Mera Gaon Mera Desh {HD} – Dharmendra – Asha Parekh – Vinod Khanna – 70’s Hit -(With Eng Subtitles)

Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! Don’t beat him!
– Don’t beat him. You stole, didn’t you? Search him. Where’s the wallet? Do you want to say
anything in your defence? The only thing I can say
in my defence, Your Honour.. that I couldn’t
steal undetected this time.. ..and was nabbed. But I’m not to be blamed,
your Honour! It’s thanks to you people. Ever since I remember,
I’ve been an orphan. And society abused me
by calling me a bastard. I faced so many abuses that I
became a bastard in reality. But who doesn’t want to lead
a decent respectable life? Your Honour, if I were to
approach you for a job.. ..would you give me one? No, Your Honour.
Like everybody else.. too would have been wary of me,
considering me to be a wayward man.. ..who might steal from your house. That’s my story, Your Honour. Now, you may send me behind
bars for as long as you wish. Your crime has been proved. The court therefore sentences
you to six months imprisonment. Bloody cripple..
Are you content now? But I don’t understand
what enmity you had with me. None.
– Then why did you have me caught? It was my duty.
– Duty? It’s the duty of every citizen
to help the police and the law. You’ve started a fight
as soon as you’ve come. It’s not my fault, sir. I remained quiet when
Kaliya started bossing over me. Today he abused my parents.
I smashed his teeth. If he ever tries it again, I
won’t spare him! – This is a prison. You’ll have to
follow the rules here. Lodge a complaint if
anybody says or acts against you. To whom should I complain? He’s scared of Kaliya too.
He backed out terrified. Shut up. Constable, take him away.. ..and put him in solitary
confinement for four days. It’s a matter of only a few months. Outside we get beaten up.
Why quarrel with each other? Come on, shake hands. Tell Kaliya not to abuse me.
– I won’t. Your report indicates that you
wish to lead a respectable life. But perhaps society
hasn’t allowed you to do so. Do you still have the same feelings? Sir, I’ve tried a lot. But
nobody ever gave me the opportunity. And now after I leave prison,
who will trust me? There’s one man who
still has faith in you. And he has written a
letter to us concerning you. A letter? For me?
– Yes. The letter states ‘If Ajit
wishes to start life afresh.. ..after being released
from jail, send him to me.’ His name and address is in this. Sir, do you have a coin? A coin? Yes. It’s the coin
which decides my life. Yes, sir. I’ll go. Ajit.. I’m glad you’ve decided to go. Keep this coin with
you for good luck. Thank you, sir. My son! My son has arrived! My son! The villagers said
you were killed. No. But I always said
that my son is alive. Kamini! Mr. Abdul! Ganga! Look! My son is alive!
My son has arrived! My son! My son! Mrs. Laali, he’s not your son.
– Isn’t he? No, he’s my son! – No, he isn’t,
ma’am. – Can’t you see? Take her away.
– He’s my son! Save me, my son! Come along, ma’am! Save me, son!
– Who’s that woman? It has been 18 years since
the bandits abducted her son. They demanded Rs.5,000 for his life. Laali sold everything.. her land,
ornaments and property. But she couldn’t raise the amount. Perhaps the bandits killed her son.
In grief, she went mad. Do bandits come to
this village very often? This is Rajasthan. Only
two things are famous here. The sand.. and bandits. Don’t the police do anything? The police aren’t present in
every village all the time. Besides, the bandits keep
moving from one place to another. You seem to be an outsider.
Have you come from the city? Yes. I want to meet
Havaldaar Major Jaswant Singh. You? You’ve called me?
– Yes. What for? To give you a job. Why so much sympathy for a criminal? You’ve already been
punished for your crime. You’re a new man today.
A new life awaits you. Awaits me? An orphan.. ..who doesn’t even
know his father’s name? If you wish, you can use my name. Why? – So that society
doesn’t call you illegitimate. Instead, they’ll call you my son. The son of
ex-Havaldaar Major Jaswant Singh. I don’t want anybody’s obligation. Moreover, one doesn’t become
somebody’s son just like that. All right. At least you can
live here as my associate. What does your coin say? The coin says that I live here. Hey! Who are you? Who has harmed a blind man?
– Who are you? Ma’am, where are you? He seems to be blind. I’m totally blind.
– The ape’s pretending. Ape! No, not ape. Please escort me to Lord
Hanuman’s (Hindu god) temple. You want to go to the temple?
Come, I’ll take you there. Let’s go.
– Not that way. Over here. Come on.
– Come on. Please.. slowly. Stop!
– What happened? I can smell it! Deep waters! Can you smell it? Or
has your sight returned? Eyes? Yes! My sight is
returning gradually! Who touched me first?
– Why? Touch me again. I might be
able to see everything again. You’ll see everything very soon. Stars during the day,
and the sun at night. And a face like yours in my dreams. How wonderful! You are losing
your temper on an outsider! But you don’t say anything to
that two feet tall guy! Aren’t you ashamed to say
such things about a child? Rather, he should feel ashamed who
has come naked in front of women. I’m standing here all dressed up.
– What did you say? I’m leaving… so when are
you coming to bathe tomorrow? I’ve had it!
Listen to me. You’re so cruel! I meant, I wouldn’t come here
when you come here to bathe. You? Yes, it’s me. What’re you doing in uncle’s home?
– I live here too. I see. But you won’t
stay here for long anyway. Look, don’t tell uncle anything
about how you treated me by the lake. Why shouldn’t I? A bad man like
you shouldn’t live with uncle. Why involve that old man..
– What? I mean, why drag
your uncle into this? It was blatant
impertinence on your part.. Don’t call it impertinence.
I’m a decent man. I did make a mistake. I swear I didn’t know the
village girls go there to bathe. What have you brought for me, my
child? – You’re cooking again, Uncle! I was only making halwa
(Indian pudding). Sit down, son. This is Ajit. He has arrived
from the city only yesterday. He’ll work with me in the fields.
– Yes, of course. The entire village knows about it. She’s Anju, daughter of my
friend the village chief Ramdeen. She brings food daily. If I refuse,
she quarrels with me. The food in our village is very
spicy. Perhaps he won’t like it. I’m very fond of spicy things. Why don’t you taste
the curry of our village? The curry is very salty.
– Don’t you like salt? That’s not true. I like
salty things very much. These are my fields. Our field, as far as your eyes can
see, all the lands belong to us. The place is so open and spread out. Indeed amazing. And look at how the
crops are swaying.. ..and the tree-branches are
just dancing with the wind. They look like dark clouds dancing. You compose poetry too?
