Memorial Satilla Health Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

(upbeat music) Diagnosing Sleep Apnea – You have to seek medical attention, that’s number one once you
recognize the symptoms. Most of my patients, the
spouse or some family member notices the problem and they convince that
person to come forward. Next is to have an
examination by a physician. And what we usually do
is ask these questions: How sleepy are you? Are you sleepy driving or
as a passenger in the car? At lunch? And do you feel sleepy at stop signs? Once you do that, then you send that person for evaluation. So you either can do a
home sleep apnea test, which we do quite often. And we also do in-lab sleep studies for high risk patients with
comorbid conditions like high blood pressure, heart
disease, things like that. At-Home Sleep Apnea Testing Some people qualify for
the home sleep apnea test, where they take a kit home, they wear it at night, and then they bring it back. And then we score it. So that’s the easy way
of doing it at home. In-Lab Sleep Studies In the in-lab study, it’s
a pretty involved study. They’re hooked up, we monitor their EEGs, their breathing pattern,
their oxygen level, heart rate, etc. And at the end of the test, sleep technologist
basically scores the study and come up with the number of times that somebody stops breathing
or has shallow breathing. And then come up with scoring. You know either mild, moderate
or severe sleep apnea. We’ve had the sleep lab in this community for the last 23 years. And we do, I think, a superb job. Staff does a superb job. Patients like coming to the sleep lab. (upbeat music)

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