MBMMLLC.com: Milling hardrock gold with jaw crusher, hammer mill, and shaker table

We are going to run these down the jaw crushers get them about 3/4 inch minus than the hammer mill and than onto the shaker table and see what we get okay we just finished running the hard rock ore through the hammer mill that’s what making its way across the table now what we see here is a awful lot of quartz waster, light waste very little black sand we have been looking hard for gold there might be some really fine gold here and there nothing that’s real obvious but we will brush down the table and see what we see there is a nice line of gold there get that down the table and watch that action cleans down under the water bar and when your running a couple hundred pounds of samples it really it doesn’t have enough time to make it all the way across you brush it and look what you get that’s the way we like to see it, that’s really very fine gold the action of the table is pushing it up under the water bars the water from the water bars is pushing away the black sand and by the time it gets done were going to need to help it a little bit or it will take all day but by the time it gets down into the trough it will go into the high grade hole and be very clean and there is the gold and its almost all clean now most of the gold that came out of that rock came into the number 1 hole This is what came through a 325 mesh screen actually a good percentage of what was on that table was 325 minus here is the materail that passed the 200 mesh and was cought on a 325 mesh it’s still very fine to the eye but significantly larger than the 325 mesh and here is the materail that that did not pass a 200 mesh so all of this material is larger than 200 mesh and probably ratio wise it’s 10 maybe 20 percent of the material and I would say that the 200 to 325 would be 30 or 40 percent and the minus 325 was another 30 or 40 percent I didn’t weigh it bus just visually I’m saying 80 percent of the material passed a 200 mesh screen

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