Missing a tooth? Missing Teeth? | Dental implants in Palmdale, CA

There’s lots of reasons to replace missing
teeth do you want to be able to chew? Do you want to look good? Want to have a nice smile?
The only thing that keeps your chin away from your nose is your teeth. So if
you’re missing your teeth eventually you’re gonna be all sunk in, all squishy-looking. You’re going to lose the bone that supports the cheeks, the nose,
and the lips. So you age, basically. And if you don’t want to age, or look age-ed, then you’ll want to have teeth. Those are all good reasons to replace missing teeth. Ok, so this doctor he was doing research, or he was doing research on dogs and he was placing these titanium blades in the their bone
and I don’t remember exactly the research he was doing. But as he started removing the blades he noticed that the bone had grown around the blades and that made
him think, “Wow, that could be useful for dental implants.” So they recognized that
with titanium, bone would grow around titanium. So that was the creation of dental implants. okay well implants are the standard of
care today. Partials are an option, but a drawback with
partials are: they are removable they do put stresses on the other teeth, they do
increase bulk in your mouth. You get stuff up underneath them. They move. They’re not as firm
as an implant would be. Implants would be more comfortable and more like a natural
teeth. Another option would be actually a fixed bridge which means you grind the
teeth on either side down to stubs, and you cement crowns on both those. And have a new tooth in the middle. A disadvantage of those is over time there’s a maintenance cost
because eventually something goes wrong with one of the teeth that the
bridge is hooked to, and we have to replace the whole bridge. So it gets expensive to maintain.
So with an implant you don’t affect the adjacent teeth or
other teeth your mouth. It stands alone. Right now, with the implant system that we’re
using there’s a 98% success rate after ten years. It has one of the best success rates of
any implants on the market. In my practice, we incorporated a 3D scan of the head to help with implant placement. It benefits our patient by helping us place the implant in the best possible location. The planning part is done while the
patient is not the office, so it saves them time. And also increases the speed of the
implant placement, so there’s less time in the chair for the patient. Implants are
the best option for replacing missing teeth. Don’t delay it give us a call and
one of our exceptional team members will answer any of the questions that you may
have. Thank you.

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