Mae after the Dentist – part 6 (of 7)

Probably drier than a vagina, like, when they see fuckn’ like… I don’t even know… Joey’s face Aaaah! Cuz Joey’s my baby brother. What’s wrong with him? His afternoon can’t be as bad as mine. Mother fucker That nigga’s sleepin’. Hey No I think I need to go take a walk. I needa walk. I needa take a walk ya’ll! I gotta go! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom, where are you? Mom. Grandmaaa You’re my favorite person. I told them I only got three favorite people in the world. And half of them, half of one was ma, half of one is Stephen, half of one is Maggie, And you’re a whole one. And I love the whole ones, and… Nooo Grandma, take me with you. Take me with you! No grandma, I wanna go with you. Yeah I’m hungry. Why? Why? And it makes me hungry. I’m hungry. I haven’t ate since… I never ate since…I never ate since two o’clock yesterday. I had fuge, and then five o’clock I had a gatorade and a slim jim. And then I was sick, and so I had to take a shower and go to sleep. And then I woke up and I had to go peeee. I had …… Oooo I’s not funny…cuz I’m hungry. And he came in… He came in there eatin’ those fuckin’ french fries, french fries from the frier. And then I was like, “You’re an asshole”, and he was like, “Why? I gotta eat, too”. And I was like, “Oh, my favorite french fries in front of me”. While I’ve been fe…fasting for fuckin’ 40 hours And I’m not even gonna be able to eat for fourTEEN days. Grandma, I been eatin’ that for two fuckin’ weeks already. I’m dying here. I need some substance. No This is an emergency. Why are they gonna fire you? You’ve been here forever. I’m calling Mr. Joe! I’m not standing for this no more. Don’t go grandma! There gonna fire you. I don’t want you to go. I gotta pee! Grandma, don’t go. You don’t love me? Where’s your ring? Let me see your ring. Where’s your ring? Okay Yeah, but but why do you have to go? Hey grandma… What’s goin’ on? You can come with me. Blow this popsicle stand! Damn it. Mother fucker We almost had her. Take her to the house. Put her in my bed. What are you doing? What are you watching? Of what? Uh huh Can we go in there? I need to get JUICES, I didn’t have any at home.

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