– I even sing. ..when the mood strikes. “The dark clouds were enticing me.” “At such a moment when
you find someone..” But my boy, just singing won’t do. To acquire this priceless wealth,
you’ll have to toil hard. To acquire this priceless wealth.. ..I’ll put all my
heart into the effort. What’s happened to him? Sir.. he’s producing
the sound of a ‘guggi’. Why? After hearing this sound, the
beloved’s heart beats faster.. ..and she comes
rushing to her lover. Indeed, sir. Six years ago,
when he produced such a sound.. ..his beloved’s
heart had beaten faster.. ..and she had come rushing.
She even got married. But to somebody else! Then what’s the use of
producing such a sound? Every sound is different. The sound of a youngster like
you would be very different. If you produce such a sound.. ..your beloved will come rushing. You barber, I have only
one love. Can I have some? Yes, of course. At Chhotumal’s. We’ll join you too. We’ll join you. You’re a thief, Chhotumal.
– You’ve cheated me! No, you’ve.. Hold on. Why are you fighting?
– We’re both partners. Despite being partners,
you’re fighting with each other? There’s a clause in our partnership. Whoever wants to have
liquor will put money in here.. ..pick up a bottle
from there and drink it. I did just that. I took out my share of the money.. ..put it in the box, picked up
a bottle and gulped it down. I too did the same. I removed some money, put it there.. ..and took the bottle
and gulped it all down. You have gulped all the liquor down. And you also gulped it down.
Since when has this been going on? Since noon. How many bottles down?
– Six. And the money in the kitty?
– Rs.2. Mr. Motumal, this means that the
money in the kitty is just the same.. ..and all the liquor
is inside your stomach. If you continue like this,
your business will be ruined. He’s right. Look, there’s a customer.
Give the gentleman a bottle. He needs a bottle? Sir, tell me,
What would you like to have? What would you like to drink, sir? Do you have Asha (hope)?
– Wonderful! Great! Sir, where have you come from? I’ve come from the city. Why leave the city for a village? That old soldier..
– Yes? – He has made me his son. He says that he’ll
give me all his property. Really? He’s a nice man.
– When will the old man die? If he doesn’t die,
then we’ll kill him. Really! Move it! Move it! Move! Move! Move it! Move! That girl over there..
– Who? You mean sister Anju? If you tell her something,
I’ll give you 10 paise. What’s the thing?
– Tell her that she’s very pretty! Sister Anju!
– Not here! Go there and tell her.
– Give me the 10 paise. First go and tell her. Move. I told her. – You told her. That’s
all very well, but what did she say? She said, “Get lost!” All right, then. Get lost! Give me my 10 paise. – What for,
your sister said to get lost. Sister Anju, my 10 paise..
– Hold on, I’ll give it to you. Here, get lost! Hey, Ajit.. have you
started milking the cow? Yes, I’m just starting. Why don’t you start?
– How does one do it? Incredible! Haven’t you
learned to milk a cow in the city? In the cities, you don’t
get milk from the cow. In the cities,
milk comes in bottles. Give her some fodder.
– Yes, I’m doing just that. Gauri eats a lot of fodder. How much? As much as you offer her,
she digests everything. She must be giving a lot of milk.
– Yes. How many times a day?
– Twice. Morning and evening. Son! You remembered me
after many days, sister. I’ve come here not
for you but for my son. Your son? He’s my son! What did you say? Your son? The whole world knows that
you don’t have any offspring. Your wife was barren. She
was barren right to her death. Your son, did you say? You want to have a son to
perform your last rites. That’s why you’re
calling my son your own. No! I won’t let such a thing happen. Bandits had taken away my son once. I won’t give my son to
anybody a second time. No! No! You lost your arm in the war. Can’t
you see with your eyes now either? Look, his face is so much like mine. Yes.. absolutely! I was only joking. He’s so very much like you. His forehead, his eyes, his lips.. ..they’re all just like yours. Even a blind man could
see that he’s your son. Your son. Is everybody in this village mad?
– What happened, sir? The soldier says that I’m his son. That mad woman
says that I’m her son. Sir, you came only recently.. ..and found both a
father and a mother. But this unfortunate man has
nobody he can call his own. Shut up. Sir, in this village, you
got both a father and a mother. So what’s wrong with it? What difference does it make
if one has a mother and father? What can I do? What is it? I’m feeling hungry. Then come inside and eat.
– No. Why? I’ve had liquor.
– Liquor? Yes. Aren’t you ashamed? Women feel ashamed, not men. You wastrel! I’ve drunk liquor. Not blood! I didn’t expect this of you, Ajit. Don’t pretend to
be surprised, old man! Ajit! Did I bring you here for this? Did I keep you here as my
son in my own home for this? You haven’t obliged me. You
called me here for your own gains. You cripple! You can’t
do a thing on your own. If you give me something,
you also make me slog. Is this how you’re
glorifying your family’s name? I’m glorifying my own name.
I don’t have a family. Have you forgotten? I’m an orphan. You wretched fellow! Go to the city, and
remain in the filth.. ..from where I
tried to pull you out. Yes, I’ll surely go. Why are you looking at the coin? You’re a fake, and so is
your coin! Get lost from here! Aunty! Aunty! I’m leaving the village. Aunty! Are you asleep? Are you asleep, Aunty? You’re unfortunate like me. You’re looking for a
son you’ll never find.. ..and I’m looking for a
mother I’ll never find. But you’re better
off compared to me. You’ve at least seen your son. You must have held him in your arms. I haven’t even heard
my mother’s voice. I’ve only heard people abuse me. Everybody has rejected me, Aunty. That soldier.. ..had made me his son. He said that he was my father. He beat me very badly today. Nobody has embraced me. I have nobody. If only
my mother were with me! I’d have slept peacefully
with my head in my mother’s lap. It’s you, son?
You haven’t slept yet? I couldn’t go to sleep.
– Do you want to sleep? Yes, I do.
– Come and sleep in my lap. Come, my son. Come. Let’s go home, son. Don’t wake him up. He has found his
mother’s lap after many days. Let him sleep. Hey! With whose permission
have you entered these fields? I don’t need anybody’s
permission to enter these fields. Why don’t you look at me in the eye? I feel ashamed. Then why do you do such things?
– I won’t do it again. He has arrived!
– Who? The ice-candy man.
– So? Do you want to tell something?
