Melissa McCarthy Unveils Her Tiny Hat Character Diane

Our first guest is
hilarious, talented, and one of the most aggressive
dancers I’ve ever seen. Please welcome my
friend, Melissa McCarthy. [MUSIC – LMFAO, “PARTY ROCK
ANTHEM”] Party rock is in
the house tonight. Everybody just have a good time. And we going to make
you lose your mind. Everybody just have a
good, good, good time. Get your hands up. [AUDIENCE CHEERING] Get your hands up. Shake that. Every day I’m shuffling. Available! Is that your worst nightmare? When did– where– what– where did you– did
you have that made? Just in my closet. Just in my closet, guys. And there may be another one. No. Where did you– You’ll find out someday. What the hell is that? Isn’t it kind of amazing? It is kind of amazing. Who makes this? I mean, guys, don’t
you want that? [APPLAUSE] I may have had it made. It’s not weird. Oh my god. That’s hilarious. I just thought that this
is what someone does. They’re like, yeah,
you have a picture? You want to it on a
onesie with a zip-up face? I’m like, yes I do. Yes, I do. So how many times have
you done this before? Someone did it for Ben. And then I was like, oh, I know
who needs a onesie of herself made. Yeah. This one, right here. It seemed like the natural jump. Yeah. Of course. Thank you. It was frightening, and then
I don’t know if you could see, so I was worried you
were going to fall off. Well there was a second one
where I was like, is there one step, or is there not a step? Yeah. Which is when I very
gracefully just went– Yeah. Because there’s nothing
more embarrassing than being in that, having to be
rushed to the hospital. That’s– yeah. That, I don’t need
to take a fall in. No. You don’t want to be in that. I want to keep my dignity. I would have zipped it back up. Just zip it up and have
someone pull me off stage. That’s right. Hey, J-Lo was here. Oh. Jennifer Lopez, as we
know, J-Lo, was here. And we were talking
about the birthday party. And she was saying that you
were the most aggressive dancer she’s ever seen in her life. I– first of all– You warned me. Jennifer? Ms. Lopez? I would like to say sorry. But, I’m sorry,
there is something about when you’re
in the same room as her and you’re just
like, this is my one shot. And I go back to– oh god. See? She looks amazing and poised. And then it’s like, what’s that
little leprechaun doing over there? No, she actually was horrified
by that photo of her. But she was actually
looking at you like, uh-huh. And here’s what I’m going to do. Because you all were having
a dance-off, but you– and then she said, you took
her around the entire floor, knocking people out of the way. I bet at that time
I thought, oh, I’ll pretend to be her
security guard. That will be enjoyable for her. Right. No. And I’m sure it was just– god knows who I shoved– yelling just, like,
J-Lo’s coming through. Right. Because I thought,
my god, I’m going to get her to the dance floor. And then my brain explodes and
I’m like, she was a fly girl. She can still– like, my god. Like, I just go crazy. But you’re an amazing dancer. You really are. You’re an incredible dancer. I think shocking dancer might
be– because somehow when I hit a dance floor and there
may be three drinks in me, I’m like, I should do
this professionally. Yeah. And then I see a picture
and I’m like, or do I just this the whole night? Which is not really what
professional dancers do. I think we both were
doing that, and we both thought we were doing well. We were both like, hey,
let’s lift one leg. But bend it. Make sure you bend it. And if we do it together, it
looks like it’s synchronized. No, but it was– It was so fun. You were so fun. You did warn me that you
would be aggressive– I did. –and you would be out there. And you were, and
you came through. I came through. Yeah. And I’m sorry to so many
people for that evening. No, no, no. It was wonderful. But people are talking about
that more than anything. It’s you and J-Lo dancing. Oh god. It was great. Let’s continue to embarrass you. So there’s a picture you
posted yourself of a head shot. And I want to ask about the hat. What was the reason for this? Yeah, looking at it now,
it seems almost silly. It was my first commercial
agent ever, and he said, I want you to get
character head shots. And I was like, I think
those make me uncomfortable. Is that when you have
to get into a costume? I was like, I don’t know if I– and I got the, well, my
working clients work. If you want to work now
that you’ve moved to LA, you go the extra mile. I was like, I’ll
go the extra mile! I’ll go the extra mile and
get a Barbie Western hat. Right. And I made the earrings. They’re little cowboy
boots from the Barbie set because I went the extra mile. Yeah, that’s right. And then I didn’t really know
what character shots meant. So instead of doing
something that you could hire like a cop,
a waitress, something– in my head, that was Diane that
worked at a local grocery store and handed out cheese samples. And when he’s like, what
is this supposed to be? I was like, well that’s Diane. She hands out– she’s
recently divorced. And she was just like– yeah. It was– Oh my god. You– So I picked a character. You picked a character. I made a character
up in my head. I didn’t know it meant something
that someone may want to hire. And I did not work
for about 15 years. What would she sound
like if Diane– Oh my god. How would– Well, first of all,
oh, well, she’d talk about cheddar,
and jack, and blue. And then she might get upset
talking about her divorce. And then just her
pound in cheese. My whole thought was, it’s
like, one for you, six for me. Cry about the divorce, get
it back, remember the hat, and just pass that cheese. [APPLAUSE] Oh my gosh. That’s of much higher quality. Yeah.

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