Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie Celebrates Norway’s Canada Day

hi my name’s Fraser Tolmie and I’m the
mayor of the city of Moose Jaw I want to wish you my friends in Norway a very
happy Canada Day what an awesome time that we had when we celebrated Norway
day in the city of Moose Jaw we’ve got a lot of Norwegian heritage in our
community a lot of people that have emigrated over from Norway and we have
an awesome day celebrating a little bit of Norwegian culture and just last week
we put on max new Iraq and so we regain the title of world’s tallest moose and
we just had such a fun time with your community regarding the moose wars and
the moose truce and we will never forget that you guys have the world’s shiniest
and probably the world’s sexiest booze anyways on this special occasion as we
build our two communities bridge between our two communities and build a
friendship I want to again wish you a very happy

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