– To whom? Anju doesn’t listen
to what you say. Whenever you approach her,
she just drives you away. Now I know why she does that. You go to her in the nude, so she
must be feeling embarrassed. You must wear something
before you approach her. Go and fetch that cloth. Today I’ll make
a Dev Anand out of you. Lift your leg. Hurry up, or the ice-candy
man will go away. Go and tell Anju that her eyes
are like a deer’s… …and her gait is
very intoxicating… …and her lips are
much too delicious. Like ice-cream?
– Yes. Go and tell her. No, that’s a long message.
– So? You’ll have to pay 20 paise.
– Gosh! The soldier doesn’t give me a penny
and you’re hiking your rates. What are you doing here?
– I’ve come to meet you. What?
– I’ve come to see you. To see me?
– I have to learn lessons from you. What lessons?
– The art of milking. City man, this is a village. If somebody were to see you,
you’d be in the soup. Who is afraid? Who is it, dear?
– Dad, I’m.. I’ve had it! Who is it?
– Daddy, it’s.. I’ll be in a fix. Who is it, Anju, dear?
– It’s a donkey. Drive it away with a stick.
– I’m doing just that. If need be, I’ll even use the stick. Go ahead, Miss Anju.
A stick is better than a bullet. But when you do that,
I won’t sound like a donkey. What kind of a sound is this? This is a unique sound.
– What does this sound do? A lot. – But what? Tell me! How can I tell at this point of time?
I’ve just cast the net. Then? – The bird will be
caught and put inside a cage. And then? Then the bird will be cared for,
fed and loved. Really? And what then? Then that bird too
will make such sounds. Teach me too. Do you want to want to learn? -Yes. Come close. Come close. Closer…a little closer. That’s nice. Now put your hands like this. Now make the sound.
– Louder! I can’t.
– Let me make the sound. Why don’t you make the sound? What’s happening, Anju? Aunty…there’s a bird
stuck inside his throat. Really? Champa, what are you waiting for?
Hit him and let it come out. The poor fellow is suffering so much. It’s trapped inside. It’s not a small bird that’s stuck.
It must be a huge bird. I’ll sit comfortably
and see when it comes out. Now that you’re alone.. Where did they come from? Hello. May I help you? Please come. Do come. Hey! I’m trapped! Lord! Here, sir! What have you brought? – Wheat flour. No, ma’am,
this mendicant doesn’t need food. Should I get water for you?
– No, I don’t desire that too. Then what do you want? I want to see the Goddess. I see. Shall I show
you the path to the temple? No, ma’am. This mendicant’s temple
is in the huge eyes of this Goddess. You? – Lovers always
change appearances. Look, mendicant…this is not a city,
it’s a village. If anybody sees you,
a lot of your things will change. Don’t make me angry!
Or it’ll be disastrous. But why have you come here?
– To meet you. To meet me? But I meet you everyday. That isn’t a meeting. Sometimes your aunt is there,
or your friends are there! Anju!
– I’m coming, Mom. Get lost, mom is calling me. Mothers call everyday.
But people like me call not too often. What are you doing?
– Penance. Until you promise to meet me,
I won’t leave this place. I’ll hold my stand
here at my beloved’s house. Anju! For God’s sake, go away. I beg of you. Do you promise to meet me?
– Yes. I’ll wait for you at the temple. Come at the earliest.
– I will. Will you?
– Yes, I will. Will you?
– Yes, I will. Ask the mendicant to wait.
I too want to meet him. I’ve had it!
– No. Please wait a while, sir. Let mom meet you too.
– It’s not possible to wait now. This saint blesses only daughters,
dear, not mothers. I had better start moving now! Sir, I’ve arrived! Your mom hasn’t come along.
– No. Come closer.
– Here you are! Still closer.
– What do you want? One needn’t ask for anything. Those
who give do so on their own, dear. All right, then. Take this. What’s this?
– Gold. Gold? That’ll make
me lose my peace of mind. Then take this. Silver? It incites greed. Gosh! Then take this. Money? A mendicant has
nothing to do with this. Then what do you want?
– The heart. I want your heart, dear. Give your heart and see for yourself! No, I can’t give my heart.
– Why not? “Take the gold,
take the silver, take the money.” “But how can I give my heart,
mendicant?” “It’ll ruin my name.” “Take the gold,
take the silver, take the money.” “But how can I give my heart,
mendicant?” “It’ll ruin my name.” “Take the gold, take the silver.” “If you ask for a few months..” “..then I’ll think
of what I should give you.” “If you ask for a few months..” “..then I’ll think
of what I should give you.” “The problem is that it’s my heart,
not a toy.” “Take the gold,
take the silver, take the money.” “But how can I give my heart,
mendicant?” “It’ll ruin my name.” “Take the gold, take the silver..” “Oh, my! My heart is scared.” “I hope my denial doesn’t
become my acceptance.” “Oh, my! My heart is scared.” “I hope my denial doesn’t
become my acceptance.” “Don’t do any kind
of magic on my heart.” “Take the gold,
take the silver, take the money.” “But how can I give my heart,
mendicant?” “It’ll ruin my name.” “Take the gold, take the silver..” ‘It means that I’ll be your beloved..” “..and we’ll get married.” ‘It means that I’ll be your beloved..” “..and we’ll get married.” “I sleep on a bed of flowers
and you on a bed of thorns.” “Take the gold,
take the silver, take the money.” “But how can I give my heart,
mendicant?” “It’ll ruin my name.” “Take the gold, take the silver..” “Gold..” “Silver..” What’s that?
– ‘Guggi’, a small bird. What’s that? It’s a bird.
It’s often found in the villages. But I’ve never heard of
or seen such a bird in 40 years. How will you hear of it at your age? What did you say?
– I mean..’s found mostly in hill stations.
Hilly regions. The birds must come to the
desert regions to escape the chill. But why does it come
only in the night? Perhaps because it experiences
more discomfort at night. Jeetu, son.. This sound will let neither
of us sleep peacefully. Then what should I do?
– Drive it away. Drive it away?
– Go ahead. I’ll shoot it down, it disturbs a lot.
– Go ahead. What’s the matter? He too has heard the sound. He has come to silence it for good. Tell him that I had
no evil intentions. What can I do?
Repent what you have done now. Whoever has made that sound
should hear the roar of the tiger too! Thakur, actually I’m used
to making sounds of different birds. I don’t know how I happened
to produce this particular sound. The sound of the bird
accidentally came out.. ..but why are you
speaking like a duck now? But why don’t you speak like a man? He won’t listen easily.
