thank you so much for calling the
Moose’s Tooth we are located at 3,300 alt Seward Highway elevator music tho
anyways guys so welcome to the video we are gonna do a food review on an Alaskan
moose is tooth pizza but I’m just gonna focus this video hey how’s it goin could
I pick up a large order of the jalapeno business gelatine your business you got
it what’s that no no it’s not I’m Jeff actually yeah we’ll doodles
women you could have a side of ranch with that do I get the bigger one awesome
see you guys then I apparently do some guy named Jed that did that jump in your
business talk with that guy I’m Jeff and I’m better so welcome back to the video
I don’t know if you guys can hear me due to all the cars passing through if you
look behind us there’s actually like a whole highway there’s a whole highway over here and
it’s rates passing this place is called Moose’s Tooth and mousses to have the
best pizza in the world I think it’s like top ten in the world but anyways
since I am an Alaskan blogger now I’m trying to be anyway a food blogger
even though bloggers are funny words in these days like booger almost they have
a special going on right now is called the jalapeno business they ordered a
large size and we’re gonna go in there pick it up and we’re just gonna do a
random food review for you guys and yeah let’s go we just picked up the pizza
sorry if my eyes are squinty it’s because the weather isn’t bright even
though it’s super cloudy and some like talking like this like I’m extra Asian
but anyways but here’s what it looks like but yeah that’s definitely picture
worthy I need to do a picture of this post on Instagram do all of that stuff
look at it isn’t it beautiful take the first bite and tell you guys my first
opinion or my first reaction how it tastes but guys this is this week’s
special and a pretty excited so every week or every two weeks mooses twos does
a special right now this special is for like April 26 to May first or something
or April 21st to May first I don’t even know that’s two weeks worth I don’t know
what I don’t want to do math and count calendars right now but anyways guys I’m
gonna show you guys my first impression of how it tastes
there’s lots of gelatine O’s in there it’s gelatine yo business after all so
there’s some jalapenos some fried chicken raspberry raspberry syrup and
goat cheese or there’s no marinara sauce at all but hmm hmm I like it a lot pretty spicy from the
jalapenos itself like I can feel the heat from the spa jalapenos two types of
jalapenos guys baked jalapeno or pickled jalapenos and on pickled jalapenos or
regular jalapenos that gets baked in the oven goat cheese is good bread is great
fried chicken can’t go wrong with fried chicken I love fried chicken I’m not
gonna make any jokes guys right my honest opinion I think it needs a little
bit more raspberry sauce ma’am I really do enjoy the goat cheese though but I
just really wish there was more raspberry sauce if you look at the whole
pizza again there’s not enough raspberry sauce
that’s my only downfall to this pizza other than that I asking love it I love
spicy stuff I love sweet stuff like myself it’s being spicy this just name
is pizza after me what the crap yep and the crust is the crust is if you look at
how thick the crust is it’s a good balance of cheese in general which is
tooth pizza is not thick crust it’s more than go a mediocre not be over
medium-sized cross too thick perfect ratio of bread two main ingredients in
each bites even do have an option for thin crust which I option out for or I
do that sometimes when I’m trying to watch my carb intake but I just took a
regular large slice by the way this giant slice right here it is 18 18
inches yeah it’s 18 inch it she dates I definitely
finished a whole pie no 2795 you got ranch on the side 2795 for this but some
ranch on the side the ranch was two dollars two daughters for this ranch
eight ounces eight ounces by the way this is the best ranch that I’ve ever
had there’s my favorite ranch I just I drink it a motherfreakin drink ranch
I’m a fatty and yep then the ranch is homemade – or mousse is made I guess you
could say well that is the Moose’s to its special going on right now out of
five stars I would rate this a 3 3 and 3/4 a little under 4 stars nice having 5
yeah 3.75 stars I would rate it a 5 out of 5 if there’s a little bit more a
little bit more raspberry sauce that’s my only criticism to this or whatever
and probably put some mozzarella cheese on top of there to know if it was tough
crust you’d give it a 5 yeah yeah but that’s
it that’s that’s something that out of the realms of what they normally do by
the way you guys should probably try that almost is – you’re welcome
no you guys need to hear a woman’s perspective and how this tastes ok so
I’m a kind of person that likes Pancras a thicker crust but this crust is like
not disappointing to me at all fried chicken honestly looks like chicken
tenders to me it looks like they’re just like Dyson pieces and just put on here
not complaining about it but that’s what it looks like I like more sauce inside
my pizza this is not too bad but I would prefer to have more sauce in here I
could really taste a lot of cheese in here I could taste more cheese than
sauce but I’m grateful and glad that jeff has he cuz they’re hit to get the
ranch sauce because that kind of like makes up for the lack of sauce I feel
like and other than that I’m not a fan of like too much jalapenos because I
don’t like too much spicy stuff but I’m just picking them off and putting on
Jeff slices but other than that I like it I would rate this
a three out of five so like 70% out of 100 yeah that’s in the video guys I’m
gonna eat as much of this as I can and then take a nap and then regret why I
did that in the first place and also guys comment down below if you guys have
any restaurants or random foods that you think I should try out do a review on
what do you guys think about this Pizza would you guys dive into this if you
already tried it how would you change it what do you think they should do to make
it better but yeah thank you guys so much watching this video I hope you guys
enjoyed it as always god bless you and have the best day ever

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