Mark and Return to a Place in Word with JAWS

(Narrator:) I’m going to show you how to mark and
return to a place in Word. [Intro music fades out] I had a document open here and on page one in this document I have step one. (JAWS:) 1. In Microsoft Word open JAWS Settings Center by pressing INS+6 on the number row. (N:) And below that there’s an
image of Settings Center, which is taking up the rest of page one. And then step
two doesn’t actually happen until down near the bottom of page two after some
definitions and some terms and things that we talked about before. So what if I
want to be able to move to step two without having to scroll through all
this stuff? I’m gonna put focus on… (J:) Full speech (N:) the word “Center” in… (J:) settings (N:) …Settings Center …right there. (J:) center space, unselected (N:) So how about I put focus on
the letter “C,” as in Charlie, here. (J:) C (N:) Capital C (J:) Charlie (N:) …and to set a marked place in Microsoft Word you simply press the Windows key with the CTRL key and
the letter K, kilo. So I’ll press CTRL+Windows K. (J:) Marking place. (N:) JAWS said, “marking place.” Now I’m going to press CTRL+HOME to go back to the top of the document. (J:) Top of file, heading level one, notification of spelling errors in Word,
spelling error JAWS 20… (N:) I just pressed DOWN ARROW a few times, but again, if I wanted to find that spot again I’d have to scroll to the next page, scroll a
few lines down, probably two-thirds of the way down. But I can move to that spot
by pressing the ALT Key plus the Windows Key and letter K. So I’ll press ALT+Windows+K. (J:) Returning to marked place, Center. (N:) I heard the word Center, and I’ll press
the NUM PAD 5 by itself to say the current character. (J:) C. (N:) And it’s actually on the letter C in the word Center as that was where I placed the PlaceMarker. So
that’s how to set a PlaceMarker in Word and return to it very quickly and easily.
There can only be one PlaceMarker for each document in this fashion. The PlaceMarker is not something that’s seen visually. It’s something that’s just
internal to JAWS, so if you share this document with a friend or a colleague
they’re not going to see anything about it or know anything about your PlaceMarker. And it will be there the next time you open that document, even if you’ve closed your computer and started up again another day or another
time. Thank you very much for joining us for this session on marking and
returning to a place in Word. [Outro music] Freedom Scientific, a Vispero brand. If you are interested in other training please visit us on the web at Freedom
Scientific dot com forward slash Training. And on YouTube on our Freedom Scientific Training Channel.

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