Chain his feet and handcuff him. That’s it! Enough of fooling around. He’s your son,
but he’s my future son-in-law. Son-in-law? You like my daughter
and I approve of you. Thakur, you’re a decent man. Perhaps you know nothing about me. I’m a wayward man, a thief. I’ve just returned after
serving a six month jail sentence. The soldier has told me everything. You still want to
make me your son-in-law? Why not?
A good man can become a rogue.. ..and a rogue a good man. Uncle!
– What is it? Do you want to tell her anything?
– No, nothing. I’ve even started wearing shorts now. But my direct connection
has been established. – What? My purpose is served. You’ll have to give me something.
– So you’re twisting my arm? I understood, dear.
The soldier has given me a rupee. You may have it. Full and final. All right.
– Sir.. You’re spoiling the
child by giving him money. Don’t worry, ma’am.
He won’t be spoilt. If you give him money every day,
he’ll get used to wasteful expenses. If he starts spending,
he’ll also start earning. When he grows up,
he’ll load you with gold. Really? You’re so confident
of this naughty boy? He’s not naughty.
He’s a very useful boy. He has been a great help.
When he grows up, I’ll help him too. I’ll get a beautiful wife for
him who will also take care of you. What say?
– Yes, she will. Come here. I’ve been waiting
for you since such a long time. Where were you? Look! What are these? They’re bangles. Yes, I’ve kept them safely.
Nobody knows about them. Not even the bandits. Know who they’re meant for? For whom? – For your wife. Take these. Take what belongs to you. Aunty, keep it with you for
the time being. I’ll take it later. Aunty? Why do you call me “aunty”? Am I not your mother? Why do you call me “aunty”? Tell me. Of course you’re my mother.
It was only a slip of tongue. I beg of you, Thakur.
Have mercy on us. Your time is up today. Have mercy on me, Thakur. I beg of you. The members of the family.. ..which made me a bandit can’t live. Have mercy, Thakur. Fetch my gun, Anju, dear. Separate the child. What’s the child’s fault? He was born in the family
which made an enemy of Jabbar Singh. No! – Separate him. My child! My child! Haria! It’s you? What harm had my son done to you? Sir, you said my son would
grow up and load me with gold. Didn’t you say that?
Tell me, what now? Who’ll make a home for me? Who’ll
bring a nice daughter-in-law for me? Who will serve me in my old age? I can’t understand. What enmity
did the bandits have with this child? When the people of
a village are cowards.. ..their children
meet with such a fate. Remember, one day you
had asked me at the court.. ..what I had gained
by having you arrested? And I had said that it was my duty. If all villagers
understand their duty.. ..those bandits would drop dead,
instead of innocent children. I hear that you have
recognised one of the bandits. Yes. – His name? Haria. How do you know his name? He’s from this village.
He grew up in front of us, Inspector. Will you testify against
Haria in the court? Sure. – Won’t you
be scared of the bandits? I’m also a Thakur. I’ve seen it done.
I’ll surely testify. Go in, child. Are you testifying
against Haria in the court? Yes. Don’t you know that
Haria is my associate? I know it. You’ve started to talk too much. Where did you get so much
courage from? – It’s not courage. It’s a duty. I did it as my duty. Those who betray the bandits
of the Chambal valley.. ..and help the police are shot dead. You’ve done your duty. Now I’ll do mine. Come on! No! Have mercy, Thakur! Kill me, but don’t kill him. Dear, go on inside. Go inside. Have mercy, Thakur. Didn’t you hear what
your husband said? Go inside. Bansi Uncle. Open the door, please! I heard that dacoits are brave men. And the brave don’t kill people in
the presence of their family members. If you must kill me,
kill me outside the village. No, the bullet will be
fired in everybody’s presence. Open the door! I want your family members
and the villagers to see.. those who help
the police are dealt with. No! Please come out! Quick! That’s the gunfire
of the bandits! Run! Bring my gun and bullets. Hurry up! Dad! Open your eyes, Dad! What happened? Open your eyes, Dad! – We’re ruined. Dad! Dad! He was such a fool! The bandits held a gun
to his chest and asked him.. ..”Tell me,
will you testify against us?” The fool spoke bravely that
he would testify against them. And the bandits pumped
bullets into his chest! Not only are you cowards,
but rascals too! There was only one
brave man in your village.. ..who even laid down his life for you. Instead of mourning his death,
you’re ridiculing him? If you don’t have any kind of shame,
then go hide yourself! Hear that! Now even the
handicapped are making fun of us. You ought to be ashamed
speaking like this. He laid down his life
for the welfare of the village. Had he been a coward
like the rest of you.. ..had he too loved his life
as dearly as you love yours.. ..then he too would
have hidden somewhere. It’s easy to talk big, Mr. Ajit. With a bandit before you,
you’ll become speechless. Do you know anything
else but taunting others? Now this village is mine too.
I swear in everyone’s presence.. ..that if bandits set foot in
this village, then I’ll confront them. Do you recognise any of them?
Look carefully. Don’t be scared. They’re
human like you. They aren’t ghosts. How strange! Ramdeen was murdered
right here in broad daylight. Today the entire village is silent. The incident happened
opposite your house. You must have seen somebody.
Was any of these among them? Sir, I make pots and
fail even at that now. My eyes have weakened considerably. Now, what can I tell you, sir? They won’t tell you.
I’ll tell you. – No, you won’t! Didn’t you see how those
butchers killed your father? If you interfere,
then they’ll become your enemies. Don’t you remember how,
when Tulsiram had gone against them.. ..they had killed his family
members one after another? You want to save those who killed dad? No, dear.
I want to save what remains of us. The police support
us only for a short while.. ..but the bandits
go against us forever. Excuse me. I deeply regret
what happened yesterday. You must have seen something.
Can you recognise any of these? If we had seen them,
we would surely have told you. Ajit, you’ve been called here since
it’s foolish to challenge bandits. It’s dangerous for the villagers.
– Mr. Ajit.. don’t have any relatives,
nor does the soldier. You can do anything you like.
But we have our families. The moment we testify against those
bandits, our families will be killed. You’re right.
– Why don’t you people understand? If this village of over a thousand
people join hands against the bandits.. ..they can do us no harm. If all of you unite and
testify against the bandits.. ..these bandits would
be hanged in no time. I have a suggestion, Thakur.
