughter genesis without any anesthesia. She’s six years old Please make sure you watch our the videos like and subscribe

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  • Did you drill her teeth? And was it painful for her when you did? And how do i ask my dentist to do no treatment, would it sound unethical to him? Sorry for so many questions my daughter is getting her first cavities filled and i dont feel comftorable with laughing gas or the needle. thanks

  • This is exactly what Im getting done today tysm

  • i'm so nervous i'm 15 and i am DEATHLY terrified of shots, i'm getting this done tomorrow without any shots and i'm nervous it's gonna hurt or i'm gonna feel the drill. ):

  • i’m sooo nervous to go back to the dentist and i have a huge phobia of needles i just cant i’m 16 and i really really reallyyy wanna try this 😭 ur so daughters brave ! i’m just super scared of them

  • oh and also i read somewhere that if they hit your nerve it hurts really bad is there any way i can tell them to be careful ? or are the chances high of hitting a nerve ?

  • I’m getting a filling on Friday and I’m super scared of needles://

  • I am getting g this done today so I really hope I do not get a shot!!!!

  • My son had this done and the white filling is gone

  • hello i am getting a malexery molar filled and im soo scared for the shot because i heard it goes in your inside lip or roof of your mouth so i was thinking about going without a needle!! everyone says it hurts does it really hurt that bad?

  • I just got this procedure done it did not hurt it was just pressure and you could feel the vibration of the drill other than that it was painless

  • She braver then me im 29 and scared


  • Beautiful and confident baby girl

  • I was 4 and they ripped of my tooth b/c I had a blood infection and if they never pulled it out I would’ve died

  • can you do my fillings I don't want to get shots im scared of shots please do my fillings and no shots

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