hello this is graham its jaws 19 and
it’s comic-con time again so we’re gonna run in there we’re gonna interview lots
of people we’re gonna see all the cosplayers we’re gonna have a lot of fun
we’re gonna buy some things we’re gonna say some things it’s gonna be great I’ve
got a very special guest cameraman with me today who is it it’s mark from skip
to the end and Mark and masala mark 19 at comic-con in Birmingham and we have
bumped into is Deadpool they’re Pocky tell us your real name Tobi stroke wave
also thanks for talking to us a bit about your costume where did you get that from just for
eyes got to go with the series just like the best proper good yeah it’s beautiful
can we have a look at whoever twelve so what’s going on on the back as well hello get to backpack as well very nice
that’s excellent thanks so much for talking to us today thanks for talking to us today Jackie
I’m good hang in a minute where’s TIFF you’ve like you’ve lost it
don’t do the dishes it’s not very modern attitude is it Amelia I knew you dressed
as Amelia and you are errand boy wonder Irina’s the Boy Wonder and Elena Elena
is Batman fantastic so tell me what you chose to be Batman it’s about my favorite character there’s
a really good costume why have you chosen Robin because I do whatever
Batman says so Batman needs a sidekick very good how about cup 1 what is
Catwoman she’s my favorite DC character favorite DC character
that’s brilliant weaker she was really good I’m strange could you reveal your
real identity I’m Chris so Chris and Steph would you just tell us a little
bit about your costume well my wife’s death made this coffee for me took 5
months to make and yeah five months five months yeah it’s all hand-embroidered
and that is very very impressive beautiful
how about your costumes beautiful costumes so the movies about eight
mercenaries who go into a civil conflict they’re not supposed to be in there
mission is to kill everyone of this base come and take all the Intel there’s a
civilian prisoner they’re not supposed to kill they do anyway spoilers
yeah well it’s early on and then and then things get really messed up when
they get my tight cue the the stairwell that the one turns into this sort of
extra rest nightmare that they can’t get offers sounds awesome
and what’s your character I play will Stanton so I am the squadron leader and
when the film is serviced got a great hidden message and like we’ve been
saying on a panel before you have to watch it once or twice think you can
really get that message that were actually trying to tell it’s great my
character is very very very driven very very focused very regimented more than
anything and doesn’t like people to kind of go
against these orders that way control your team from hand yeah very very firm
hand so when can we see the film winter coming out so we’ll be doing test
screenings early next year completing about March and then we’ll be hitting
the festival circuit in the summer and I imagine we’ll be seeing a release well
Tom Shane thanks Pete I’m

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