Why not avoid that village? We have the rest of
the region to plunder. No! This village has raised
a voice against us. So what? If we don’t go there,
what difference does it make to us? Wrong. If we don’t silence this voice.. ..people from some other
village will raise their voices too. We’ve been surviving
for the last seven years.. ..because nobody supports
the police out of fear. Once the villagers stop fearing us.. ..we’ll be hanged in no time. Tell me when the police
leave that village. I’ll have to go and teach
a lesson to that youth from the city. Run! The bandits are coming! What are you doing? You’re back again?
Tell me, where’s my son? Tell me, where’s my son? Move away, old woman! If I give a kick, it’ll break
whatever teeth remain in your mouth. How brave of you! Astride a horse,
with a gun in your hand..’re abusing an elderly woman. Are you a Thakur or
a dog from some village? Aren’t you ashamed of abusing
an elderly woman like this? Do you mean to say that
I should call her a 16-year-old? Beware! You don’t open fire on an unarmed man.
Understand? Come here. Son.. Please come, sister. Come. Those butchers beat
you so mercilessly. Why did you confront them? So what if he called me an old woman? Am I not an old woman? He’s my blood. That’s why he couldn’t bear
anybody speaking against his mother. Bless you. Now when the bandits come again,
fell them with bullets. Each one of them. Just like they killed your father.
They killed you. Oh, God! No, no. You’re still alive. See, soldier? I forget everything. That’s why people call me mad. Who says that you’re mad?
Hasn’t your son returned? Don’t worry.
I’ll teach him how to use a gun. Once he learns that,
just see what your son does. It’s all wrong. You don’t even know
how to hold a gun properly. Are you firing a gun or shooting
bows and arrows? Hold it here. Hold it here,
and take aim, there in front. Fire! You fall apart like a chopped tree!
Take proper aim. Take aim! Where are you looking?
Your target is over there! I got pushed back.
I’ve gone cross-eyed. Control your eyes. If I control my eyes,
my heart starts beating faster. Keep your heart in check.
– I can’t. Why?
– It’s difficult. What’s difficult?
– To fire. Make an attempt. Fire! Halt! Come back! Hold this. And load it. Be quick. I’ll show you how one opens fire.
Give it to me. Move forward. Come forward. Shoot in this manner.
See, shoot like this. Now I know why you
weren’t shooting properly. Fire now.
And pay attention there. Fire! Is your news sure, Zaalim Singh?
– Absolutely, Thakur. He’s shooting,
and he’s also instigating villagers. I’ve confirmed both things. A tiger’s heart in a sheep? I beat him up just yesterday. And now he’s attempting
to confront me? That is something
to think about, Thakur. Till today, where ever you went.. ..nobody ever dared
to protest against you. But now..
– Now what? Now I’m concerned. – There’s
surely some mystery about this man. Maybe the police
have laid a trap for us. When we go to kill that man,
police may open fire on us. It’s possible that
he’s from the police force. Shall we go then? Before attacking the enemy,
it’s important to know him. And nobody can do a
better job than Munnibai. “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Sister-in-law, come light the lamp.” “Sister-in-law, come light the lamp.” “Let me see whether it’s
my beloved or someone else.” “I’m scared. I’m terrified.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Sister-in-law, come light the lamp.” “Sister-in-law, come light the lamp.” “Let me see whether it’s
my beloved or someone else.” “I’m scared. I’m terrified.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked in..” “My heart is beating faster.” “Behind the window,
with my eyes closed..” “..I sit there thinking,
what have I got myself into?” “Now what should I do?” “If it’s my beloved, I’ll keep quiet.” “If it’s my beloved, I’ll keep quiet.” “If it’s someone else,
I’ll make lots of noise.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked in..” “I’ve been betrayed.
My heart is sinking.” “Someone has arrived.” “When our eyes met,
my bangles started to jingle.” “I danced like a puppet.” “I danced like a puppet.” “I wonder who pulled the strings.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked in..” “My eyes are so beautiful,
with lots of kohl.” “Now I’ve given up.” “I can’t see anything.
Perhaps he’s hiding somewhere.” “If he’s hiding in the house,
he’ll be caught soon.” “If he’s hiding in the house,
he’ll be caught soon.” “If he’s hiding in my heart,
then I can’t help it.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “Someone has sneaked
in on the terrace.” “I’m scared. I’m terrified.” Wow! You’re a good shot. But it’s futile. Why is it futile? Had the bullets killed the bandits,
it would’ve meant something. Why? What enmity do
you have with the bandits? Jabbar Singh attacked our
village and took me away forcibly. And I lost my honour. That very day, I took a vow.. ..I won’t rest until I
seek revenge from Jabbar Singh. The entire police
force of this region.. ..couldn’t catch those
bandits in seven years. How can a weak girl
like you confront them? A woman might be weak,
but she’s determined. She finds a way to
achieve her objective. What way have you chosen? You.
– Me? If we join hands.. ..these bandits can be destroyed. How’s that? Your gun and my guile. Did you find out he is? Is he a cop? I don’t know.
– Or from the CID? I don’t know that either.
– Then what did you find out? I just got to know
that he’s a young man. What nonsense.
– We’ve merely become friends now. The rest will be completed
when my beauty and his youth clash. Help! Help! Help! Somebody? What happened? Looks like you’ve
swallowed a lot of water. Lie down on your stomach. Turn on your back now. Oh, God! How are you feeling now?
– I’m feeling better. Are you feeling better? Why did you come here?
– To take a bath. I slipped. The water was deep. I’m indebted to you.
– Don’t mention it. It’s a good thing I was passing
by or else you would’ve drowned. I hope you are okay now.
– Yes. I should be leaving now. It’s you, Anju?
I thought it was some bandit.. Anju, it’s me Ajit.
– I know. Then why are you shooting me?
– I’m not shooting at you. I was only doing target practice. She’s such a good shot. Don’t you see any difference
between this can and me? There’s a lot of difference.
Despite being empty, it’s not useless. I can at least use
it for my target practice. But why do you have
to get target practice? The one, I trusted, is hunting
for somebody else these days. A prey, which is targeted
not with bullets but with the eyes. You’re forgetting something. My confrontation is with
bandits and to find those bandits.. Yes, of course.
One needs big eyes to look for them. Don’t misunderstand me. I’ll have to take the help of
these performers to find the bandits. I suspect that.
– I see. That’s you were doing
target practice? – Yes. Come down. What happened?
– Don’t touch me. If I don’t touch you,
how will I teach you to use the rifle? I don’t know that, but don’t touch me. Can I touch the rifle at least? – Yes. Hold it. Shut your eyes. Not this one.
The other one. – Which one? Keep looking.
