Mae after the Dentist – part 4 (of 7)

My dad didn’t call He doesn’t love me. He does love me? Does he love me? Be honest with me. I like him. He’s a good guy. My dad. Yeah, and Brad, but, like, I love my dad, he’s nice to me. And he makes me happy. And he looks like me. You know? Where’s my grandma? I just need her. I just need her. Take me to my grandma. Mom, thanks so much for being here. I just need my other third favorite person in the world here. I don’t like Stephen. He and Maggie are half and half favorites. They were one whole of my favorite person. Stephen and Maggie. I hate half of both of them. Yeah, but I need them. I can’t lose them. Maggie’s my ? Stephen’s my ass ? Do you wanna marry me again? Pleease You will? Mmmm, you’re so cuuute. Who got my stuff? We gotta go back! Mother fucker, my mouth’s dry. Damn This bitch is hotter than a jalapeno’s coochie in this mouth. It’s fucking dry. It tastes just like the fucking desert. Ok…I’m…ya know… You don’t know my life. Yeah, I mean this one time, this centipede. This, this, there was this centipede this one time. Did they give you prescriptions for me? Helloo? No, they didn’t give me prescriptions. No they’re not. I only have a few. Yeah Bull fuckin’ shit. Ya’ll don’t understand what I’ve been through. I lost five teeth today. I did. I lost four wisdom teeth, and I lost one of my big guys. I chew on that tooth regularly. And now, I can’t even eat a steak again. And I love steak. And I love it. And I love fuckin’ french fries. And, and I need the slim jims always, and I can’t even eat no more. You know? You guys know, but do they know? I can’t eat steak! Mother fuckers! I didn’t even have to get these removed. But nooo, they’re gonna start gettin’ cavities, and everything else thanks to my parents having bad geeenes. Oooo But what happens here? What happens there? Do we know? We don’t know. I’m gonna be a Science Physist. Nooo Oooo I wanna be a history teacher. Teach these fucks how to fuckin’ do some history. Where are you going? Can I go get my grandma? No, let me get her with you. Moom! I can walk. I can walk. No, let me. No mom, cuz you know… No Aaah! Aaah! Did they say I did good? What’d they say to you? Was my heartbeat okay? Was my heartbeat okay? I don’t know if I remember going to sleep or waking up. That’s weird.

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