Meet Innovative Dental’s Dentist – Dr. Megan

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  • Welcome aboard Dr. Megan! Look forward to seeing some videos!

  • Hello 👋 and don’t forget to say hi to her # Uganda 🇺🇬

  • I love this session. Love to hear about how one chooses his/ her career. Happy to hear u feel more reward in the gratitude of patients. Almost sniffing. It is a blessing to love what u do. I GUESS it was really your Calling dr.Megan. 😗 besides all u are still humble.💗

  • Hi!! ☺️👋🏻

  • Welcome aboard Dr. Megan!

  • help! two days ago the doctor took my nerve to the masses of my mind .. and dw two days bleeding from my nose … is it normal? are going to put a dental appliance … and they say they want to save her to help …

  • You may have already done this but, one of my life goals is to have a perfect smile. Like everyone, I have budgetary concerns, I’m guessing that the first part of the process is to get a global X-ray of my mouth? Motivated. How do I start?

  • Authentic is the Perfect Word to describe Dr. Megan

  • Can i work with you?

  • How much does invisalign cost and is it ok to use with missing teeth on the bottom back of the mouth……

    Also Dr. O, Google Sam Horrigan! You look just like him Haha. From the movie Brink and little Giants

  • Hi there, may I ask you if you can helping me, please?
    I had problems with my teeth , The vomit problems when a doctor put anything in my mouth , My teeth had already been caries , Even some teeth started to disappear, so please help me 😢🥺❤️🌹😷😭.

  • Welcome Dr Megan🌹

  • Dr. O I have a question. My dentist put crowns on my teeth. The temporaries were approved by myself except the final product did not come out the same. He did them over and the same thing happened..they’re too short and not full enough like the temps were. He said he did all he could and said I’m going to have to find a different dentist. Problem is these ceramic crowns have been in my mouth w temporary glue since February. Finding a dentist willing to perfect this for me has been really hard. Can he just leave me hanging like this?

  • Oh man! I wish I could have found you guys earlier. Little back story I was invloved in an accident and needless to say I need so much work done on my teeth, but im currently too invested with my current dentist! 🙁

  • Hello doctor o I just got a bridge done on my left upper teeth five of them. After getting them put in temporary my gum and lips got irritated and red all over it's so painful that I cannot even eat regular food or brush my teeth. I've been eating only plain rice and milk for 2 weeks. Do you think this is from the Bridge crown that I just got done.

  • I wish I could send you a picture of it . Do you know any good dentist in Phoenix Arizona.

  • Before WW2 dentist used to be heros, the knew alot of nutrition and health. Today is all about treathment and money. Look upp Ramiel Nagel (RIP) cure tooth decay book and in YT.

  • I tried contacting your office about a full mouth restore but never got back in contact:/ Would be traveling so I was trying to figure out what I could do here in order for you to get me a price estimate (I know it can never be exact).

  • Bumb! You guys located tooooo far!!! Lol I thought you guys are in California.

  • do you know any good veneer specialist dentists in Toronto? D': ahhh…

  • Do you have a periodontist in your dental office?

  • You look lot alike Former TNA referee Brian Hebner…

  • Hi Dr. Megan! 💖

  • Wow! I came across this video and enjoyed watching you both. It really shows how passionate you both are in the dental field. Two very genuine people 😊😊. I’m looking forward to many more videos from you both.

  • Hi doctor I’m a respiratory therapist and just a couple days ago got a gum boil in my lower gum on a bottom tooth near the front on the left side my question I have an appointment with a dentist tomorrow I’m thinking all that needs to be done is to drain the boil wich looks like a small white zit with no tooth pain at all and prescribe antibiotics would I really need to get a root canal for this because the dentists secretary already was talking about tooth canals and quoted me prices

  • I have had an extreme fear of dentists since I was about 7 years old. I even ran away from the dentist office resulting in my parents having to go find me outside when I bolted out of the office. I still linger with fear and need some work completed. I can say your videos and approach have given me confidence that I can beat this fear. After watching your videos I’m gaining excitement in conquering my fear to get my tooth issues handles. I wish I lived in your state but after watching your videos I have confidently found a dentist who has the latest tech and seems very professional. Thank you Dr for these videos. They’re heaven sent for people who suffer dental phobia like myself. Thank you for services to the community. I can’t wait to smile every time I walk into my dentist knowing a can beat the fear!

  • I absolutely love the work you do where are you located I am a YouTuber and I want to get my teeth done I would love to come there and get my teeth done Great work Great channel God bless

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