– Where? Into my eyes. What do these eyes say? They say that they have
united with somebody’s eyes. What does my heart say?
– It says.. ..somebody has entered your heart. And what does the monsoon has to say? “The monsoon is saying something.” “What does it say?” “The monsoon is saying something.” “What does it say?” “All the time,
there’s only you in my heart.” “There’s only you in my heart.” “These clouds are saying something.” “What do they say?” “These clouds are saying something.” “What do they say?” “All the time,
there’s only you in my heart.” “There’s only you in my heart.” “The water creates
such melodious music.” “Why does it?” “In love,
our life will be like a song.” “In love,
our life will be like a song.” “These easterlies have returned.” “Why have they come?” “These easterlies have returned.” “Why have they come?” “Darling, it has brought
your message of love to me.” “In those rainy nights..” “What happens?” “In those rainy nights..” “What happens?” “I can’t sleep, while the
rest of the world is sleeping.” “The rest of the world is sleeping.” “When all the buds blossom..” “When do they blossom?” “When all the buds blossom..” “When do they blossom?” “When our eyes meet.” “My anklets make a tinkling sound.” “When do they?” “My anklets make a tinkling sound.” “When do they?” “When my beauty runs into love.” “It runs into love.” “My heart is beating wildly.” “Why does it beat that way?” “My heart is beating wildly.” “Why does it beat that way?” “Because I fear people
might hear to my thoughts.” “The travellers return home..” “Why do they return?” “Alone, in an unknown land they
miss the fairs in their villages.” “They miss the fairs.” “The stream flows swiftly.” “Why does it?” “It says this atmosphere
is beautiful for the youth.” “This monsoon is saying something.” “What does it say?” “This monsoon is saying something.
– This monsoon is saying something.” “This monsoon is saying something.
– This monsoon is saying something.” “This monsoon is saying something.
– This monsoon is saying something.” Will you tell me something?
– Yes, ask me. You’re an outsider in this village. And for this village’s sake..’re challenging Jabbar Singh. Jabbar Singh doesn’t spare
alive not just his enemies.. ..but his descendants too. I know that. But I didn’t know
the meaning of duty.. ..before I came to this village. But after coming to this village,
somebody told me.. that duty is more
important than one’s life. I want to convey this message
to the naive, poor villagers. There’s only one way to send
the message to the entire village.. ..that I clash with Jabbar Singh. What happened to you?
– No. Mother.. ..nothing can happen to him. You must’ve had a bad dream. I cannot deceive him.
– Who? Ajit. They will kill him. No, I won’t let that happen. Mother, whatever he is doing, is
not for himself but for somebody else. And one who gives his
life for another’s welfare.. not a human being, but an angel. Every year it’s our attempt
that we arrest them during the fair. Yes. – Jabbar Singh too will come.
And we can catch him. Every year it’s our attempt that
we arrest them during the fair. But they change their appearance
when they come there and.. becomes impossible to identify
them in the milling thousands. I’ve come to solve this problem.
– How? I’ll get an indication about Jabbar
Singh’s whereabouts and identity. Who’s that man?
– I can’t tell you that. If I reveal the name,
I’d be compromising his life. Still, you will surely get
an indication about Jabbar Singh. The police will be there.
A hint will be enough for us. Munni, the time has come.
my gun needs your intelligence. I’m ready. But think it over. By doing this, you will make
enemies with Jabbar Singh for life. I’ve thought it over. You tell me,
what have I to do. The Full Moon fair
is scheduled for tomorrow. You’ve seen Jabbar Singh and
his men in every garb and disguise. You will be able to identify them. Just beckon to me which
one of them is Jabbar Singh. I will handle the rest. – All right. At the fair then. Have you gone mad? Do you know the consequences
of what you are doing? I do.
– You don’t know anything. The entire region trembles at the
mere mention on those bandits. The entire police force has been
trying to hunt down these bandits… …for the past 6 years.
What the hell do you know? That the youth from the city
will be able to catch them? Will you make enemies with
Jabbar Singh for that boy? Your daughter is not
such a fool, mother. I know that our lives are
in the hands of Jabbar Singh. Just see what hint
I give and to whom. All right. Put on a turban. Munni has sent word that
there’s danger at the fair. What’s new about that?
– That city youth has laid a trap. We couldn’t get to
know what he is up to. Inform Munni to remain
close to that boy. And that she should
intimate us well in time. ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy,
whom should I tell.. ‘ can I tell this to everyone,
the tales of my love.’ ‘Of my beloved..’ ‘The three signs of my beloved.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy,
whom should I tell.. ‘ can I tell this to everyone,
the tales of my love.’ ‘The first sign is..’ ‘For whom I’m so crazy about it..’ ‘The first sign is..’ ‘For whom I’m so crazy about it..’ ‘His youth is like a stormy weather,
crazy one.’ ‘His youth is like a stormy weather,
crazy one.’ ‘In front of him the rest
of the youth is worthless.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy,
whom should I tell.. ‘ can I tell this to everyone,
the tales of my love.’ A black shawl, with a black turban. ‘His attire is blue
and his turban is yellow.’ ‘His attire is blue
and his turban is yellow.’ ‘His beauty is unimaginable.. he is such kind of a fellow,
colourful man.’ ‘His beauty is unimaginable, he is such kind of a fellow,
colourful man.’ ‘He’s walk is wavy,
his colour is pinkish.’ ‘And his eyes are bloomy.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy,
whom should I tell.. ‘ can I tell this to everyone,
the tales of my love.’ ‘With his eyes lowered he
pulls every breathe out of you.’ ‘With his eyes lowered he
pulls every breathe out of you.’ ‘Under the Pipal tree,
way behind the fair, he’s waiting.’ ‘Under the Pipal tree,
way behind the fair, he’s waiting.’ ‘He takes away my sleep,
he has ruined my comfort.’ ‘He does such kind of treachery.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy,
whom should I tell.. ‘ can I tell this to everyone,
the tales of my love.’ ‘Of my beloved..’ ‘The three signs of my beloved.’ ‘Oh my, I’m feeling shy,
whom should I tell.. ‘ can I tell this to everyone,
the tales of my love.’ What now, Thakur?
– A lot can happen. The cops could induce him
into becoming a state witness.. promising him protection. The moment he blurts things out,
we will all be hanged to death. Why did the scoundrel
not shoot himself? Shoot, Thakur. Shoot, Thakur. Inside information was leaked
out for the first time in 7 years. Who is that traitor? Who is that betrayer? Own up and be sure you will
get a peaceful death. Just one bullet. And if I hunt him down..
he’ll die a dog’s death. What’s the matter?
You can’t see me in the eye today? Don’t lower your eyes.
Don’t be afraid. Those who have a clear conscience,
have their sight straight too. And those who have
evil on their minds.. ..I can see even in stark darkness. That’s if I’m corrupt. You sully women. Traitor. You did this, didn’t you? No, Thakur.
I couldn’t recognise him myself. I haven’t been a traitor. Get up, and listen carefully. The task that I’m assigning
to you right now.. ..if you make any mistake in it,
I’ll get to know.. inside information
is leaked outside. Thank God the matter
didn’t worsen too much. Jabbar Singh is merely suspicious
of your daughter. He’s not convinced. Henceforth,
keep your daughter under check. If she goes against Jabbar
Singh again, all of us will be doomed. Unload the stuff. Greetings.
– Greetings. How come you have come here? From today, we will be stationed here. You’re kind, sir. Now the villagers
will be able to sleep peacefully. How can we serve you, sir? Please arrange for some water.
– Sure. No, I will never do this work.
– You won’t? All right. Tie her up.
– Mother. I will inform the police. I won’t rest till Ajit
and the soldier are eliminated. No, mother. I beg of you. Please don’t go. Sir, Jabbar Singh and his gang were
sighted near the Dabok watercourse. The entire gang. Near the Dabok watercourse. Hello coming charlie. Charlie speaking. Jabbar Singh and his the
Dabok watercourse 20 miles from here. Take your company there quickly. Over.
– Okay. Lower the flame.
Or else face the bullet. What’re you doing, Anju?
– Let me go. Have you gone mad?
– They will kill them. Let me go. All the villagers
have hidden themselves. What can you do all by yourself? No, let me go.
– You won’t go. Father. The bullet has found the target.
I cannot save myself now. You’d better run away.
– Don’t say that, dad. What did you say? Say it once again. Yes.. dad. Dear I pined all my
life to hear this word. Do you know..merely
by saying this word.. ..this childless father
is sure to go to the Heaven. Dad. Stop. Let the cops come now. Not even their bones
will now be found. Call Tulsi.
– All right, sir. It’s me, Ajit.
– You? I thought that you too
perished with the soldier. Jabbar Singh too believes so. I want his belief to remain intact.. ..till I eliminate
each member of his gang. Till then, I’ll have to
hide in the ruins and the jungles. But you can hide here in our house. No. I don’t want anybody
to know that I am alive. For how long will you
starve in the jungles? Don’t worry about me. I swear of you. Tell me,
where will I be able to meet you? I’ll be in those ruins. But it’s dangerous.
You had better watch out. Uncle, how did you woo
your wife before marriage? I used to praise her, flatter her.. .and give her old man a massage. See this,
uncle, my direction is wrong. But Gopi’s father gets
furious when he sees me. And she gets enraged
when I praise her. You have got so many
boys in the villages to marry. Why don’t you help me too, Uncle?
– There’s only way. Kill a bandit.
The prize-money that you get.. ..I’ll get you married
with that money. What’s so great about it?
I’ll kill not one, but two bandits. Watch your weight. What are you saying, uncle? When I stand,
I’m lean, and when I sit, I’m stout. But I’ve understood
what you mean to say. Understood, you shave. What happened, Thakur?
– The hoof has come off. Here, Thakur, a coconut. Go and offer it in
the temple yourself, today. Brother.. Brother.. Who is it? Brother, brother. Brother.. Scoundrel. Leave her. Pick up the gun. Come on. Blood instead of blood. Amazing. In the past 5 years,
this is the first bandit to be killed. Who’s that brave man? What’re you saying? Does it take any time
to identify a brave man? You people should apply dust
from my feet on your forehead. Why? Have you been
to a pilgrimage or what? What you are saying. Killing a bandit is as
good as going on a pilgrimage. You killed him?
– Yes, of course. I have killed him.
– We’ve had it! Did you hear how it happened? First Rupa’s bell
will ring then Kalla. Then Gabbar’s bell will.. Listen everyone. Should anybody provide shelter
to that soldier’s stooge.. ..the village, will be razed to ashes. I will stop him. You had better run. The news that I’ve brought.. ..will make you give me a reward. What’s the news? The girl who’s friendly
with Ajit has been found. Who’s she?
– Anju. Anju who?
– Daughter of the village chief.. ..who wanted to
testify against Haria.. Why didn’t you inform me? What good would that have done? If you had informed me,
we would have won the battle by now. How’s that, Thakur?
– I’ll tell you. Are you content now? You have ruined my entire family. You motivated people
against the bandits. You opposed them. They have taken my Anju away
because of you. Here, read this. ‘If you want Anju back,
come to the Chika tunnel unarmed’ ‘A white horse there
will bring you to me’ ‘If a cop is seen with you.. ..Anju will be shot dead’ Don’t worry.
Your Anju will be unharmed. She will be with you by evening. He wants Ajit, not Anju. Beautiful vamp, I didn’t know that.. ..the woman whom I assumed
to be the society’s reject.. ..would prove to
be Jabbar Singh’s spy. That you would prove to be
a traitor to me. You have disturbed the peace
of this village. You continued to supply.. ..ammunition to the bandits. You did show your true colours.
Why don’t you speak? Where is all the blabbering
lies that you used to tell? Yes, it’s all true. As a puppet in the
Hands of the bandits.. ..I’ve committed several
abominable deeds. I came to this village to spy on you. After meeting you.. ..I felt that there’s
goodness in the world. I thought that a fallen
man can rise once again. Earlier, I had fear for
a dreaded man like Jabbar Singh. Then I began to have
feelings of love for you. And to win me over.. sent my Anju to
a dreaded bandit like Jabbar. No. It’s a lie. I’ve done many wrong things. But
I’ve had no hand in Anju’s abduction. I feel like cutting you to
pieces and feeding you to the dogs. But I won’t smear my hands
with the filthy blood of a whore. Where’s Anju? I’ve come, Thakur.
I’m in your captivity. Let Anju go.
– Let her go? Let go a priceless
gem I’ve laid my hands on? I’m not such a fool. I had heard that bandits
are true to their words.. ..that they respect women. Moreover, you are a Thakur.
You should stick to your word. What Thakur? What word? The times you speak of.. ..has passed eons ago. Jabbar Singh has learnt
only two things in life. One, to take advantage
of an opportunity. The second,
to eliminate all traces of the enemy. Your enmity is with me.
You may treat me as you like. What enmity do you have
with this innocent girl? Not with her, but her ruthless youth. Her beauty,
her complexion, her youth.. I swear..she’s so
Intoxicating from head to toe. Don’t be afraid. If I wanted to kill you
I wouldn’t have missed the target. For you,
I’ve thought of such a death.. hearing of which the
entire region will tremble. ‘Should he be killed,
or should he freed.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Should he be killed,
or should he freed.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Should you be served liquor
or should you be served venom.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘I’ve even made noise
with my glass bangles.’ ‘I’ve even set my whole hair free.’ ‘I’ve even made noise
with my glass bangles.’ ‘I’ve even set my whole hair free.’ ‘You are locked up in shackles.’ ‘Did you like the shackles
you are locked up in?’ ‘Should you be locked
up or should you be freed.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘I feel like laughing on your story.’ ‘I feel pity for your youth.’ ‘I feel like laughing on your story.’ ‘I feel pity for your youth.’ ‘Today you are..’ ‘Today you are under my mercy.’ ‘Should it be broken or
your hearts should be joined.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘You are the fire
fly of a dimming flame.’ ‘What is your last request,
oh crazy one.’ ‘You are the fire
fly of a dimming flame.’ ‘What is your last request,
oh crazy one.’ ‘Today you will lose.. ‘Today you will lose your rate,
oh crazy one.’ ‘Should you be cut off
or should you be freed.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Should he be killed,
or should he freed.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ ‘Tell me, how should we treat you.’ Come on. Leave quickly with Anju. I’ve laced their
liquor with a sedative. It’ll keep them asleep till morning. Munni has made an enemy
of Jabbar Singh by saving us. He’ll never spare her. He’ll come to the
village and kill her. I’ve come to request
for her protection. Don’t worry. We’ve got orders from headquarters
to build a police station here. Till we are around,
Jabbar Singh will never come here. Bring the jeep! Roop Singh! The bridge has been blown away. No policeman can approach
you with help by this evening. We have no enmity with the villagers. Our enmity is with that rascal
who has dared to challenge us. And to whom you’ve provided shelter. We give you 15 minutes. If you listen to us,
we won’t harm you. Else we won’t spare anybody. Remember, after 15 minutes pass away.. ..there won’t be anyone
left to mourn your deaths. Hide Munni quickly and bring my gun. Here you are. Listen. Shut all doors and windows. Until you hear my call, don’t open it. Charlie calling Peter.
Charlie calling Peter. Come in, Charlie.
Come in, Charlie. Over! I’ve been lured out of the village. The bandits have blown up the bridge. I fear that Jabbar Singh
might attack the village. Send help there immediately. Over. Still, you’re closer to the village
than other district police stations. Try to reach there
at your earliest. Over. The announcement has
been made in the village. Baliya! Come on. Come with me. Uday! Somebody come with me!
What’s wrong with you people? Son, who are you calling
out to in this village of the dead? Nobody will hear your voice. These cowards cannot help you. If you must ask for help,
ask Him, who helps everyone. Call out to Him,
who listens to everybody. Villagers! We gave you 15 minutes
to hand over Ajit to us. This is my final warning.
Hand over our enemy to us. Else we will attack you and
you will yourself be held responsible. Before destroying this village.. ..we will start killing
the women and children. Jabbar Singh! Don’t you dare touch any woman,
man or child from the village! Your enmity is with me,
not with these villagers! If you have the courage,
come take me away! Just like you’ve been lurking over
this village in the form of death.. I challenge you
in the form of your death. Not me. Come in. He’s inside. He’s dead. My partner is dead. Now who will treat me to free liquor? You cheat!
– No, I haven’t cheated you. It was my partner.
– It was your partner? Get ready to die. Turn this way.
And open your eyes and look. You? Here? Then where is he? He’s up there! What are you doing?
– I’m loading it. Does one load a gun like this?
– Then how do you do it? How do I know?
I only know how to unload a bottle. Is there a bullet in this gun?
There’s no bullet in mine. Scoundrel! Traitor! Where are the bandits?
I won’t spare them. Here I am! Hands up! Stop! You fed him liquor.
Did you take money from him? Before I could ask him money,
you shot him. – Shut up. Do you remember the principle
of our partnership? – What? We may lose our life, but..
– We will never lose our liquor. The bottle is still there. Hold this. – What will I do with this? Just watch what l do.
– Why are you putting liquor in it? The stomach it enters,
the fire doubles up. Yes. – Fill it. Shame on you! One man is facing so many of them.
Come out! What can I do? – Hide here
like a coward. I’m going out. Stop! Where are you going? I will go.
– Come on. Uncle!
– Hariram! Uncle!
– Hariram! Open the door!
– What is it? There are so many bandits,
and he’s all alone. Come out! Come on. What are you waiting for? Son! Kill him! ‘Aunt? Why do you call me, Aunt?
Am I not your mother?’ Yes. I’m your son, Mother. I’m your son. Catch him! Don’t let him escape! Beat him! Kill him! Beat him! Kill him! Scoundrel! Fire! Shoot, you rascal! You coward! No, Thakur. I don’t open
fire at an unarmed person. Where’s the rascal?
– Where is he? Where’s the rascal?
– You won’t find them now. Brother, who killed you?
Who killed him? Tell me or else.. I too have been shot.
You fraud! You stabbed me in the back? You fired the shot yourself.
Nothing has happened to you. Is it? From this gun?
– Yes. Hold it.
– I got saved. I didn’t die. We are not what you think.
We are not bandits. We are villagers.
– My partner. Sir, we killed three or four bandits.
Will we get the reward? Fifty-fifty. And the remaining work
has been done by Ajit. You’ve done a great job, Mr. Ajit.
– No, Inspector. Whatever has happened is thanks
to the help of all the villagers. Inspector, Mr. Ajit
has explained to us.. ..that before demanding
our rights from the government.. ..we should first fulfil our duties. Yes.
– We’ve woken up to the reality. Now we can protect ourselves
and the village too. Our village is a part of our country. Every man, woman and child
of the village will be its guardian. I’m happy that this
village has awakened. Tomorrow it will be another village. Thereafter the entire
country will be awakened. Then there will be
peace in the whole country. And whoever spreads disturbance
will meet with the same fate.. meted out to Jabbar
Singh by the villagers. “This monsoon is saying something.” “What does it say?” “This monsoon is saying something.
– This monsoon is saying something.” “This monsoon is saying something.
– This monsoon is saying something.” “This monsoon is saying something.
– This monsoon is saying something.”

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